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Virtual 1 Day Event

Virtual Client Attraction Bootcamp

October 26, 2020 No Travel Required!

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Nail Your Online Lead Generation and Create a Plan to Attract Clients On Auto-Pilot.

1 Full Day of Creating your Custom Online Marketing System for Your Ideal Clients and Business Goals.

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Advanced Marketing Training for Business Owners

Let's build your Client Attraction System together in just 1 day.

We get it. You are BUSY. You are doing it all. You have no time for FLUFF. Good news: That’s not what we’re about.

Join renowned Marketing Expert and Serial Entrepreneur, Carolin Soldo, and hundreds of business owners who are all committed to breaking through their next level in business!

Learn how to use the leading-edge online marketing blueprint and create a marketing system that generates a consistent, reliable, unlimited flow of ideal prospects and clients for your business – 100% online and automated!

Is Marketing A Constant Sore Spot In Your Business?

Let’s create your Online Customer Funnel that brings reliable, high-quality prospects and clients to you on-demand (instead of you chasing them).


If you’ve been thinking about building an automated marketing system or funnel to attract clients online, on auto-pilot, and add zeros to your bank account… you won’t want to miss this!

This time-sensitive 1 Day Client Attraction Training has the power to completely transform how you’re marketing your business and put you in front of thousands of high- quality buyers.

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Does this sound like you?

Curious if this event is for you? Let’s see...

  • Do you feel like your income is maxed and you just can’t earn more the way you’ve been doing business?
  • Are you constantly focused on marketing your business and struggle to generate consistent, high-quality prospects who are ready to buy?
  • Are you on a Revenue Rollercoaster where sometimes cash pours in and other months you struggle?
  • Do you feel like you are underpaid and worth more than what you are charging right now?
  • Is your marketing manual, tedious, and outdated… taking too much time and you’re burning yourself out?
  • Do you see other people in your industry make great money and you wonder what they are doing differently?

This event is for BUSY Powerhouse Business Owners who want results and can’t stand wasting time. 

So, if you’re ready to learn the next-level marketing formula that you can easily customize for your niche, then join us!

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What you'll take away...

The Client Attraction Bootcamp Agenda

Monday, October 26, 2020
Online Virtual Meeting with Advanced Streaming
Including complete Digital Program Workbook


Module 1

The Secrets Of Client Attraction

Why Online Customer Funnels are used by the LEADERS in your field and how you too can start to leverage them in your business.


Module 2

Nail Your Customer Journey

The Secrets of powerful Client Attraction and the exact ingredients you need to setup a fully automated Customer Funnel that generates ready to buy, pre-sold prospects on demand.


Module 3

Create Your Bait

How to replace your blog, networking, posting, groups, tedious email marketing, and anything else that’s manual with a Marketing System that books between 20 – 100 or more Sales Calls per month (while saving 50% or more of your time).


Module 4

Automation Tools For Scale

A Step by Step Walkthrough of what to do and how to do it. We will make sure you nail your marketing message, select the right online platforms, choose the best systems, and how to set it up so it runs like a charm.


Module 5

Master your Metrics

You’ll learn which metrics are meaningful and what to watch out for. You’ll track your stats like a champ and use your data to make the right decisions and hit your goals.



Coaching Corner & Breakout Sessions

Messaging, Hooks, Authority, Scaling… How to absolutely bulletproof your Customer Funnel to generate the perfect number of prospects at the perfect time.



Afterglow Party

Our events are never complete without a really good party!

Enjoy live Q&A with Carolin, Speed Networking Rounds, Strategic Business Introductions, and be visible, seen, and heard!


What makes a virtual event so great?

A New Style Of Event For A New World

For the last 5 years, Carolin has hosted big scale in-person events in destinations such as Las Vegas, Hollywood, Miami, and New York City. Our world is changing and traveling is not the right idea for many people these days. But we believe that the show must go on and virtual events are actually MORE convenient and impactful for your business!

Carolin has hired the best in the industry to stream live via Zoom with all the bells and whistles!

Dancing and Lights? We’ve got you covered. 

Breakout Rooms and Networking? Of course! 

Check-in and Customer Support Desk? Yes, you got it. 


A DJ and Powerful Emcee? Of course. 

Plenty of time to refresh, grab lunch, and take breaks? Done deal. 

