Build the coaching business of your dreams and monetize your gifts and passions? (yes please!)

Develop the mindset for success and work with clients that light you up? (I'm in!)

Create the liberated, no-stress, freedom-lifestyle and follow your calling to make an impact on the world? (sign me up!)

To get there, you need to:

Ditch the starving artist mentality and quit undercharging!

Get crystal clear on what you offer and make sizzling hot packages!

Be fearless so you can put yourself out there in a really big way!

I know you’re trying really hard… I get it.

You’re working around the clock spinning your wheels.

You’ve tried your hand at marketing, but you’re not booking consistent clients.

And you’re tired of plunking down cash for programs with big promises that leave you in the dark when it comes to branding, visibility, and technology.

I'm an Online Business and Marketing Coach with an MBA who built and sold a 6-figure online business and enjoyed tremendous success as an online fitness coach. I teach business building, brand-identity, and online marketing to passionate Health, Fitness, and Life Coaches who are ready to hit the next level. I created a signature program, Passion to Profits, and I also have a mastermind group, Women Coaches with Passion, Purpose, and Profits, for people who are ready to show up, stand out, and make big money doing what they love.

It attracted traffic, generated income, and ultimately brought in investors who scooped it up and left me with a sizable profit to fund my next adventure.

After my initial success in the world of online business, I found a passion for health and wellness. I needed to get my body and mind right, so in my typical fashion, I went about doing so with a laser focus. I became an expert in my own body and soon dropped 75 pounds! I couldn’t believe it when women started coming up to me to ask how to trim down and look good.

I took it as an invitation to find a way to help other women from my heart - and so my first coaching business was born. I got certified in health and nutrition and I did face-to-face health and fitness coaching. The women I worked with got great results and before I knew it my business had grown beyond my imagination.

With the fire in my belly from my previous successes, I decided to take my health and fitness coaching business online. I’d seen so many other successful coaches do it, and I knew there was room for me too.

But the transition from offline to online fitness coach was a bumpy ride - my initial efforts were a complete flop, and my heart sank when my husband would jokingly call it an expensive hobby.

I was all alone, flat on my face, and with no clear roadmap to success, but I didn’t give up! I realized that not all online businesses start their engines using the same key.

So I got to work and I:

Invested the money - $22k to be exact!

Enrolled in courses

Studied the system

Developed a strategy,

Created my brand

Built a coaching website that converts

Learned about Facebook Ads and marketing funnels

Then got into list building.

And with all that - I finally gained some momentum.

My coaching business steadily took off as I attracted a consistent stream of clients and was finally getting paid for my value.

News travels fast in the coaching world, and before I knew it, fellow coaches were begging to know how in some months I hit as much as $10-$15k in income with Health Coaching!

All of a sudden I was booking more strategy calls for business consulting than referrals for health coaching. So, just like before, I couldn’t keep the secrets to myself and my online consulting business came to life.

No Matter If:

You’re a brand-new-online coach, or a seasoned veteran who’s been around for a while

You lack the confidence to stand behind your premium packages

You’re secretly wondering if you have to be a business coach to make it online

Or, you still haven’t mastered all the marketing skills to become visible, I understand your fears and you’re in the right place!

My signature program

is a 1:1 coaching package in a league of its own.

I teach the business basics from rewriting your money story to business systems!

And, I also help you get paying clients through the door immediately! Having the right mindset is the bedrock to any profitable coaching business. Clients have told me that before we worked together they were stuck thinking success wasn’t even an option.

My past and current clients have:

  • Gotten crystal clear clarity in their unique marketing messaging, target market, packaging, and pricing.
  • Skyrocketed their confidence and passion for their business with a solid plan and laser focus on how to get their message out there.
  • Designed gorgeous brands that stand out and get attention in the crowded market place.
  • Brought on 3-5 new clients within the first month of working with me
  • Put simple business and marketing systems in place that provide them with a consistent influx of clients they love to work with.

This program is for you If:

You don’t envision anyone paying more than a few bucks for a meal plan, are working round the clock for mere peanuts, and your dream of being a successful entrepreneur has morphed into something that feels much more like complete slavery!

How is Passion To Profits different from every other coaching program out there?

