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Exclusive Training & Access to the Best Experts in the Industry

Meet the team

Exclusive Training & Access to the Best Experts in the Industry

When you work with us, you don’t just work with one expert. You gain the support of various expert trainers in areas that are key to building and running a successful business.

I have personally hand picked these experts in Sales, Facebook Ads, Technology, Design and Style, Systems, and Mindset Mastery. Having access to our entire team means that you’ll never encounter a question that goes unanswered or a problem that goes unsolved. You will experience 360-degree support from the best.

Carolin Soldo

Business Coaching

Carolin Soldo is one of the most recognized coaches for entrepreneurial women. She has been named “Female Entrepreneur of the year” by the Stevie Awards and has created an Inc. 5000-ranked, global enterprise devoted to empowering women entrepreneurs.

She was named one of Buffalo’s 40 under 40, has won the Small Business Administration Award for Business Owner of the Year, and has been featured on Forbes, Inc.com, Entrepreneur Magazine and more. Carolin has built two 7 multi-million dollar businesses in the Service Industry and is also an angel investor with a special interest in women-led ventures.

Over the last 10+ years, Carolin has advised & helped nurture the businesses of many of the 7- figure thought leaders you see thriving today.

Lisa Broesch-Weeks

Success Coach

Lisa Broesch-Weeks is our Affiliate Manager and Success Coach. Lisa has completed 300+ hours training in applied positive psychology from The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CAPP) Institute Coach Training Intensive CCE, an ICF accredited program. She took the program (200+ hours) and then she went back to help facilitate for the next cohort.

Lisa is a speaker, best-selling author, coach, and consultant, and works with individuals and organizations to show them how to stop working so hard for everyone else––while helping them become more productive, energized, and satisfied with their personal and professional lives.

Tara Zirker

Advertising Support

Tara Zirker is our Online Advertising Expert and brings over 8 years of experience with her. She holds a Masters Degree in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development from the Hawaii Pacific University and manages an online advertising budget that exceed $5 Million annually.

Tara’s motto is to not do anything that can’t be measured. She is available to answer all your advertising and marketing questions and to help fuel your lead generation and sales funnels.

Kerri Krell

Mindset Coaching

Kerri Krell holds a Masters in Life, Business and Leadership Coaching through the Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching and is the Founder of Soul Solutions, Inc.  Her past professional experience consisted of working as the Vice President of Business Development leading and inspiring teams for over 13 years.  But her passion for helping others led her to pursue coaching in 2001.  Through Soul Solutions and as a Tony Robbins Results Coach, Kerri has had the privilege of supporting thousands of people from all over the world in making significant life changes. Over the last 18 years Kerri has created a toolbox that’s overflowing with effective ways of supporting clients in not only understanding what their highest life could look like, but more importantly getting them to push through the patterns and barriers that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

Kerri graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Business Communications and has used her talents to reach people through keynote speaking, workshops, television appearances, one-to-one coaching and writing. She is a current member and past Board Member of the Denver Coaching Federation.

Kerri is a proud wife and mother of three amazing kids and one really cool golden retriever.

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