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Webinars (also called a masterclass or workshop) can add value to your marketing strategy as well as position you at the forefront of your niche and help you build strong relationships with your community. BUT, doing webinars the right way involves certain secrets. In this week’s episode, I share my top 10 webinar marketing secrets with you!

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Carolin Soldo – Webinar Marketing Secrets to Attract Ready to Buy Clients

Let’s talk about webinars, Shelly. In this video, I’m going to give you a 10 webinar marketing secrets to attract, ready to buy clients for your business. As always, before we get started, make sure you hit that bell and you’re subscribed to our channel. So you’re always aware when new episodes become available here every single week. Welcome to power hub. It’s business on YouTube. I’m your host, Carolyn Soldo. I’m a business owner, business scaling master, and mom of two boys. I love thinking big pushing boundaries and doing things differently. Most of all, I’m all about achieving massive growth with ease and how can you scale your business by living the life you love? Let’s go. I have used that even our marketing or the last six years with major success. And I can honestly say that webinars have been been number one strategy to help me grow and scale my business.

It also works for our clients in a variety of services, no matter what type of service based industry you are in, it works for you. You could be a financial planner, an event planner, a coach, or consultant, a speaker, a trainer in health and fitness, your name. It, it works for you. However, there are certain tricks and strategies you’ll need to know to make webinars successful for you. And today I want to share with you what works for me. Secret. Number one, John is to select the right topic. The first thing you need to think about is what webinar will be all about. That’s your hook, that’s your topic. That’s the number one reason why someone will be signing up for your webinar. So you better be sure it’s good. It needs to be a juicy topic. Something that your audience really wants to know more about so that you can drive enough quality leads into the webinar.

And from there, turn them into paying clients for your business. So let’s talk about the topic. When I work with clients and help them build their webinars, we look at two options. Option. Number one is to go generic and option. Number two is to go specific. Let me give you an example of a generic topic. Going generic is all about your signature system, your entire process, your step-by-step way in which your clients get results. So think about what you actually do for your clients. What phases do they go through? What are you teaching them? What action steps do they take? And how can you present that in a 45 to 60 minute webinar? That’s your generic overall, how to process by which you get clients, the results they really want from you. When you go a specific in a webinar, you go towards your four levels, deeper into any of them, the steps and phases for clients go through.

Let’s say you are a fitness coach, for example. And the first thing you do in the beginning with your clients is help them plan out their nutrition. So it’s all about what they, when they eat, how much they eat and so forth, that could be a webinar topic that is very specific about their nutrition. Maybe the next step is walking out. So you could do a webinar all about working out mine, how to work out when the workout, how long the workout, and really go deep into the topic of working out, depending on your need and what it is that you actually offer. You need to decide which way is better for you. And keep in mind, this works for any niche. Let’s say you’re a financial planner. You could do a webinar to educate your clients on the financial planning process on the retirement saving process, on the investment process, on what it is that you do, and the best practices that you teach your client secret.

Number two is high quality design. Think about the webinars, some presentations that you have been watching, where you were the audience, most likely they were high quality. They were dynamic. They were great pictures. And the presentation was really easy to look at, right? You really enjoy the presentation. So when you design your webinar, make sure that you’re using a high quality professional and branded design or format for your slides and whatever materials you’re using to make sure you make an amazing first impression on your audience. I recommend PowerPoint, Google slides, or a design that maybe a designer can create for you. And then you only have to worry about your car intent. Now that moves us to secret number three, and that is choosing the right content when it comes to content creation, especially for my professionals, for my advisors, my teachers, my coaches, and consultants for my therapists, for all of you guys who are college educated, right?

A no use to giving presentations that educate, that’s not what we’re doing in a webinar anymore. So the biggest hurdle that we have to overcome with you is getting your mind out of an educational approach and into a marketing approach because your webinar is not there to inform and teach at least not as much anymore, but in stats to market and sell. And so your messaging and what you actually say and how you say things in your webinar need to be shifted from educating to selling and marketing. Now, of course, we’re not just pitching in the webinar. We are educating and we are informing your audience, but we’re approaching how we say things and what we say in a much different way to get the audience emotionally connected, to get them to want to know more. And then obviously to work with us after the webinar is complete, secret, number four is to teach steps or false beliefs.

Let’s go even deeper into the content of your webinar. We just talked about how important it is that you begin to market in your webinar and you don’t just educate of what does that really mean? Well, when I help my clients build their webinars, I give them two options. Option. Number one is to teach in steps and option. Number two is to approach it from false beliefs or mistakes they’re making, right or your clients are making. The first option is really simple because you get to present the steps your clients are taking on their journey to success from when they first start with you to when they actually have the results they came for. Option. Number two works for a lot of people because you get to point out the number one, mistakes, myths, and false beliefs that your clients and your audience is suffering from.

Show them what it is, the mistakes they’re making, show them what they could do instead to make things better. And then show them a little bit about how it’s actually going to work. So instead of saying, here are the five steps to grow your business. I could say, here are the five false beliefs around growing a business and what it really takes to have success and grow your business the simple way mine. So again, you get to choose which way works better for you, but those are the two preferred methods to approach your content. Secret. Number five is a strong call to action. The next thing you need to really keep in mind, your webinar is your call to action. That is what you would tell your audience to do at the end off the webinar. And if you are a service based business and you’re selling higher ticket programs and services and longer engagements, perhaps it makes sense for you to invite your audience on a call with you.

