Our Greatest Success, yet: From Passion to Profits® Live in Miami

Our Greatest Success, yet: From Passion to Profits® Live in Miami

Last week, one of my biggest Dreams came true! I hosted my first grand-scale live event in Miami, FL and it was a smashing success. I had a vision of creating true connections and bringing together a real sisterhood of like-minded women. We achieved this and so much more!

Me and my Master Event Planner, Vanessa Cañas

I invited my community to join me in Miami and last week over 150 passion based women coaches arrived with curious hearts and left with a bigger vision than they ever had before. But most importantly, the women left with the knowing that they could achieve anything they set their mind to.

Today I want to tell you about this experience to show you the magic of manifesting your dreams and what is possible for you, too, when you decide to say YES to everything you ever wanted and take the leap.

From Passion to Profits Live is proof that we can live our dreams. Let me share with you how it all came to life…

In the beginning of the year, I had a dream… I dreamed of making a bigger impact… of helping my clients and followers share their message with the world and help them become true Powerhouse Coaches. I saw myself on stage transforming the lives of my community hoping that my presence would inspire them to be brave and no longer hold back from following their calling.

I did not know how the event was going to become reality. All I had was a big vision and the guts to say YES to it.

So, I began the journey and resources started to align themselves. I sought out an event manager, and she appeared. I sought out a support team and the right people said Yes. I reached out to speakers and sponsors, hotels, and vendors and little by little all the pieces of the event came together.

Doors opened and resources showed up. The Universe began to align itself for me.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I reached many points along the way where I could have easily given up…

  • Tickets weren’t selling as fast as I had hoped for
  • The New 12 month Powerhouse Coaching Program I created seemed overwhelmingly complex 
  • Our Webinars and Marketing Activities didn’t play out the way we had hoped
  • Just the mere thought of standing on stage in front of 150 women gave me belly aches
  • Event planning was more expensive than I had imagined.
  • What do I have to offer? Who would want to hear it? What if I make a fool of myself?

… all of my OLD fears and beliefs started to come up. I had to consistently work on my mindset and focus on what I truly desired:





A week before the event on my birthday I was able to announce a SOLD OUT EVENT.

At that point I knew it was going to happen and we were going to change lives. I was ready to change lives and uplift the women who had said yes to me.

When I landed in Miami, I felt a mix of nervousness and a deep knowing that I was in exactly the right place.

I remember standing outside the door, seeing the women dancing in the room, full of joy and anticipation and a boost of confidence struck me: I was meant for this. I had made my dream of taking the stage a reality and if I could go this far, I knew the Universe had my back. I released my fears and took the stage.

After about 10 mins of nervousness, the words easily flowed and my message was clear.

That day, we experienced a room full of love. The women openly shared what had been holding them back. Emotions were flowing. We felt safe and released the most deeply rooted fears and blocks, and welcomed our true, authentic selves. The fire ceremony in the evening was a symbolic ritual that completed our transformation.

Day 2 and 3 were full of focused strategy, fun, and making greater connections. We had the most amazing speakers and our group of coaches got clear on how it is possible to run a multi-six figure coaching business in a fully authentic way.

My most important takeaways from our event are: 

  • We need human connection. We are primed to receive love and connect personally and running a business takes a village. It’s not meant to be you against the world. Align yourself with real people who have your back.
  • This desire to change the world inside of us is there for a reason. It is our god-given drive to serve and make a difference for others and ourselves. Don’t suppress this drive. It will not go away. Embrace it and let it take you to where you are meant to go.
  • Fully embrace your desires and dream bigger than you ever dreamed before. Then fully go for it and don’t let anything hold you back.
  • If you believe it, you can achieve it. 


What about you?

Have YOU been constantly wishing, waiting and dreaming for a new life or career for weeks, months or even years…

….but haven’t quite took the leap to make any of it happen?

Maybe because you’ve been too scareduncertain, doubtful, nervous, hesitant? I understand.  We all feel this way when we’re trying to create something new and up-level our lives.

I’m here today to tell you that when you finally say yes to your big vision, you cannot fail.

The universe has your back.

None of this would have been possible without my Dream Team: 

Vanessa Canas, Master Event Planner (website coming soon) 

Jason and Brooke Rash of Naturally Outrageous Life www.naturallyoutrageouslife.com

Kimberly Traylor – Master Photographer www.simplybelovedstudio.com

For a long time, I used to only dream about each of my desires but let my fears of uncertainty, judgment, my limiting beliefs and my own self sabotage constantly hold me back and keep me from going anywhere.

It came to a point where I had to make a decision…

I decided to change this at the beginning of the year. And now I can happily tell you that it worked out pretty well.

Not only did I fill the room with over 150 beautiful souls, I also welcomed a group of Powerhouse Women into my brand new 12 month Mentorship Program, The Powerhouse Coach.

This group of Powerhouse Women have said yes to their dreams. You will see these women rise and become the next big starts in their coaching business:

  • Doing the work they love wherever, whenever they want.
  • Fly to Costa Rica, Bali, and London (yes, we are going to travel the world!)
  • Earn a great living with their passions
  • Host retreats and open centers of healing and growth worldwide
  • Share their message unapologetically and with confidence
  • Impact thousands
  • Feeling on purpose and fulfilled every single day

I hope my experience inspired you to set new goals, believe in your mission, and take brave action.

It’s possible for you, too. You just need to take the first step.

With so much love,


If you did not attend the event live, here are images and videos to show you how magical it really was:

The THEME SONG and DANCE PARTY at From Passion to Profits Live Event.

Here’s a selection of Photos and Videos (in no particular order; professional photos and videos are coming soon…stay tuned!) 



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