Terms and Conditions for Consultations with Carolin Soldo

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before conducting a Consultation.


This Protocol governs the private consultation between Carolin Soldo (“the Host”) and you (“the Client”). Its purpose is to establish in an accessible and common-sense manner the nature of the consultation between the Host and the Client and the mechanics of the consultation.

  1. The consultation is strictly confidential, and the content of the consultation will not be divulged to any third party, whether in written or oral form, without the prior written express permission of both the Host and the Client. This protocol creates a mutual duty of confidentiality between both the Host and the Client. This obligation is of the utmost importance. If you wish to record the consultation, you may do so, but you must seek the Host’s prior permission beforehand. Any recording is for personal use only and must not be copied, disclosed or circulated.
  2. No liability is accepted by the Host for the information provided to the Client. The purpose of the consultation is to allow the Client to ask questions of and receive the observations and insight of the Host with regard to particular matters and scenarios expressed by the Client.
  3. The Host is not providing any therapeutic service to the Client.
  4. The Host is not providing relationship, legal, financial, investment or any 
other form of advice to the Client. The Host will provide his detailed observations to any issue raised by the Client which appertains to their business.
  5. The Host is providing the consultation on the basis of his experiences and insight as a business expert. The Host is not making any warranty as to qualifications in the field of therapy, psychology and/or psychiatry, whether express or implied and all and any information provided is done so on such terms.
  6. The duration of the consultation will be 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes depending on the type purchased by Client (unless otherwise agreed). This time duration will be strictly adhered to. The Host will confirm the start time and finish time, by reference to EST time at the outset of the Protocol. You may book longer consultations if you wish to do so, but you should arrange this at the time of your initial booking as the option to extend during the consultation itself is usually not available owing to scheduled commitments.
  7. Email Consultations will receive a response in the form of an audio recording from Carolin Soldo within 96 hours of submitting your information (not 96 hours from purchasing your consultation).
  8. After purchasing your email consultation, you are required to email your background details (300, 600, or 1200 words) and your question(s) (1, 2, 4) via email to carolin@carolinsoldo.com.
  9. You are required to COUNT your background details as to not exceed the word count.
  10. If your background exceeds the word count, Carolin Soldo has the right to cancel the consultation without a refund.
  11. The Host may be referred to as Carolin. The Client should explain how he or she wishes to be addressed.
  12. The Host reserves the right to terminate the consultation with immediate effect and without refund of the private consultation fee, in part or at all, at his absolute discretion. This is to prevent the Host’s time being wasted in the unlikely (and so far, never occurred) event that the Client is abusive to the Host and is thus obstructing a constructive consultation.
  13. The Purpose of the Protocol is to allow the Client to explain his or her circumstances with a view to asking questions about and gaining a greater understanding of their situation viz a viz their business.
  14. The consultation will take place by Zoom. The Host will provide a link for the Client. Client is responsible for proper wifi and audio compatability. Video is optional.
  15. Prior to the consultation the Host and Client will agree a date and time for the consultation with an identified start time and an identified finish time.
  16. The consultation will commence promptly on the agreed start time.
  17. Should the consultation commence late as a consequence of any delay on the part of the Host, the one-hour time period will still be provided. Should the consultation commence late as a consequence of any delay on the part of the Client, the provision of a one-hour time period is at the absolute discretion of the Host, otherwise the consultation will end at the allotted finish time.
  18. Should the consultation be interrupted by reason of a technical failure, such as loss of signal, loss of internet provision and/or similar technical failures, the Host will attempt to resume the consultation. The Client will also attempt to resume the session. The Host will determine if the consultation can extend beyond the allotted finish time to cater for this interruption and does so at his absolute discretion.
  19. Should the consultation be interrupted by reason of a technical failure as described above and the Host or the Caller are unable to resume the consultation owing to an ongoing technical failure then the Host will e-mail the Client, within 24 hours of the interruption, in order to re-arrange for the balance of the consultation to take place at an alternative time and date.
  20. The Host may make notes during the consultation for the purpose of providing the information to the Client. Those notes may be retained by the Host for his own purposes but will not be divulged in whole or in part to any third party without the prior written permission of the Client.
  21. Should the Client cancel the consultation more than 72 hours prior to the scheduled consultation time, the consultation can be re-scheduled, but the consultation fee is non-refundable. If the cancellation takes place less than 72 hours, if there is to be no re-scheduling (which is at the sole discretion of the Host), there will be no refund of the consultation fee.
  22. This Protocol is to be interpreted in accordance with USA law and the jurisdiction of the USA courts in New York State.
  23. If you wish to have somebody listen to the consultation without any contribution from them then there is no further charge BUT the prior permission of the Host must be obtained. If you want an additional person to be able to listen and contribute, a further charge will be applied, and this must be agreed prior to the consultation with the Host.

This Protocol is effective as of 10th October 2016.


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