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“I have come away with the strategies and know how to get my business to 10k a month…”

With the BYP program, I received the benefits of learning business systems as well as marketing strategies to grow my business.

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about the program

What it’s like to be the owner of a thriving online Coaching Business

Being the owner of a profitable, online Coaching Business is THE single best way to bring your passion to the world, make a difference with your work, and create freedom of time, money, and location for yourself and your family. It’s what has allowed me personally to build a multi-7 figure business online with just a few key employees and contractors.

Unlike other online or offline businesses that suffer from increasing complexity, overhead, expenses, and stress, a thriving online Coaching Business can be very simple to operate while producing life changing income and impact.

It’s the type of business that truly allows you to live your life on your terms while knowing that you are creating the impact you were meant to make on the world.

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what you get

What’s inside Brand Your Passions®

With a proven formula, Brand Your Passions® is a step-by-step Hybrid program that blends professional coaching and support with learning tools that show you how to start and scale your business the right way.

You’re getting 16 complete, in-depth modules that give you the tools and knowledge you can apply immediately to start building your business and booking clients!


module 01

Your Vision and Business Gameplan

Your first step is to know exactly what you want from your business and create a winning strategy to make it come to life! I’m going to walk you through how to build your business around your lifestyle, so you have the freedom that comes with being a CEO!

*BONUS VIDEO* “How to Eliminate Negative Emotion in 30 Seconds or Less”

after this module, you will:

  • Have complete clarity on what kind of business you want!
  • Know how to integrate your business into your lifestyle seamlessly!
  • Create a mindset that is open to abundance and overcome obstacles with ease!


module 02

Getting Clear on Your Passion and Purpose

You know you want to coach and serve your clients, but that’s not enough to build a successful career! You’re going to get crystal clear on what you’re genuinely passionate about and what direction you want to take that so you can find your true purpose. Once you know what it is that will truly bring you fulfillment, you have a solid foundation for building your business!

*BONUS VIDEO* “How to Focus on Your Ideal Client and Niche”

after this module, you will:

  • Know what kind of coach you want to be!
  • Have a clear direction and path to lead you to your purpose!
  • Establish your lucrative niche that aligns with your passion!


module 03

Discovering Who You Are Meant to Serve

As a coach, you may think you should market to everyone and reach more clients, but the opposite is true! Getting laser-focused on who your ideal client is will allow you to craft a clear, tailored message and build your program to be the perfect solution to their struggle. But first, you have to know who your ideal client is, which is what you’ll learn in this module!

*BONUS* Ideal Client Research

after this module, you will:

  • Know who your ideal client is and establish your target market!
  • Be able to conduct target market research to become an EXPERT in your ideal client!
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of your competitive edge and the profitability of your niche!


module 04

Creating Your WOW Factor Brand

Now that you have a target market, it’s time to create a unique brand identity! This is an exciting opportunity to bring life to your business and discover how to stand out from the competition and set yourself apart!

*BONUS* Photo Shoot Guide and 2 powerful resources to help you find colors and select a color scheme!
*BONUS* Branding Checklist

after this module, you will:

  • Establish your brand identity and voice that will draw your ideal clients like a beacon!
  • Be clear on how to differentiate your brand and leverage your unique gifts and talents!
  • Design a gorgeous coaching brand, from your colors and fonts to an eye-catching, memorable logo!


module 05

Crafting Your Packages and Pricing

You know who your ideal client is and what their biggest struggle is – this module is about creating premium offers that will provide the solutions they need! Plus, you’re going to learn how to price your programs to earn the profits you deserve!

*BONUS* Welcome Packet Bonus to help you create your first client welcome packet!

after this module, you will:

  • Have a 1:1 program, group program, or Hybrid Program™ your clients can’t resist!
  • Understand how to scale your program for unlimited revenue!
  • Price your program to earn 5-figure months and beyond!


module 06

Owning Your Marketing Message

Having a clear message is essential to attracting your target audience. Discover how to become a “Pied Piper” to your ideal clients with a message that resonates and draws them to you and learn how to write copy that reflects your brand and gets your message across clearly.

after this module, you will:

  • Know how to write copy that reflects your brand and easily converts!
  • Understand how to use your message in every aspect of your marketing!
  • Communicate in a way that draws engagement from your followers!


