Powerhouse Business

Exclusively for Advanced Business Owners ready to Scale their Business with Ease and Elegance.

about the program

What is Powerhouse Business?

It’s a 12-month Mastermind focused on simplified business growth including personal coaching from Carolin Soldo, live retreats, access to our online vault of business training, and a community of top-notch business owners. 

It’s for business owners who want to scale their business without the stress and overwhelm.

How does it Work?

At the beginning of the program, you’ll meet with Carolin to create your customized business growth plan OR re-invention plan. Whether you are here to grow with ease or reinvent your business completely, you are in the right place. 

Over 12 months, you’ll meet with Carolin 1:1, on weekly group calls, and in full-day retreats,  where you’ll analyze your business, report on progress, and receive your next customized prescription for growth from Carolin. You’ll have access to weekly Office Hour Calls with Carolin Soldo, Kerri Krell (our Tony Robbins Trained Mindset Expert), and Andrea Tonetti (our Italian Facebook Ads Expert), and meet with Carolin 1:1 as often as needed. Plus you’ll access Carolin’s complete vault of business trainings  (watch only what you really need). 

Who is it for?

Powerhouse Business is for Advanced Business Owners seeking a simple formula for their business, so they can grow revenues and profits in the simplest, easiest, and most effective way possible. It’s also for experts who are ready to reinvent themselves and their business and get clear on their next 10+ years in business and life. The goal is to create a business that’s not only profitable but also creates the impact and personal fulfillment you desire. 

When does it start?

Powerhouse Business seats are available a few times a year when spots open up. The program is by invitation only and Carolin screens each applicant personally to ensure you are the right fit.

Apply for a seat in Powerhouse by booking a call with Carolin to explore your options

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Imagine what could happen if you had a simplified way to grow your business?

If you stay focused and disciplined, you might double, triple or even quadruple your revenue all while decreasing stress.

You could spend more time with the people you love…and not always have to be working. You could have the income to experience life on a whole other level…all by finding ONE FIX. But finding it can be hard. It can take years of trial and error. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, wasted on easily avoidable mistakes.

The good news is:

I’m going to personally help grow your business. You don’t have to worry about implementing a whole list of ideas that you don’t have time for. You don’t have to put even more on your to-do list. All you have to do is implement strategic shifts that will have a big impact.

The Common Thread

What do all of my clients have in common?

They succeeded while keeping things SUPER SIMPLE.

I focus on finding and giving them a simple formula for their business, so they can grow their business while working less (not more). Chances are you’ll find more than one Bullseye Fix opportunity, but just focusing on one of them will change everything for you. This year marks my TENTH year of advising businesses and helping them grow.

That’s 3,650 days of experience…and counting.

And if there’s anything I’ve learned that’s had a bigger impact than everything else combined, it’s this one thing: Keep it simple and take out the guesswork.

So, what exactly do we cover?

Simply put, I help you put smart systems and people in place so you can earn more without working more and impact the world in a much bigger way.

And you could double, triple or even quadruple your NET revenue…all while decreasing stress and your workload.

what you get

The Most Comprehensive Business Strategies

Over 12 months, we are going to lead you through 10 areas of business mastery as we work towards your income and lifestyle goals.


YOUR Business Growth Plan

Create a 12-month business plan with goals that are aligned with your desired lifestyle and vision.


Scalable Programs and Offerings

Build offers (at various levels) in order to serve more clients without sacrificing client results. Design Masterminds, upsells, and downsells for a variety of income streams and services you want to offer.


Expand YOUR Professional Brand

Discover or deepen your Unique Value Proposition, Brand Personality, and solidify your competitive edge in your niche. 


Automated Online Lead Generation

Smash your income ceiling by mastering online advertising and automating your lead generation system to book sales calls on demand. Discover automated webinars, video sales sequences, your levers of scale and how to track and optimize your entire lead generation machine. 


Advertising Mastery

Learn to lead and manage your own advertising campaigns including Facebook, Google, and Youtube ads for a diversified lead generation system and to gain the highest quality leads.


