6 Steps to Finding your Unique Voice in Business

Ever feel unsure of how to communicate your true value so that your ideal clients will start to become loyal followers?

Are you wondering how to continuously add value to your audience on Social Media, in Blog Posts, and Email?

Do your posts ever lack engagement, go unnoticed, and mailers or blog posts unread and unopened?

When I first began my coaching business, I felt unsure of my own message on a daily basis.

• What if my followers don’t find my message valuable?
• What if my audience doesn’t respond to my new blog post?
• What if no one replies to my post on Facebook?

I struggled with developing new content for my ideal clients daily and didn’t know how to come up with a strategy.

Looking around at what other coaches were doing kept me stuck even more.

The feeling of not being good enough held me back and stuck with anxiety that was almost unbearable.

Can you identify?

As a new coach, it can be difficult to truly find your way and what makes you uniquely stand out in the busy online world. But before you give up on your message, your purpose, and vision, I want to share with you what I do to find my message whenever I feel lost.

So, what is your unique voice anyway?

It is a combination of:

• Your Story
• Why you do what you do
• What you want your ideal clients to accomplish, feel, and understand.

My 6 Steps to Finding your Unique Voice in Business

1. Put Yourself in Their Shoes

I can’t say enough about this. It’s the #1 most important action you can take if you want to convey a message that truly adds value and resonates with your audience. When I launched my Health Coaching Business, I always thought I had to come up with the latest and greatest news in the industry and share never before heard or seen information.

But the truth is, what your ideal clients really want to know is that you understand them and their challenges, and that you have the ability to put yourself in their shoes.

Think about what your ideal customer is dealing with on a day to day basis.

What are their greatest struggles?

Armed with understanding their biggest struggles, you have what you need to give them specific solutions that will help them move towards better lives, healthier bodies, and clearer minds.

2. Remove the clutter and distraction

Have you ever felt bogged down by distraction and clutter in your inbox, social media feeds, and your TV? It’s easy to fall prey to shiny object syndrome and have other’s posts, messages, and news influence your voice. To avoid this distraction completely, start your day without the noise. Don’t check email, social media, or the news until you have had time to focus on your voice, your ideal client, and create something of value in your business.

3. Don’t compare

It’s so easy to get drawn into other coaches’ messages and vibrant branding, which can make you feel small and insignificant. What I want you to know is that there is no one coach that can offer what you have to offer.

Why? Because your personality and your story are what make your message unique and makes your voice stand out. Never forget how special your story is and why you are in business as a coach. The passion, fire, and purpose you feel when you think about your business and the work that you do is your secret weapon to communicate your unique value to your audience. Sharing your story is the most powerful way to convey your unique voice in business.

4. Stay consistent

Your unique message doesn’t have to be complicated or complex. Instead, keep it simple! When you launch your Coaching Business and begin to gain traction in the market, it is so important to lead with a consistent message so that your audience can begin to associate you with a specific area of expertise.

Don’t be the coach that talks about weight loss one day, anxiety the next day, and intuition the third day. To stay loyal to your voice, think about what truly lights you up and what adds value to your clients. What is it about your business and how you help your clients that you feel most passionate about? This is your sweet spot.

5. Know that you are good enough

A lot of my brilliant clients, at the beginning, have fears about not being good enough. Thoughts like “what if they don’t like me” and “what if no one will want to work with me” are your worst enemy and can cloud your precious vision for why you are in business.

Trust your divine calling that you are on the right path and break through the fear of rejection. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable at times, you show that you are human and your audience will respect you for it even more.

People want to connect with those who are real, transparent, and authentic. And never forget, your message has the power to change lives and your clients are out there just waiting for your help. It’s your responsibility to share your gifts to make the difference you are here to make in the world.

6. Be who you are

It’s okay to be who you are. Love who you are. You are what makes your voice unique. Too many “shoulds” will have you lose the wind beneath your wings. You are here to follow your purpose and live life on your terms.

That means allowing yourself to be who you are. Success is not about perfectionism. It’s about being yourself, sharing your voice, and not being afraid of it. Authenticity and honesty are what will make your message stand out.

Now that you have your steps, go get it girl! In fact, I’m here to help you do all of this.

My clients tell me that working with me, even on just 1 phone call, has helped them get clearer than ever before on their unique voice and how to launch their business as a new Coach.

You are a smart women entrepreneur and you know that your message is what will draw clients to you. Finding your unique Marketing Message has the power to attract loads of qualified clients to you.

Not knowing your unique voice can keep you from showing up in your business fully.

If you are afraid of fully showing up in your business, unclear about your branding, and unable to pin point your ideal client, I’m here to help.

It’s time we launch your business RIGHT. With a strategy and a laser-focused action plan that will have you feel unapologetic and proud of who you are as a Coach.

You’ll finally be able to run your business like the passionate leader you are born to be.

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