Suffer from Frantic Marketing?

For all Business Owners

Do you know the vicious cycle that many Women Business Owners are in?

It goes like this:

  1. They experience inconsistent cash flow (slow times) 
  2. They start to feel panicked and come up with a reactive marketing plan 
  3. They work and hustle hard to bring in new clients and cash 
  4. They serve these clients, but since there’s no ongoing marketing system in place, they soon get into the cash flow scenario again 
  5. Fear sets in 
  6. The cycle repeats … over and over and over… 


A tired and tested SALES FUNNEL that brings qualified leads on a consistent basis. By leads, I don’t mean emails or social media followers. I mean sales calls you can close. 

So, FIRST NAME, how do you generate sales calls? How many do you have each month? And can you predict them or generate more if needed? 

If NOT – then you HAVE TO WATCH this video below. It’s about creating consistent clients, sales calls, and growth. 

In this video, I’ll explain the vicious cycle and your first step to get out of it.

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