module 06

Deliver a Stunning First Impression Online

Your website is your number one marketing tool and is often the first impression your clients will have of you. You’ll learn how to build a gorgeous, professional website that is positioned to convert visitors into new clients.

after this module, you will:

  • Have a stunning website that includes your programs and biography so your clients can learn more about you!
  • Add professional graphics and images that will connect with website visitors!
  • Add conversion features to make it easy for clients to book calls, contact you, and register for webinars or workshops!


module 08

Mastering Business Systems

Technology is one of the best tools you can have to streamline your work, cut down on admin tasks, and save you time! This module will teach you how to implement the systems and structures to create a solid business foundation while kissing technology overwhelm goodbye!

after this module, you will:

  • Know how you can leverage technology to save time!
  • Feel confident in automating much of your work, including your marketing!
  • Implement systems that allow you to scale your business without creating more work!


module 09

Creating Your Client-Attracting Webinar

Having a valuable webinar is one of the best opportunities to show your skills and expertise to the world! You’re going to learn how to create your own original webinar that will set you apart from the competition and help you stand out as an expert!

after this module, you will:

  • Understand how your webinar plays a role in your sales funnel!
  • Know how you can leverage an evergreen webinar to bring new clients into your sales funnel continually!
  • Have a brilliant, original webinar that positions you as a sought-after expert in your niche!


module 10

Million Dollar Funnel for Success

Now that you have a brilliant webinar, you’re going to learn how to put that to work for you! You’ll discover the secret to marketing your webinar and attracting your ideal clients into your sales funnel, mapping out an entire journey that leads to selling your premium program!

after this module, you will:

  • Implement my Marketing System that leads to attracting 5 to 10+ new premium clients a month!
  • Know exactly where to find your ideal clients online and have them come to you - instead of you chasing them!
  • Have a sales funnel that you can launch continually for long-term success!


module 11

module 11

With over 1 billion daily users on Facebook, Facebook Ads can be a fantastic opportunity to put your webinar in front of thousands of potential clients! You’ll learn how to automate your business using Facebook ads, getting the exact system I used to scale to 4+ million dollars a year!

after this module, you will:

  • Know how to use A/B testing for more effective ads!
  • Write copy that speaks to your ideal clients and has them clicking “Register now!”
  • Be able to select key user demographics and interests, so your ads are going directly to your target audience!


module 12

Becoming a Social Media Star

Social media is the platform that allows you to engage with your following and build trust that is essential when converting clients. This module will walk you through exactly how you can reach more followers and be seen as an expert in your niche!

after this module, you will:

  • Know what kind of posts work best for each platform and get real results!
  • Write posts that have your followers slamming the “share” button and building your following!
  • Have the social media savvy that allows you to stand out as a sought-after expert in your niche!


module 13

PR Strategies and Joint Venture Ops

One of the most effective ways to build your following is to connect with other coaches and experts! I’ll show you how to create public relations strategies and partnerships that let more people get to know you and fall in love with your message!

after this module, you will:

  • Understand how to connect with experts and create mutually beneficial joint ventures!
  • Feel confident in launching PR campaigns that build your reputation as a trustworthy expert!
  • Form partnerships that allow you to reach a wider audience and “borrow” expertise!


module 14

Soulful Sales

As a coach, you may not feel comfortable selling your programs. That’s all going to change after this module when you learn that selling is a necessary part of coaching, but it doesn’t have to feel “salesy,” sketchy, or sleazy!

*BONUS* Exclusive access to our high-ticket sales call syntax and training series to master the art of high-ticket sales!

after this module, you will:

  • Conduct sales conversations that position your sales pitch from a place of service!
  • Be skilled in the art of high-ticket selling!
  • Have the skills to overcome objections with grace and ease!


module 15

The Art and Science of Coaching

You’ll learn how to ensure that the program you work so hard to create and pitch brings the success you promise! I’m sharing my core coaching skills so you can provide the best outcomes to your clients because when they are successful, they’ll refer more clients to you!

after this module, you will:

  • Find your voice as a coach, and feel confident and capable!
  • Know how to get the best outcomes for your clients with your programs!
  • Love what you do and step into your purpose as a brilliant, life-changing coach!


module 16

What’s Next for You

Now that you have the core fundamentals of your coaching business, it’s time to put them all into action! With everything you’ve learned, you can book 5-10 new clients into your premium program every month! We’re going to discuss how to continue to grow so you can scale your business to six-figures and beyond!

after this module, you will:

  • Have all the tools and resources in place to earn five-figures a month!
  • Understand how to run a highly successful coaching firm with a can’t-fail sales funnel!
  • Have clients who sing your praises and drive referrals right to you!

