We know when it comes to booking a speaker for your next event you have thousands of options, but there is just ONE that will combine real heart-felt passion, humor, humility and business experience like Carolin Soldo.

Carolin’s mission is to help entrepreneurs across the globe re-invent themselves and she does so by speaking and hosting events and retreats worldwide.

As the Founder of Brand Your Passions®, The Powerhouse Coach®, and the From Passion to Profits® Live Events, Carolin is committed to empowering you to leave your challenges behind and create freedom and abundance by bringing your passions to the world.

If you want your crowd inspired, motivated and committed to take action, Carolin is your lady!

Carolin’s Most Requested Speech Topics

Carolin will teach you:

  • How to get clear on that special gift that only you have, know who can most benefit from it, and craft an offering that has the power to transform thousands.
  • How to shape your life or work experience into hybrid programs™ you can easily sell online in a lucrative coaching or consulting business
  • The millionaire mindset principles and how to become fierce enough to launch your business towards massive success
  • The secrets to getting paying clients fast
  • Online lead generation and marketing strategies that WORK
  • The 5-step strategy to scale your online business to 7 figures
  • Why message is everything and how to develop your big brand idea
  • And more!

Carloin is happy to tailor topics to fit your audience and event needs.

Topics she loves to discuss and teach on:

  • Bringing your Passion to the World
  • The Power of Your Brand Story
  • Entrepreneurship (all things business)
  • Scaling your Online Business to 7 Figures
  • Online Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Hosting Your Own Events

Imagine running an online business that feels completely aligned with your God-given purpose and allows you to do the work you love from anywhere in the world. You have the power to transform others’ lives including their health, relationships, mindset, beliefs, and business and I have the formula to help you discover how to monetize this passion.

Listen up and take note, this is the moment you go from unclear and uncertain, to getting clear on your calling and taking the leap to go From Passion to Profits®!

Are you ready to use your passions and create a powerful coaching business that supports thousands?

Carolin is a great fit for Keynotes, conferences, industry-specific trainings, and associations. She comes to any event as a “team player”- no diva airs or sorted green M&M’s required.

Through her dynamic presentations and trainings, Carolin builds instant rapport with the audience and openly shares the personal stories of struggle that have lead her to create a truly free and abundant life.

Carolin is a multi-7 figure business owner, a sought after mentor, and a powerful force in the online world. She is unique in her transparency and down-to-earth approach. She believes this approach is the only way to show others what’s possible for them and facilitate true change.

Carolin draws upon her personal experience and expertise, along with industry facts and trends that will enable your group to emotionally connect, modify behaviors, and take inspired action!

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