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Every week, I review my Brand Your Passions clients’ ideal client avatars and coaching niches. I’m obsessed with this part of my coaching program because I get a chance to get learn more about my clients from the inside out — specifically, how they see themselves as it relates to their businesses.

The men and women I work with are attracted to me because they know that I’ll guide them into a place of clarity that they’ve never experienced before.

When new coaches enter my coaching program and tell me about who they help or their niche, they say things like:

… “I want to help my clients tune into their genius self.”

… “I want to help my clients live their authentic truths.”

… “I want to help my clients create the life they truly desire.”

* And, the list goes on. *

Right now you may be thinking, “Carolin, what’s wrong with these statements?”

Well, they sound nice, but people won’t buy this.


Two reasons… Because it’s FLUFF and UNCLEAR.

You see, while these are positive feel-good statements, they don’t get to the point of how a coach shows up and SPECIFICALLY helps someone with their problem.

For some of us, speaking directly is challenging if our natural language is flowery and allusive. But when introducing your genius to the world, especially to your ideal clients, you’ve got to do something very IMPORTANT…


Only seconds lie in between your statement and capturing the attention of your ideal client so you can get in the door and show them what you can do for them.

You need to be CONCISE.

This way they immediately identify with what you do and they can figure out if you’re the right person to coach them.

Essentially, it’s vital that you COMMIT TO ONE THING and BECOME THE EXPERT, i.e. niche down. The success of your coaching business depends on it.

So, how do you discover your niche + outcomes (the results your clients experience)? Let’s do a quick exercise to find out how in 3 easy steps:

Answer these 3 questions:

What’s your specialty/expertise?

What specific problem do your clients struggle with?

How do you precisely help your clients solve their problem

Now let’s take these answers and create a statement (which actually determines your niche).

To get some inspiration, here’s my example:

What’s your specialty/expertise?

I’m an Online Business and Marketing Coach with an MBA.

What specific problem do your clients struggle with?

I work with new coaches who want to position themselves as experts and scale their businesses to $100K+ but they don’t have the strategy to make this happen for themselves.

How do you precisely help your clients solve their problem?

I provide coaching programs to position clients as an expert Health, Life, or Business Coach with a solid Business Model, Premium Coaching Package, Brand Identity, and an Online Marketing System to fuel the purpose-driven and abundant lifestyle they’ve always desired.

Now, it’s your turn. Take a few minutes to answer the questions and see what you come up with.

Can you see a recurring theme? Can you clearly see who you serve and what outcomes you help them achieve?

Hopefully, this makes sense to you. I really want you to nail this. Once you do, you’ll have more clarity about your niche, feel more at ease when talking about your business with prospective clients, and you’ll have the magic words that’ll make clients beg to work with you.

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