I boost your self-confidence and self-esteem because success requires a mind-shift. We’ll work together to empower you for long-lasting business success.

I don’t just say this, I do it. During the program, I’m your biggest supporter and trusted confidante. I’ll be there to support you during discovery calls, I’ll be your right hand on your first webinar, and I’ll help you brainstorm and craft your email copy.

I’ll show you everything I know and I’m 100% transparent. You’ll have access to my top secrets, best templates, and amazing strategies that convert browsers into clients every time. I truly believe that if I can do it, you can do it too!

Think of me as more than a coach. While you’re implementing this program I’ll act as your business partner. I keep you at the top of my mind and truly take a vested interest in your success.

From Passion to Profits® is a 6 month one-on-one mentorship for women who desire to live an abundant lifestyle, don’t set limits on their income goals, and aren’t afraid to be fiercely visible in the noisy online marketplace.

This program gives coaches the confidence they need to be fierce and visible in the crowded coaching niche.

Together we’ll:

Bust the voices in your head saying you’ll never make any money or have the kind of reach you dream of

Get you to maintain a consistent stream of paying clients and keep them around long enough to give them lasting results

Get over your fear that only business or marketing coaches can make money, there’s plenty of room for all of us - health, life, and fitness coaches included!

Bridge the gap between you and technology so you don’t have to be afraid to waste your money on ads or lose your marbles hosting webinars.

Passion to Profits isn’t just your typical coaching program.

I show you that you can book paying clients and move from striving to thriving in your passion-based business today! You don’t have to wait another minute!

We’ll work together, step-by-step each week for the next six’s as easy as one weekly 50 minute session dedicated to you plus business growth and action steps you can follow in between our sessions.

    Passion Based Take Off

    Your Vision

    • Let’s get you thinking about…
    • The kind of lifestyle you want to build
    • What your ideal schedule looks like
    • What’s the amount of income you desire that will give you abundance and freedom
    • How much you want to travel
    • How you want to spend your time, and
      How many clients you’ll be able to work with to maintain your quality of life

    Business Game Plan

    It’s time to create your personal playbook for how to build your monthly income goals. We don’t just take these numbers out of thin air, this’ll be based on the lifestyle you imagine for yourself!

    Your Brand

    Stand up and stand out. Together we are going to create your DRAM BRAND including colors, logo, tagline, photos, and an online presence you are going to love. With your new Premium Brand you will turn heads online and leave a lasting impression!

    Your Dream Clients

    Where do your clients hang out? I’ll show you how you can strategically inject yourself there. This is my special grassroots marketing formula for Facebook and local communities.

    Your Target Market and ICA Deep Dive

    What’s she feeling? What’s missing in her life, and damn, what does she want? We’ll do market research and interviews to get the answers!

    Your Irresistible Offering and Online Systems

    Your Irresistible Offer

    How do you want people to respond when they see what you’ve got? “Ooh la la, delightful package” would be nice… We’ll go over how to market your offerings with your ideal clients in mind so they just can’t say no to what you’ve got.

    Pricing And Charging Your Worth

    We all want to be valued, I’ll show you how to scrape yourself up off from the bottom and start commanding what you’re worth.

    Your Confidence

    Once we get you to own your brand, know your clients, and be a fierce leader, you’ll have the momentum to keep moving forward with confidence.

    Build an Appealing Website

    I’ll show you the pages you need on your website and what to look for so you can have a clean layout and beautiful design.
    Copy that Converts – Words have value. Choose the right ones and you’re in business, the wrong ones and you’ll fall flat! It’s no secret that the big time coaches all have one thing in common…money-making copy! Check out their websites and you’ll see copy that converts and makes clients feel eager to transform. There’s a trick to this so I’ll bring in an expert to show you how!

    Business Systems

    You can’t expect to make 6-figures if you’ve got a paper trail throughout your house or an online filing system that’s in disarray! We’ll get you a proper scheduling system, official contracts, and an intake process for your client so you can truly embrace freedom!

    Authentic Marketing, Soulful Sales, and Booking New Clients

    Your Marketing Message

    how to use your story and personality to attract your clients and build trust and loyalty. Learn how to build a community of people who love you and can’t wait to buy what you offer. Discover which platforms and tools to use to get your message out in the world in a big way.