Youtube and Video Strategy

Step into the Spotlight ready to influence the masses with Carolin’s YouTube and camera-readiness training. Learn the ins and outs of YouTube Marketing as well as cameras, tech, and equipment and the public speaking secrets you need to succeed. 


High Ticket Sales

Master the art of selling premium programs over the phone or in person with strategies that are authentic, heart-centered, and cutting edge. Adopt a healthy sales mindset and close your sales with ease. Discover the latest prospecting techniques as well as how to track your efforts and manage your sales process effortlessly. 


Secrets to Scale

Discover Carolin’s Levers to Scale, the Key Forces in your business, and how to pull the right levers and eliminate the core barriers to continued growth – so your empire keeps growing and you overcome challenges with ease. 


CEO Mindset and Universal Law

Learn to master your mind, adopt the success habits of top CEOs, and achieve emotional mastery so you can use the Law of the Universe and attract even more of what you want into your business and life. 


Build YOUR Org-Chart

Your Empire requires a team of A-players. Learn the insider process of finding, hiring, onboarding, and managing the right people. Build your org chart, setup your meeting cadence and establish a goal planning and tracking process that will have you manage your team to perfection and do more than you ever thought possible.


Team Building

Build a team that supports your and your clients fully and allows you to grow your business – without working more.


In-House Sales Team

Build a team of driven sales representatives to consistently enroll clients into your programs instead of relying on exhaustive launches.


Business Values and Culture

Establish a vision and culture for your business and use it to lead your team and clients to success.


Finances and Managing Money

Learn financial management strategies and take control of your finances to improve your bottom line and profits.


Time Management Secrets

Learn how to work more efficiently, increase productivity of yourself and your team to get more done in less time.


Management System and Tools

Set up policies, procedures, and systems to manage yourself and your team to high performance and productivity.


Retreats and Events

Learn the power of retreats and hosting events to boost your reach, impact, and income potential with top notch small or large scale events for your clients and community.

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To Scale Your Business
And Change Your Life

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successful clients

“January results: $96,000”

“January Results are in: $96,000. Super grateful. Thank you Team Soldo for all your support!”

Kristen Allen

“My results: $40,000 and 9 people starting my program this week”

“Thank you Carolin and Team Soldo for your amazing support and guidance. You are an inspiration and I am truly honored to be on this journey with each and every one of you!”

Christi Cass

"It’s my third one in this program and every single time I get tons of value from it!"

“An enormous thank you to Carolin Soldo Team for this amazing Powerhouse retreat! I came back home infused with new creative business ideas, a clear plan of action, and sparkly inspiration from spending three powerful days in a company of successful women entrepreneurs!”

Victoria Branson

Here's how it works

Our entire focus is on scaling your business in the simplest, easiest, most effective way possible by finding your Bullseye Fix and implementing it.

Weekly Group Meetings
We’ll accomplish this by meeting weekly in a group setting where you’ll check in with me, Coach Kerri (Mindset), and Coach Andrea (FB Ads). 

Live Retreats
Attend full-day retreats 3 times per year including hot seats, guest experts, and training with Carolin and the team. 

On-Demand 1:1 Coaching with Carolin
We will meet privately as often as needed to keep the momentum going. 

Monthly 1:1 Coaching with Coach Kerri
You’ll meet privately once a month with Coach Kerri to create an unshakeable mindset and fulfillment from your success. 

Complete Training Materials
I’ll also give you access to my complete vault of training materials (you only watch what you really need).

Personal Strategic Plan from Carolin
I’ll personally assess your business and find your next strategic moves. Then we implement them together.

This is how your business grows without manual hustle or stress. 

You Will Experience:

Strategic Plan from Carolin
We have perfected the process of simplified growth and giving you a 1-2 step action plan has the power to change everything. Scale your business with this simple process you can follow step by step.

Expert Mentorship & Support  
Work with Carolin and her coaching team personally on the weekly live Q&A Calls, via email, during the in-person meetings, and 1:1. You’re supported as a priority client around the clock.

