Exclusive Training + Access to the Best Experts in the Industry

When you work with us, you don't just work with one coach. You gain the support of six expert coaches in areas that are key to building and running a successful online coaching business. I have personally hand picked these experts in Sales, Facebook Ads, Technology, Design and Style, sSystems, and Mindset Mastery. Having access to our entire team means that you'll never encounter a question that goes unanswered or a problem that goes unsolved. You will experience 360-degree support from the best.

Business Support with Carolin Soldo

With 8 years of experience in the coaching industry and an MBA in marketing, Carolin specializes in helping passion-driven coaches build and scale online businesses with international impact. Carolin believes we can overcome any hurdle and challenge if we set our mind to it. In 2001, she immigrated to the USA from Germany with just a few hundred dollars in her pocket, a suitcase, and big dreams. She is a childhood abuse survivor and has learned how to turn her biggest struggles into her biggest strengths. Carolin's past has given her the ability to help you break through any limiting beliefs and succeed against all odds.

Carolin has scaled her coaching business to the multi-million dollar level with transparency, integrity, and by creating real client results.

She’s cracked the code to scaling your coaching business to the million-dollar level with her evergreen business model, hybrid programs™, and branding and marketing approach that’s tailored specifically to coaches.

Mindset Support with Belinda Ginter

A mindset that’s strong, focused, and calm is the foundation of a successful business owner. Carolin has found that mastering the strategy is only 50% of your business success. The other 50% is mastering your own mind. That’s where Belinda comes in.

Belinda Ginter is the in-house mindset expert on the Carolin Soldo Coaching Team specializing in Emotional Kinesiology with a practicum completion in BET (Backman Emotional Technique) and is most well known for her ability to detect and remove negative past family programming at a subconscious level.

Belinda will locate and remove negative beliefs that may be blocking you to leave you feeling happier, healthier, wealthier, and more successful and open to doing the work that will scale your business to new heights.

Sales Support with Sue Richards

Sue will show you how to truly embrace your sales conversations so that you not only look forward to your calls, but easily enroll new clients. Sue has more than 18 years of sales experience working with hundreds of sales professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs. As head of UK sales for a leading UK marketing company, Sue took the business turnover from $650,000 to $2.5 Million by understanding the client journey and teaching her sales team to go from SELLING to SERVING. She is going to teach you our heart-centered approach to sales that not only feels good, but it works!

Systems & Administrative Support with Jessica Spino

Scaling a business means booking more clients, sending agreements, establishing procedures, workflows, hiring, tracking sales, managing late payments, and so much more. Knowing how to run a business that’s smooth so you CAN travel, take time off, and actually enjoy more freedom is essential.

That’s where Jessica comes in.

As Carolin’s Business Support Manager, Jessica is passionate about helping her team achieve excellence through organization, system implementation, and a proactive problem solving approach. She’ll show you how to run your business like a pro.

Advertising Coaching with Tara Zirker

During the Powerhouse Coach, you will learn Carolin’s complete marketing strategy, including online advertising tactics that have grown her income and impact tenfold in less than 12 months.

With years of digital marketing experience with leading entrepreneurs, New York Times bestselling authors, and established brands, Tara’s motto is to not do anything that can’t be measured. She is available to answer all your advertising and marketing questions and to help fuel your lead generation and sales funnels.

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