We are Hiring: Breakthrough Coach

Team Soldo is looking for an exceptional and experienced Breakthrough Coach with an “I CAN AND I WILL” attitude, and desire to change the world.

Our Mission:

To empower people to reach their greatest potential and live life full out!

When you focus on dollars you miss the greatest source of impact and personal fulfillment, which can only be found when you focus on serving people. This is our Mantra at Team Soldo. Because of our focus on clients and people, we have become the leading Coaching Company in our niche. When you adopt this mindset, you too can find complete fulfillment in the work you do every day and clients lining up to work with you!

Exceptional People create Exceptional Results!

Just as we make our clients priority, we make our team priority every day. We select and build our team based on the following core values, which rule how we work together every day.

We combine leading edge systems and technology with our core values and exception team members who eat, sleep, and drink our culture! Every team member is vetted through this intense hiring process to ensure they are not only the right expert with the right skill set, but they are also a culture fit. This applies to all levels of team members, including full time, part time, and hourly contractors

We live and work by these Core Values

  1.   Community of Trust

We create and foster a company culture that allows for mutual trust. To gain our team members’ trust, we are honest and reliable. Team members support each other no matter what. Issues are brought to the forefront immediately and discussed openly with an attitude that is focused on making things better for everyone including the team, the clients, and the company.

  1.   Community of Excellency

Every team member strives to achieve excellence in everything they do. Every project and deliverable is managed and completed with 100% attention to detail and giving it our absolute best effort to deliver a final product. Deadlines are taken 100% seriously and adhered to. We set goals, we plan, and we follow them. When we see an opportunity to go above and beyond, we always take it. This will create an award winning client experience and end product we can be proud of.

  1.   Community of Service  

Team members desire to be of real service in the world and make a big difference. We know that there is real struggle in the world and if we can help others reach their business and personal goals, we are making the world a better place. We act in the best interest of those we serve including our team members and our clients. We never act selfishly. This allows us to be proud of the work we do and leave a legacy for those who come after us.

  1.   Community of Respect

We act professionally and respectfully at all times with team members and clients alike. We fully respect ourselves, our team members, our clients, and partners. We know that our team and clients deserve our best and we honor this commitment daily by giving 100%, acting with full integrity, communicating clearly, always being professional and proudly representing the company.

  1.   Community of Gratitude

We are grateful for every opportunity we have to help the company and our clients grow, because we know that this means we are growing and creating more for ourselves. We are grateful for our team, our clients, our company, and the opportunity to be of service daily. Our gratitude allows us to engage patiently, lovingly, and kindly with our team and clients.

  1.   Community of Integrity

Integrity to us means we always stand behind our word and act according to our core values with full honesty. We adhere to our policies and treat our team members, clients, and everyone we come in contact with equality and fairly.

  1.   Community of Growth

We know that we cannot stand still and we do not desire to stand still. The world and the markets we operate in are always changing and we embrace this change knowing that it brings new opportunities for everyone. We welcome opportunities for personal growth and company growth. We don’t shy away from challenges, but face them head on. We learn from all situations and desire to become better team members and professionals in the process.

  1.   Community of Optimism  

All team members have an attitude of Optimism toward the future. An optimistic focus creates excitement for what’s to come, allows us to welcome change, strive to be better every day, and inspire each other, our clients, and our environment.

Your Charge:

In this role your one and only charge is to do whatever you can to achieve real Breakthroughs for clients on your Breakthrough Calls and support as many qualified candidates as possible in saying YES to their dream business and the support from Team Soldo. In short: This is a Sales Role. Rest assured, we have a solid sales funnel in place, industry leading lead quality, and we are highly selective in WHO we invite to work with us. Therefore, you are not just selling – you are serving our prospects and support them in making the best decision for their future. 

Scope of Work:

Work to be performed includes, but is not limited to:

  • 15 – 25 hours of Breakthrough Calls per week.
  • Leads will be placed into your calendar automatically. No cold calling.
  • Admin work as needed.
  • Reporting and Tracking your Performance and Reports for Management Meetings
  • Weekly Team Meetings
  • Connecting and keeping in touch with clients through their journey in our Programs


  • Approximately 15 – 25  hours / week 
  • Your weekly call schedule will be chosen when you start
  • We expect you to be available Mo – Fri 9am – 5pm EST for team communications on slack and assignments, coaching, work as needed. There are no set weekly hours.
  • You will work remotely from your own home / office location.

Experience Required:

  • At least 3 years of experience working for yourself 
  • Coaching experience is a big plus
  • Proven track record of success 
  • High attention to detail
  • Excellent numbers skills
  • Outstanding people skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven track record of achieving outstanding client results
  • Have a high level of emotional maturity and the ability to manage change and a fast-moving environment.
  • Be a leader and role model
  • Act professionally, always
  • Be a born optimist and go-getter.
  • Manage your own time and energy well without being managed
  • Manage your own task lists, consistently add value to the company
  • Bring new ideas to the business
  • Think outside the box
  • Be an amazing listener and supporter.
  • Be confident, well spoken, strive for excellence, and have a huge heart for service

Rate:  Commission Only. Established Breakthrough Coaches earn between $8,000 and $30,000+ per month on average. Bonuses and Incentives vary monthly. 


  • Month to Month agreement.  
  • Independent Contractor Status.
  • Payment will be made to you monthly upon receipt of Invoice including itemized time and assignments completed by the 10th day of the month for the previous month.

If this sounds perfect for you, we want to talk to you!

To begin the application and screening process, please take the following steps:

  1. Record and submit a 2-3 minute video telling us about yourself, why you would love to work with us and why we should want to work with you. Send your video to carolin@carolinsoldo.com.
  2. Along with your video, send your current resume to carolin@carolinsoldo.com.
  3. Take the DISC Assessment and send your test scores to us at carolin@carolinsoldo.com.

Access the DISC assessment here. We recommend the DISC assessment sponsored by the Robbins Organization.. Please note that we are not associated with the Robbins Organization.

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