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll receive:

Start Your Profitable Coaching Business with Brand Your Passions®

16  Video Training Modules with Coach Carolin
Every module includes one or more Training Videos with Carolin.
The training videos give you step by step instruction on the exact methods to implement the module.

16 Unique Workbook PDFs
Every module includes one complete workbook to go along with your video training that gives you the step-by-step instructions. All you need to do is follow along your workbook.

2 Hours of Live Q&A and Coaching Time each Week
1:1 time with Carolin, our Mindset Coaches, and FB ADs Coach
Carolin is on every Friday Coaching Call along with her entire team of experts. So you can get 1:1 time with Carolin every week! We host our Group Coaching Call every week for 2 hours on Fridays at 1 pm EST. Come join us live, speak with all the members of our team, spend time with your Mindset Coach, Marketing Coach, Carolin, and your fellow coaches, and get your questions answered. With this level of support, you will never feel alone, and no question will go unanswered.

A Private Mastermind Group for the Ages
Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey.

Plus these Bonuses

when you sign up during the enrollment period to help you achieve lasting success

$997 Value

Personal Reviews from our In-House Copy Team

You’ll receive personalized reviews of your webinar slides, opt-in pages, email sequences, and more from our trained in-house copy team! This is priceless, and will save you thousands of dollars knowing you are creating marketing content that will work and sell!

$2997 Value

Lifetime Access to the Program

Access the Online Membership Site for as long as you want to. Complimentary updates to the training material to ensure you always have the most up to date information to grow your business!

$2997 Value

Lifetime Access to the Q&A Calls

When you join Brand Your Passions® during the enrollment period, you’ll get access to our weekly Q&A Calls for life! Yes, that’s right. You can coach with us for as long as you need and want to. No time limits, no rushing, no worries. When you join us, you’ll have a full team of experts on your side for as long as you need us!

Get 30 Days Free Access

To Scale Your Business
And Change Your Life

Get 30 Days FREE Access

Plus you’ll be backed by a 14 day Risk-Free Guarantee

Brand your Passions® is the only, comprehensive program to start your own, profitable coaching business online and we have helped more people start and grow their business than anyone else.

However, if you are not completely satisfied after 14 days in the program and accessing your first 2 modules and coaching calls for 2 weeks, you simply reach out and we’ll provide you with a full refund.

“This program works!”

I learned so so much, and now have the confidence and skills to grow the kind of business I have always dreamed of. I have a solid sales funnel, have enrolled 3 clients this month, and know there are many more to come. I made more this month than I have ever made in one month in my life!!!!!

Amanda Moxley

Meet Carolin Soldo

Meet Carolin, the Founder.

I personally can not wait to guide and mentor you inside the program. This is not just a course, it’s a community of people.

We care more about your success than anyone else and our results show it. I have experienced first hand what it’s like to transition from a stressful, passionless job to starting a business that gives me joy every day. I work from home, I get to be there for my kids, and travel the world.

The best part? I have the ability to give other people freedom of time, money, and location.

Because of the work I do, they feel fulfilled and live exciting lives. There’s nothing better. Should you choose to accept my invitation, I promise the program will change your life.

I look forward to personally meeting you inside of Brand Your Passions soon!

Get 30 Days Free Access

To Scale Your Business
And Change Your Life

Get 30 Days FREE Access

Still thinking about it?

If you are ready to learn the exact steps you need to create a profitable, scalable business that gives you the freedom you crave to live your best life – Brand Your Passions is the solution you need.

This is the most comprehensive learning program for coaches who are driven to succeed and are ready to earn six-figures or more!

When you join, you’ll not only have my skills and expertise, you’ll also have the dedication of my entire team of coaching experts helping you succeed in your business.

Plus, you’ll be surrounded with like-minded coaches you can connect with in our Facebook Group!

Brand Your Passions is ideal for coaches who have the passion for changing lives but need the business foundations to book clients. From establishing your niche and discovering your ideal client to learning lead generation and advanced marketing, you’ll have everything you need to build your coaching enterprise!

This is the best offer you’ll receive on Brand Your Passions® and now is your time to say YES to your dreams.

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To Scale Your Business
And Change Your Life

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