How To Get On The INC 5000 List: The method I used to grow my business with ease

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How To Get On The INC 5000 List: The method I used to grow my business with ease

Growing your business doesn’t have to be painful or hard, and you don’t have to sacrifice your life to do it. In fact I developed an entire system which I used to scale my business with ease.

I call it the Optimization Triangle, and it got my company on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing businesses in America.

If you feel stuck, or like you can’t possibly work more hours, watch this video to find out where you might be missing an opportunity to fix your business.

I’ll walk you through my Optimization Triangle process and reveal how it can help YOU grow today.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Let’s go from overwhelmed to optimized in this video. I want to show

Speaker 2 (00:04):
How I got my business on the Inc 5,000 list of America’s most successful companies and how you can use my optimization system to grow your business without limits. Before we get started, make sure you hit the bell and you subscribe to our channel. So you never miss a thing.

Speaker 1 (00:20):
Welcome to powerhouse business on YouTube. I’m your host, Carolin Soldo. I’m a business owner, business scaling master, and mom of two boys. I love thinking big pushing boundaries and doing things differently. Most of all, I’m all about achieving massive growth with ease and helping you scale your business by living the life you love Mexico.

Speaker 2 (00:46):
Hi there. Welcome back to our channel. It’s Carolyn here today. I want to talk to you about what I call my optimization triangle. It’s my system that I use to get my company on the Inc 5,000 list off America’s fastest growing companies in 2019. And since then I’ve used this simple triangle system to help my clients grow their companies that are really without limits. So I have something really great in store for you today. Stay tuned, watch the entire episode and make sure you leave me some comments. So I know if this served you. So let’s start by talking about the optimization triangle at the top of the triangle, you have what I call focus at the bottom of your triangle. You have your foundation. And on the other side, you have your fixes. We have to shift your focus from overnight success, quick fixes, whatever people are advertising to you out there.

Speaker 2 (01:45):
Those quick methods, the shiny objects to have when you look at long-term sustainability in your business, because when you suffer from shiny objects and experimentation, it derails your success by implementing these, what you think are quick fixes, it actually takes you longer to be successful. Secondly, you’re building this Frankenstein type business where, you know, the right arm doesn’t know what the left arm is doing in all summit. And what happens is that a business like that will hit a cap. Okay? When you’re building a business with this sort of crazy chaotic approach, you will eventually hit a limit and a ceiling of grown out. And if you’re on there, you know what that’s like? So once we shift your focus and you are not open to looking at your business, like a whole system, we can look at these foundational areas is foundational pieces. And there are six areas that we look at together to find your fixes.

Speaker 2 (02:48):
So the beautiful thing is once you know what those fixes are, you don’t have to work a whole lot more. Those fixes don’t actually have to be very difficult for, to implement. They also don’t have to take a lot of time. They could be very simple. The problem is for you to find these fixes on your own without having this framework. So let’s look at those foundational pieces. Here’s what I did to get my business, to grow fast. The first thing we looked at was our buyers and our programs as combination of who you serve, any, what you sell to them. And we actually decided to eliminate about 80% of our market. So we decided to shift our target market completely. And with that, we also closed down a significant part of our business and we launched new offerings. The next thing we did is upgrade our messaging with a new market and new offers comes a new message.

Speaker 2 (03:51):
So we cleaned out our entire online and offline presence to make sure that our message was truly aligned with our new goals. The next thing we did was lead generation. We installed a completely automated online lead generation system that created an amazing hands-on high quality custom experience, right from the start, it produced more consistency. We were able to increase our sales team. We were able to close more deals. And with that grow our company significantly. We evaluated our systems and we were able to eliminate a great deal of race to time wasted effort by delegating more. And by automating our processes a whole lot more with the right systems. We also looked at our team and we thought ways to put the right people into the right places, move some people around and also let some people go who were just not right for our company anymore.

Speaker 2 (04:55):
So your foundational areas are your buyers and your offers, your messaging, your lead generation, your teams, your time and your systems. And when you look at all these areas with a magnifying glass, if you’re going to be able to find your fixes, and then it’s all about implementing those fixes one by one by one to make your business grow without any limits, literally you’ll see your business grow right before your eyes. So think about this for a moment. What could the system do for you? What if you could double your revenue? What if you could just keep more of your money, meaning you could expand your profit margin. What if you could work less? What if you could delegate more? What if you could just feel a lot more confident in your business, having real consistency, more peace of mind, not having this frantic feeling that you know, if you don’t keep running and pushing everything is going to fall apart.

Speaker 2 (05:54):
Well, that’s what I want for you. Next wife go scale Academy, where within eight weeks I help you change your focus. Then I help you look at your foundations, all six key areas of your business and I help you find your fixers. And then we even go and implement them together. It’s a very simple, straight forward process, but it’s extremely powerful. In our past students on average have found a hundred thousand dollars or more in income potential that Dave will now be capturing as the implementing the fixes scale Academy is available right now. And I’d love to invite you to take the first step by taking the business growth scorecard. This assessment is your first step to look at your business with a whole lot more overall focus in a holistic type of way. All you need to do is go to business growth, right now to you would take about a 10 minute assessment and I will send you a customized business growth plan to get you started.

Speaker 2 (07:02):
But then don’t forget to book in an optimization session with me and my team on this optimization session. We’ll look at your business under a magnifying glass. We’ll look at these key areas. We’ll look at how you’re performing and what your biggest struggles where we are, and we’ll show you what our recommendation or customer recommendation would be for you. And then if you think it’s a fit, we may even invite you to join us in the next scale Academy cohort to find out more about scale Academy, simply go to our, click on programs in defiance field Academy, Revit there, and now I’d love to hear from you. What were your biggest takeaways from today’s episode? Might have you been binding a company in a way that feels chaotic and how you ready to change your focus to, you know, really take this seriously and really take the time to optimize your company so that it can really pay you

Speaker 3 (08:00):
You back and reward you in the longterm.

Speaker 2 (08:03):
Well, I hope this served you. I hope it gave you some aha, some light bulbs going off and I hope you come back again next week. If you liked this episode, make sure you share it with your fans. Give us a leg, subscribe to our channel and I’ll see you next week. Thank you so much for watching.

Speaker 1 (08:19):
Take care. Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed from growing your business? Do you crave more ease and happiness from your success? What if I gave you a tour that has the power to instantly make you feel focused, peaceful, and at ease all while growing your business faster than ever before, I’ve created the business growth scorecard that has helped countless business women replace overwhelmed with confidence and not a scorecard is available online. It’s free takes less than 10 minutes and provides you with a customized growth plan, including your personal scores, go to business growth, to take the test right now, I look forward to helping you grow your business with ease and excellent

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