    Your Marketing Gameplan

    Your life needs to be infused into your plans! We’ll work together to create and then implement your marketing strategy; when you take the wheel you’ll know just what to do to keep cruising!

    • Using Groups
    • Revisiting your mindset to stay in high vibration (no desperation mode)
    • List Building

      I’ll show you how to create a lead magnet that captivates your audience and entices your website visitors to start a relationship with you by signing up for your email list. I’ll show you my tips, tricks, and tools for creating foolproof lead magnets!

      • Newsletters
      • Affiliate and Referral programs
      • How to follow up
      • Preview Calls<.li>
      • Telesummits
      • Affiliate Marketing

    Master Social Media for Marketing

    create engagement, build your following and get ready to crush it on social media to be seen and heard by the clients you want to work with.

    Push play on your marketing campaign: If Facebook Ads are part of your Marketing Plan, we will work together to build your Facebook Ad Campaign from a-z.

    Tribe Building

    I’ll show you how to build your tribe of unique, loyal, loving, and raving followers.

    Email Marketing Strategy

    Once someone shows up and tells you they like you, it’s time to capture and captivate them! I’ll show you how to use auto-responders, write newsletters, create solo-mailers, and build a relationship with your list.

    Be fully booked in your Signature Offering

    We will be working to fill your Premium Coaching Practice with wonderful clients that bring you joy and the results you desire.

    Become an expert in authentic sales

    Feel awkward when you get on sales calls? You won’t after this! I’ll show you how to turn sales conversations into friendly chats so you don’t have to push people into buying your products and services. When we’re through you’ll be an expert in sales and know just how to deal with objections!


    Discovery Sessions

    How to get the “yes” for your offers and how to deal with “no.”

    Sales Funnels Demystified

    What is a sales funnel anyway? Well, that’s the thing you use to get people to feel comfortable enough to buy from you! We’ll Develop your sales funnel and link it up to your social media profile, and business page.

    Expand your Reach with Webinars

    I will teach you my signature Webinar System. With this tool you will have the ability to fill your program and sell out your seats in one big swoop. It’s a fool proof system that all of my clients are using for success.

    Be Seen and Heard

    We’ll cover PR strategies to get you booked with joint ventures and smack dab in front of your ideal customers on your favorite telesummits, webinars, and preview calls!

    Launch Strategies for your first 6 Figure Launch

    Craft and launch several income streams including your first Mastermind, Group Program, and eCourse.

    Hire the help you need

    Book consistent clients and get into your weekly flow. We are building your coaching business to create freedom of time. Having a set schedule that allows you to live life on your terms while running your business is key and what we will focus on together.

  • Finish the year strong by manifesting growth and making sure you are strong and solid

These amazing Bonuses are waiting for you!

It takes some courage to step-up and invest in yourself. You can either continue wandering through the fog or wake up to the reality of a thriving coaching business. If you sign up today we can get your business moving immediately, plus you can look forward to your bonuses.

Did someone say bonuses? ...Yup, they’re included with your investment!

I go above and beyond for my clients so during our four months together you’ll get individualized support to grow your dreams.

Facebook Ad Strategy and Setup -

We’ll get your Facebook ads going, and get you booking clients immediately. (Value: $799)

Sensational Sales Copy Secrets Workbook™ -

Guest mentor Tepsi of shares how to create a sales page that converts using her exclusive formula in her Sensational Sales Copy Secrets Workbook™ (Value $497)

Access to Brand Your Passions Mastermind -

I’ll gain complete access to Brand Your Passions, the exclusive 4 month Mastermind Program for New Coaches including online Coaching Modules, Workbooks, and 16 weeks of high level curriculum ($5000 Value)

3 Hour Intensive Session -

Begin your journey to your BIGGEST SUCCESS with a 3 hour Intensive Session with Carolin to map out your strategy, goals, and plan of action for reaching your heart's desires. ($3500 Value)

I would recommend Carolin to other Health Coaches. She offers sound business advice.

Working with Carolin, I wanted reassurance that I am taking the necessary steps to grow my business. The Coaching Session surpassed my expectations.