Mindset and Leadership Training 
Success in business requires a certain mindset, emotional mastery, and leadership skills that will allow you to grow your company without working more. We will show you how to build your company and manage your team (and yourself!) to high performance.

Top-Notch Community 
It’s hard to change your life, business, and mindset on your own. Join the most authentic community of businesswomen to collaborate, get help, and have fun.

To scale a business and change your life, content is not enough — you need an immersive environment.

The Powerhouse Mentorship provides a proven system, instruction, automation, mindset training, retreats, community and expert mentorship.

The Powerhouse Mentorship is perfect for you if:

You Are A Service-Based Business Owner
You’re a Business Owner with at least 3 years of experience and you’re ready to scale with ease or reinvent your business completely.

You Work Too Hard
You work too much for too little income and want nothing more than focus, simplicity, and getting your time back.

You Need Support
You’re running your business on your own, without a team or minimal support, and are ready to step into the role of a true CEO.

Your Marketing Falls Flat
Your marketing is time-consuming, unpredictable, and leads to inconsistent cash flow.

You Want to Scale
You’re ready to grow, but need a plan that gets you there

You’re missing a competitive edge.

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Powerhouse Retreats

April 19 & 20, 2021

2 Day Virtual Retreat

September 13 & 14, 2021

2 Day Virtual Retreat

December 13 & 14, 2021

2 Day Virtual Retreat

Sample Retreat Agenda (Note: Currently all Retreats are Virtual)

Day One

  • Welcome to The Powerhouse Retreat
  • Training with Carolin
  • Business Exercises with Carolin 
  • Free evening to get dinner, relax, or work on your business (only available during in-person retreats)

Day Two

  • Training with Carolin
  • Delicious (and healthy!) lunch 
  • Client Focus Sessions – Carolin sits down 1:1 with Powerhouse Clients individually to provide a simple 1-2 step action plan that’s going to transform and grow your business. 

Day Three

  • Morning Group Outing (optional) – not available temporarily due to Covid-19.
  • Free afternoon and evening – work on your business, grab lunch and dinner, and enjoy the company of your fellow Business Owners.

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Business And Change Your Life

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Meet Carolin Soldo

Meet Carolin Soldo

Founder of the Powerhouse Business Group

I work with service-based business owners from around the world, helping them turn their passion into profits through intensive coaching and mentorship programs. I teach them how to scale their business for unlimited growth around their ideal lifestyle with top-tier business and marketing strategies. 

Why should you work with me?

I own two multi-million dollar businesses (Coaching and Manufacturing) that I started from scratch. I live my life with ease, freedom, and fun. Combined with my own coaching experience, I bring a unique blend of traditional business and marketing education and experience with an MBA and a background in corporate sales and marketing. 

This year marks my TENTH year of advising businesses and helping them grow. That’s 3,650 days of experience…and counting.

And if there’s anything I’ve learned that’s had a bigger impact than everything else combined, it’s this ONE THING:

Keep it simple and take out the guesswork.

Our clients have generated over $100,000 in monthly income, and we consistently help clients scale with ease and elegance. 

If you’re ready to scale your business like I did, earn a 7-figure income, and enjoy a life of fun and freedom, I’m here to show you exactly how to do it in just 12 months.

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successful clients

“I smashed my first £50,000 month!"

“Exactly 1 year ago I read Carolin’s email and booked my Coaching Strategy Session with her team. Exactly 12 months later now I have smashed a £50,000 month with 15 YESes into my Program! I used to think it’s a myth that you can change your life this dramatically in less than a year. Now I am living proof that you can.

Kaylie Simmone

“Carolin Soldo’s team is amazing – competent, loving and powerful!”

“The PHC tribe is a group of business owners I have learned so much from! We also had a lot of fun!

I recommend this program for those who dare greatly, love what they do, and are ready to grow themselves and their business!”

Maria Neizvestnaya

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Business And Change Your Life

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