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Carolin Soldo is one of the most recognized coaches for women business owners. She’s been named Female Entrepreneur of the year by the Stevie Awards, and has created an Inc-5000 ranked, global business. She has cracked the code to helping Women Business Owners grow their business with ease.

The mission

"My mission is to help you build a thriving business and live a free lifestyle"

Carolin has built numerous multi-7 figure businesses, including her own international Coaching Company and Manufacturing Business.

She’s helped clients leave their jobs, become their own boss, scale their business fast, and most importantly do the work they love every day.

With her team of coaches and experts, Carolin’s company has worked with thousands of clients from around the world including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Holland, Netherlands, France, and more.

With over 100,000 followers via CarolinSoldo.com, her social media channels, and her Youtube Show, Carolin has created international impact.

Carolin’s credentials include:

Carolin’s story

Carolin’s Story of Overcoming Abuse and Triumph

From poor immigrant…to self-made millionaire…to mentor for business owners.

In 2001, Carolin immigrated to the USA from Germany with just a few hundred dollars in her pocket, a suitcase, and big dreams. As a childhood abuse survivor, she learned how to turn her biggest struggles into her biggest strengths. She came to the US to be with the love of her life, Boris. A few years later they got married and Carolin earned her MBA in Marketing. She also launched into a high powered Marketing Career in the Banking Industry.

Together, Boris and Carolin founded their multi-million dollar Manufacturing Company, Solmac Inc in 2006. Shortly thereafter, their 2 sons were born.

That’s when Carolin’s life began to crumble under the many demands of motherhood, business, and career.

After the birth of her 2nd son, Carolin found herself torn apart between the demands of her career and motherhood. She felt a desire to do more, be more, and serve more.

She could not find the fulfillment and work-life balance she craved in her corporate career so she decided to set a new life goal as an entrepreneur.

Her experience as a mother inspired Carolin to launch a nanny – family matchmaking service in 2009 that she sold for profit about a year later. Her personal passion and expertise in the field of Health and Wellness propelled Carolin to launch a Health Coaching Business in 2009 that grew very quickly. In 2015, Carolin expanded her vision and impact again by expanding her company with her Business Coaching Programs and Events to help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners start up and scale their business with her proven business strategies.

Today she runs an international Business Training Company with clients from all over the world.

Her offerings serve Women Business Owners at various stages of business growth. She reached her goal to become a millionaire by age 36, and since then has devoted her entire venture to help other business owners take their business to scale.

Natural Speaker and Large Scale Event Host

Carolin’s business-building insights and loving spirit are big draws on the international stage.

She hosts entrepreneurial events for business owners and start-ups that change lives, and her workshops are unlike any other out there, combining her innovative business success strategies with advice for personal growth including a pure success mindset. She has hosted retreats and events in the most luxurious destinations around the world including Scotland, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Miami, Las Vegas, Italy, Florida, the Bahamas, Los Angeles, and more.

Carolin is known for hosting the hottest annual event in the Entrepreneur industry, Fascination LIVE, that draws in people from all around the world in a 3-day full immersion coaching and training experience.

Attendees leave this event equipped with the leading edge Sales, Marketing, Business, and Mindset strategies. But most importantly, attendees gain the KNOWING they can do anything they set their mind and heart to.

Scaling Powerhouse Businesses

Over the last 10 years, Carolin has advised and helped nurture the businesses of thousands.

She has helped her clients increase revenues from zero, to the tens of thousands of dollars, into breaking the million dollar mark.

She birthed new brands, helped clients monetize their messages, create lucrative programs and trainings, reposition themselves on a higher-end of the spectrum, and finally do work they truly love.

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Final words

Although Carolin’s career has been full of many outstanding triumphs, she shares what fills her with the most pride is the achievements of her clients:

“Nothing makes me more proud or excited as when I see a client do the things they never thought possible before and change their entire lives – such as multiplying their income and doing more of the work they love with ease

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