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Is your sales process an area of your business that keeps giving you trouble? I get it – you need a proven sales strategy to boost revenue, increase profits, and that you can replicate so you can teach your sales team how to sell more! In this sales video, I’m giving you my 3 best sales hacks to help you convert more of the leads in your sales pipeline into paying clients so you can increase revenue and boost profits for your online coaching business!

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Carolin Soldo – Sales Process – 3 Hacks to Boost Profits Now

Hi there and welcome back to our channel. My name is Carolin Soldo. I’m coming to you from my office, from my home here in Buffalo, New York. And today I want to talk to you about how to hack your sales. The best ways to sell more, sell more frequently, and also to increase your prices so that you can have an immediate impact on your revenue and your bottom line. Make sure you stay all the way until the end of this video because I will also share with you how to have an immediate impact on your profit margin because your business is all about profit and what ends up in your bank account. As always, make sure you hit the bell and you subscribe to our channel. So you are always the first to know when new episodes become available here on our channel.

All about helping you go from passion to profits in your coaching business. Over the last several years, really since 2006, I’ve been building companies. And specifically I’ve built two multimillion dollar companies, one in coaching and consulting and one in manufacturing. So I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to boost revenue, to impact your sales process, and to make sure your company’s really healthy and growing. And today I want to share with you my best strategies to sell more, sell more frequently, and also to raise your prices so that you can impact your bottom line. You can earn more, grow your company, and therefore impact more people. So let’s take a look.

The first strategy I would like to talk to you about today is selling more. Selling more to more clients really requires you to get more of what? Traffic and leads, right? Because to me, sales is a numbers game. The more leads and the more traffic you have, the more opportunities you have to sell and the more chances you have to gain more clients.

So getting more clients and selling more actually comes down to you generating more leads and working on your marketing efforts. Now, I have several ways for you to boost your leads and your traffic and I want to go through some of them with you right now. The first thing I want to talk to you about is prospecting and this is something where most business owners really have resistance around. They don’t like prospecting. They think prospecting means cold calling and feeling rejected and hearing no, and why are you calling me and all of that, that salesy stuff, right? That makes us feel awkward. But prospecting can actually be quite fun. It’s all about building relationships, so you can prospect on Linkedin, on Facebook, you can go out there in the world, you can attend events and conferences and go to meetups. There’s so many ways for you to do prospecting, which really is about you making valuable relationships with people, right, that you can connect with and you can find out if you can serve them, if you can add value to them and if so obviously you can bring them into your company through a sales conversation, through a meeting, through an email, through all these different ways and then eventually close the sale.

The second way for you to get more traffic and leads is, of course, paid advertising. There are Facebook ads, there are LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads. There are so many different ways for you to advertise online. There are Google ads, there are YouTube ads, right? There’s also traditional advertising on radio, on TV, on billboards. You could think about direct mailing, buying a list and mailing something to that list. So there are a variety of ways for you to get yourself in front of more prospects, bring them in to you, and then therefore make more sales. The next idea I have for you is live streaming. Have you ever gone live on YouTube or on Facebook or on Instagram for example? If not, you should give it a try. Live streaming requires very little preparation, very little tech, and it’s very easy for you to get started with.

Another thing you should consider is email, right? Of course, an email list is one of the biggest assets that your business can have because on your email list you will have potential clients. Those are your best leads. So why not get into the habit of sending a weekly newsletter, a weekly sales mailer, a weekly, you know, value-based piece that you can share with your email list. And then from there, bring them into your business. Book your sales conversations, book your Discovery Calls, book in your meetings where you can connect with your clients even more and sell them into your business, right, sell them your products and services. Do you have a referral program? If not, referrals are amazing at getting you more leads and traffic to your business. Why not create a referral program where your existing clients or your new clients get the chance to refer other clients to you.

And so with that you’re really turning your existing customers into a little bit of an army for you, a referral army. And it’s an easy way for you to reward them as well. So you could think about running sweepstakes or running little contests or maybe giving out gift cards or paying them a certain percent of the sale if their referral ends up buying from you. There are a variety of different ways for you to set this up but referrals really don’t cost you anything and the customers you already have already love you and trust you. So why not ask them to send you even more traffic and leads? In addition to having a referral program, you should also think about having an affiliate program where you could partner with companies or businesses or influencers who are in the same sort of market as you, not competing with you, but offering complimentary services, and you can partner with them by sending them traffic and they will send you traffic in return.

You could sponsor each other, you could host interviews where they interview you or you interview them. And so with that you can tap into each other’s market and share leads, share customers, and share sales. Of course, when we talk about bringing in more leads or more clients to your business, we also can’t forget about your sales process. Maybe you’re selling yourself, maybe you’re selling over email, but maybe you also have a sales team and an actual sales force. Now in my business, I have a sales team. My husband’s business also has a sales team and sales reps that go out there in the world and make those connections for us. So think about ways that you can help your sales team or yourself become more effective at selling. Could it be a better script? Could you maybe engage in some training? Could you bring in a motivator, someone who can train your sales team or you? So look at the way that you sell right now and the areas that you have for improvement to increase your close rate and therefore make more sales and get more clients.

