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Webinar marketing secrets to attract ready to buy clients

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Work only 4 days a week

What if you could work only 4 days a week? What about 3 days a week? Sounds impossible?  What if you could work LESS while possibly earning MORE? This is NOT a marketing hook or a catch. This is also not about the 3 day workweek or some f...

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The 2 most dangerous ideas in business

Take a guess: What are the 2 most dangerous ideas in business? Marketing? Cash? Clients? Sales? Investing? Hiring? Tech?  None of these.   They are MUCH MUCH simpler than that. But MUCH MORE dangerous.  Find the 2 ide...

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Let’s create EASE in your Business

How do you feel about EASE? Do you crave it? Do you desire it?  ...but don’t think you can actually have it?  Why not?  Most Business Women build their business with FORCE, HARD WORK, LONG HOURS, and lots of SACRIFICES.&nbs...

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Suffer from Frantic Marketing?

Do you know the vicious cycle that many Women Business Owners are in? It goes like this: They experience inconsistent cash flow (slow times) They start to feel panicked and come up with a reactive marketing plan They work and hustle...

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