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For Coaches

One of the recurring questions I get from new and established coaches is: “How do I stay committed to work + life balance when I’m building my coaching business?”

If you know me, you’ll probably expect my answers.

I am going to tell you in order to maintain your balance, DO NOT:

  • Put in hours of exhausting work
  • Make yourself available 24/7 for your clients
  • Waste your precious time on activities that don’t generate income…

…because let’s face it. Money is a tool. And, you need income to finance the business and lifestyle you dream of creating.

After running a successful 7- figure coaching business I’ve experienced my fair share of ups and downs during the journey. From my start as a new health coach to now an expert business coach, the one constant that remains is…

You’ve got to do the mental work, take big risks, and have the stamina to see it through in life and business.

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking about this and what I’ve learned from my business mistakes on the Business Machine podcast. Brian, the podcast host, asked me some really thoughtful questions that inspired me to think more intentionally about my legacy.

In the episode, we talk about:

  • One of my first jobs (you’ll never guess where I worked!)
  • How my husband sparked my curiosity to get into business.
  • What motivated me to stop working grueling hours on my business and set healthy client boundaries.
  • My secrets to creating the ultimate freedom schedule and living the Laptop Lifestyle.
  • How to build a superstar team that grows with you personally and profitably.
  • The one business book I ALWAYS recommend to my clients to read.
  • The app I can’t live without (spoiler alert…it’s pretty boring but it’s the one technology my business communication depends on).
  • And, my 10-year vision.

You going to have a blast listening to this episode — I know I enjoyed being a part of it!

>>> Click here to listen to the podcast episode now. <<<

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