Engaging Chat, Q&As, and Spotlighting your Business? No shortage of that. 

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What You'll Gain From This Event

Master your Online Marketing Plan from home!

Increased Marketing Confidence

Consistent high-quality prospects

7 Figure Marketing Strategy

Elevated Messaging

Clear Plan & Systems

Less Time in business, more time at home

Ease and Peace of Mind Mindset

Refined Tools and Skills

successful clients

“The program exceeded my expectations, 52 total clients in 12 months!”

I’ve been in business for years so I realize that sometimes you don’t even know what you don’t know. 52 total clients in 12 months! Over 5,000 subscribers to my newsletter that is being read by over 30% of the list. Carolin and the team provided everything I needed and more to reach the success I have and beyond.

Debbie Shadid

"In my first month, I generated over $52,000"

In my first month, I generated over $52,000 and that’s something to celebrate! My experience in the program has been incredible. I learned so much about shifting my mindset and am incredibly thankful! 

Whitney White

"landed a new $100,000 Consulting Client"

I wanted to share with you what I accomplished with the strategies I learned from Carolin. Today I landed a new $100,000 Consulting Client. And earlier this week I landed a deal that will bring in an additional $30k – $50k in revenue! How awesome is that! Pretty great way to end the week.

Dawn Berg

"I automated my Lead Generation"

I created a system to automate my lead generation and stop overworking in my business!

Angie Nuttle

Meet Carolin Soldo

Your Host: Carolin Soldo

Carolin Soldo is the founder of Powerhouse Business and Scale Academy and owner of 2 multi-million dollar companies she’s grown from scratch. Carolin will break down everything she’s done in the Marketing Department to over $12 Million in Sales in an easy-to-follow-system you can implement ONCE and use for the LONG term. 

For the last 5 years, Carolin has hosted big scale in-person events in destinations such as Las Vegas, Hollywood, Miami, and New York City. Our world is changing and traveling is not the right idea for many people these days. But we believe that the show must go on and virtual events are actually MORE convenient and impactful for your business! 

Our events attract incredible Business Owners, as well as many of our former graduates who have been exactly where you are today! 

Carolin has advised & helped nurture the businesses of many of the 7- figure thought leaders you see thriving today.

Attending our virtual event now allows you to get trained from the comfort of your home.


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successful clients

“My goal has been consistent $50K Months all year and now it’s happening!”

I am so grateful for everything I have learned about the funnel, sales, marketing, ads and team here in Powerhouse Coach!!

Amanda Moxley

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This event is limited to 200 tickets. Once they are gone, we will close registration. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How will attending this event help my business?

The event is about helping you master your marketing and setup the structures that attract your ideal clients on auto-pilot so that your business no longer struggles to attract clients and you get to bring your services to a lot more people!


What if I’m already in other programs and feeling overwhelmed with too many options for marketing?

Whether you’re already in other programs or not – you are reading this today for a reason. If you were confident with your current know-how and resources, you would no longer be searching for information. But since you are here searching for the best strategies, we know you are ready to learn the proven Client Attraction Method we teach.

Our systems are designed to save you time (up to 50% less time on social media) and remove marketing overwhelm for you so your business can grow. 

What’s really exciting about Client Attraction Bootcamp is that we are going to show you our 10+ years and over $12 Million in sales proven methods for making major shifts to your Marketing, which is the lifeblood of your business. You’ll be marketing better by doing less and achieving more. This is true leverage! 



Will I have the chance to interact with Carolin?

Yes, you will! Client Attraction Bootcamp is a highly interactive event where you get to ask questions during the event and work with your peers in small group breakout rooms as you put your plan together step by step.

These days it costs over $10,000 a day to work with Carolin privately. But you get to spend a full day with her focusing on Marketing at a fraction of the cost by attention Client Attraction Bootcamp. 


Will there be selling at the event?

This event is built around training content, support, and guiding you through the process of setting up a customized Client Attraction System for your business and exponentially increase your income. 

You are going to have a special chance to gain Carolin’s support after the event if you chose to. But there’s never any pressure or expectation.

Hundreds of graduates start their training with us and then stick with us for help on their entrepreneurial journey for the long term. 

Whether or not you join us long term, you will leave the event happy, with a proven tailored plan to attract clients to your business at an accelerated and consistent rate. And that is priceless for any business owner!

We can’t wait to welcome you! 


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