I came away from our session with next steps that will really help me define my target audience to attract more potential customers and really great suggestions for my Facebook posts, website copy and just how to further my business in general.

I would recommend Carolin to other Health Coaches. She offers sound business advice. I’ve talked to a lot of people who talk around questions, don’t really address what I am asking or who gave me wishy washy advice. In my opinion you are the real deal.”

Anna Dupree, Board Certified Health Counselor, Wellness Advocate, Mom and Business Professional

What The Heck Are You Waiting For?

This step–by-step game plan is only for women who are serious about building a thriving coaching business and rolling full-steam ahead to prepare for a 6-figure year in only 4 months tops!

  • I know what it takes to succeed online and off!
  • I’ve got an MBA in marketing
  • I’ve spent years online perfecting my skills,
  • and I enjoy a 6-figure income!

I see opportunities everywhere I look. My experience shows that you can monetize your passion and turn it into profits!

You’re ready for Passion to Profits if….

  • You know that what you’re doing right now isn’t working.
  • You have a passion to change the world in a really big way.
  • You desire a freedom lifestyle and all the perks that come with it like being available for your kids when they need you or being able to just pick up and travel when you want!
  • You’re not just in it for the money - you genuinely want to help people, but you understand that money = value and you’re ready to be paid what you’re worth.
  • You’re a go-getter who likes to take action.
  • You are ready to invest in yourself and you don’t set limits on your income or lifestyle.
  • You know the value of guided, one-to-one coaching.
  • You want to participate in your own success and you don’t expect me to do all the hard work by myself.

You’re probably not ready for Passion to Profits if….

  • You’re lazy and noncommittal.
  • You’re not open to finding new ways to do things.
  • You’re not looking for new possibilities in business and in life.
  • You’re a huge complainer or whiner who holds the belief that nothing ever goes right.
  • You’re not willing to step outside the box and try something new like Facebook ads or putting yourself out there in coaching groups.
  • You want to just slap up a Facebook ad and expect to make a million bucks right away.
  • You’re not interested in making real, genuine connections with people. Clients buy from people they know and people they like. You have to be willing to invest time in creating relationships with your clients.

Your 6 Month 1:1 Mentorship will include the following:

  • 3 Coaching Calls per month for 6 months (18 calls total)
  • Unlimited email access to Carolin for support in between your Coaching Calls
  • Access to all of Carolin's Business Templates and winning Marketing Resources
  • Access to Brand your Passions Mastermind ($5000 Value)
  • Exclusive Facebook Ad Setup Session ($1000 Value)
  • BONUS: 3 Hour Intensive Session with Carolin to map out how you are going to stretch into your Big Goals ($3500 Value)

Your investment in From Passion to Profits® is $15,000.

Receive BONUSES worth over $9,500!

Payment Plan is available upon request.

6 monthly installments of $2,500.

Is this the support you need?

I've been where you're standing and I know the power of decisive action. I spent $22,000 dollars in programs and courses, floundering to get where I am. Do you have that kind of patience, that kind of time, or that kind of money? I didn’t think so...We can launch you quickly, or you can keep trying to DIY till you figure it out yourself - it’s up to you!

If you’re serious about crushing the limits on your income goals, living an abundant lifestyle, and showing up to captivate your clients and bring in serious income, the time is now.

Imagine designing high level coaching packages you LOVE and bringing on that first high level client. It's your time to ensure your future and live life on your terms as a passion based coach.

I’m really passionate about helping you believe in yourself. I’m not BSing you. I see people out there doing it all the time, and so do you. What they’re doing is no secret, they’re following proven steps that I can show you to help you join their ranks today. Imagine waking up to find that people are coming to you for business advice; you’ll be earning 6-figures, rocking your business, and not posting in Facebook groups 6 times a day just hoping it’ll result in paying clients.

If you sign up to work with me you’ll get the clarity to match your passion so you can stand out and shine now.

From Passion to Profits has rolling enrollment, but here’s the thing, to give my clients the attention they deserve I can only take on 5 coaches each month. If you’re serious about growing your business, booking consistent clients, and getting your time and freedom back, apply today.