The second strategy I want to talk to you about is selling more frequently. Selling more frequently to me means selling more to existing customers. Now, my husband in manufacturing does this all the time because he has a handful, maybe 10 existing clients that continue to send him more work and work and work over time, so he sells a lot more frequently than I do, and that’s also depending on your business type, the industry you’re in, but I believe that every business can look at selling more frequently. In my coaching business, for example, we have done this very successfully by offering several different types of programs and offerings to our existing clients. And maybe you can look at implementing some of those for your business as well. What we have done successfully is offering clients mastermind programs. So once your clients go through your signature offer and your coaching package, your consulting offer, you can look at what else they might need.

Maybe they’re ready for the next level, maybe they want to graduate to reaching even bigger goals, whatever that might be for your clients. Think about offering them a next level up program. We have also successfully offered extension type programs, which we call mastery programs. So as your clients go through your main signature offer, again, they might need more time to complete what’s already on their plate. With our business, our clients often say, I need more time, I need more time to complete this. I want more support. I don’t want to leave the community just yet. And that’s how we have been able to offer them an extension program, a mastery program where they can stay with us at the same level for longer periods of time. Upsells and down sells are also really, really smart ways for you to sell more frequently. A down sell scenario includes you offering your customer something of lower expense, maybe lower value, maybe not, but it usually costs less.

It could be a workshop, it could be a book, it could be a one time training, it could even be an event, something they can buy that compliments what they’re already purchasing from you. An upsell on the other hand could be something that is actually, you know, of more value that gives them more support that gives them potentially better results while working with you. In our business, in our coaching programs, we allow customers to purchase additional coaching sessions, so they might come into Brand Your Passions or the Powerhouse Coach with one coaching call per month and they might say, I would like more, I would like a biweekly call or I would like a weekly call even. And we give them the ability to buy additional coaching. So add more coaching to the programs they already have.

The third strategy is to charge more and raise your prices. Raising your prices can be done in several different ways. You could just decide that I want to raise my price and not do anything differently. Just add a different price tag on your programs and your products and your services and be done with it. Now, I would like for you to consider that doing that is actually possible for you right now. If you increase your prices slightly, I’m not talking about doubling your prices or tripling them or doing anything crazy like that, but think about adding just a 10% margin, just a little bit more. Your customers will most likely not even notice it and your sales will increase dramatically, so this is something you can do right away. If you’re in a very competitive market or you think that raising your prices will actually hurt you because customers will go somewhere else, then what I think you should do is look at how you can add more value.

I remember launching my Brand Your Passions program for brand new coaches. In the beginning it only had me as a coach and I had my curriculum, my online membership site, my Facebook group, and my emails, but I didn’t have a coaching team and I didn’t have some of the bells and whistles I have in my program today. And then I added coaches, not just mindset coaches, but systems and marketing coaches, and I also added events. And then I added one to one coaching to it. So I added all of these different features to add more value to my clients, but also to be able to charge more with that. My company grew, my clients were happier, our results skyrocketed, customer results really increased dramatically, and we were able to increase our sales and our revenue at the same time. So adding more value to your programs can be a huge win-win for everybody involved.

Now my wish is that right now your mind is spinning a little bit and you have all these ideas about how you can make more money in your company. And I also hope that you see that making sales is not hard. If you approach this in a creative and playful way, there are things you can do right now to make more money to expand your profit margin, right, and actually grow your business in a way that will allow you to help more people and without working a whole lot more. Notice that most of the things I told you about will not require you to work a whole lot more. It’s really more about thinking strategically, about putting the right pieces in place, about being creative, right, about maybe using some new marketing strategies, but it doesn’t require you to change your entire business. So approach this with a playful, open mind, and you’ll see that growing your company can actually be really effective and fun at the same time.

And now I would love to hear from you. Of course, as always, I would like to make this a conversation, right? So in the comments below, let me know how you think about sales, right? What works for you? What strategies are you employing right now to grow your sales? What problems do you have? How can we help you? Let me know in the comments below what you think about sales, which ideas resonated with you that I shared with you today, and let’s have a conversation.

And now I have something really exciting for you. Our signature webinar, “How To Get Coaching or Consulting Clients For Your Business,” is now brand new, it’s revamped, And it has the latest strategies in it. I want to invite you to go to right now, look at the webinar, register your seat, and in this webinar I’m going to give you my three best strategies and tips for how you can literally get an unlimited number of coaching and consulting clients for your business. Again, the link is Go there right now, register. And I can’t wait to see you in the training.

As always, stay focused on your goals because I believe that you are meant to bring your passions to the world. There’s so many amazing ways for you to sell more, serve more people, sell more, sell more frequently, and sell at higher prices, right? So now go out there and make it happen. I believe in you. I believe you can do this and I want to be there to support you. If you feel like you need support and you don’t know what to do, I want to invite you to book a call with my team. Go to Select the time that’s best for you and then speak with my team and together we’ll make a plan, an action plan that’s tailored to your business to help you grow and scale with elegance and ease. I can’t wait to support you.

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