So you’re not selling anything straight from the webinar, but you might say, Hey, now I have something really special for you. I would like to have you come on a call with me to talk about your accounting, your staffing strategy, your fitness, your business, your career, whatever it is that you do, you invite them on a call and then you can go really deep into their situation and move them closer to becoming a client. It’s also really important with your call to action, that you are doing it in a strong way. So you need to be powerful, convincing, confident, and excited. When you’re talking about your offer. Secret number six is to stick to 60 minutes. This is a really easy one. Of course, you want to keep your webinar to 16 minutes or less. There are certain exceptions when you can go over. For example, when you have a master class training or something is really intense, like a marketing training or a career training, and you say, this is a workshop.

This is something where we’re going to go really deep and you better block your calendar for two or three hours or however long you think it will take. But in most cases for a marketing webinar, you should be planning on 60 minutes. If not more, because most people live in 60 minute increments. Their calendars are scheduled in 60 minutes. And when that time runs up and when that time runs out, they will leave the webinar. So if you go over 60 minutes, chances are, are, you will lose your audience, which is not a good place to be in secret. Number seven is to automate your webinar with the right systems. Now we’re talking about some advanced strategies. If you’re an experienced business owner, chances are, you are busy. You want consistency. You want it to be easy. You want marketing that does the work for you so you can set it and literally forget it, knowing that they will bring you high quality prospects again and again and again, right?

So how do we do that? Wow, live webinars are amazing because they’re engaging and dynamic and you get to talk to your audience, but then not always feasible to do so. I recommend that you automate your webinars and you can literally do that with systems that will help you set up the entire webinar process, including your followup emails on pilots. So you don’t have to do anything down below in the description. I’m going to list some of my favorites tools to help you automate your webinar. So make sure you check that out. Good. Number eight is to have a high converting opt in page. Now we’re talking about getting someone registered for your webinar, and this is really important because if your opt in page or your registration page is designed or written properly, you will have a really hard time getting someone to register and they’ll be end up alone on your webinar and have nobody watching it, right?

So you want to make sure that you optimize even the registration process. Of course, there are amazing tools available for you, such as lead pages and ClickFunnels and entre pages and wigs, and so many nowadays that you can choose from. So make sure you design the optin page with intention. You choose the right headlines. Do my bullet points. The by branding and formatting and Nick, the registration page really appealing secret number nine is to focus on retention. So what is retention while retention means that your audience actually sticks with you on the web, then our end, they don’t leave. There are two benchmarks that give my clients benchmark. Number one for a live webinar is almost a hundred percent of attention. So I want as many people as possible is to actually stick with me because I’m already showing up. I’m there live. I’m talking to them and engaging with them.

And they’re having a really good time. The second benchmark is for an automated webinar. So if you’re automating your webinars, you want to target it at least 50% retention, which means that half of your audience is still watching at the end of the webinar. It’s normal for you to lose some people because they notice it’s not live. Maybe there’s less engagement. Maybe they get busy, something comes up and they think, you know, watched a replay later. So 50% of attention is your target. When you automate your webinar, secret number 10 is to reach for 75% of people starting your webinar. Now, this is a really important statistic for those of you who or automating your webinars. Your goal is to have as many people as possible. Start the webinar in the beginning. And then of course keep as many of them around as possible as well.

But when we have an automation set up, we want to have it least 75%. Those who register actually start to watch the webinar. Now you would think a hundred percent are actually watching it, but then it’s not true, right? People sign up for stuff all the time. They get busy, they get sidetracked and then they leave. But if you can hit 75% of people who register actually starting the webinar, you are going to be in good shape. And by the way, if you’re wondering about live webinars, our attendance rate right now is 20 to 30%. So an automation campaign far exceed the actual watch rate. And if you’re doing a webinar live, you should be targeting 20 to 30% because it’s on a specific date at a specific time, which may not be convenient for everybody. And now I have two quick bonus tips for you.

Are you ready? Bonus tip. Number one is to track the entire system. When you use webinar marketing, the nice thing is that you can track the entire flow and the entire path that someone goes through from when they first see them webinar and sign up for it too, when they watch it, book a call and then hopefully become a client. So you have the ability to track the entire system and also optimize it. So make sure you track your stats and bonus tip. Number two is to know what this is, are costing you somewhat of costs. Do you want to measure are your cost per registration, your cost per attendee, your cost per call booked, and of course your cost pre-client and world in your program, terms and services. And now I’d love to hear from you. Have you done webinars before? Are there working for you?

If not, why not? And what are you going to do better going forward to make your webinars a huge success. Let me know below in the comments and let’s have a conversation. And now I have something really special for you. I would like to invite you on a marketing acceleration call with me on this call. I would like to speak with you about your webinar marketing strategy. And as a matter of what your experience level is never, you are a pro at webinars. Maybe you’ve never done a webinar ever in the past. It’s totally fine. Whatever you experience, this call is going to help you. You elevate your marketing strategy, bring you more, leads, more qualified, leads, more prospects, and ultimately more sales for your business. You need to do to book. Your call is click on a link in the description below, and then you and I will be masterminding your webinar marketing in just a few days from now as always, if you liked the episode, give me a like subscribe to our channel, share it with your friends, right?

Share this information is valuable for all the business owners to know. And then of course, come back again next week. Thanks again. And take care. Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed from growing your business? Do you crave more ease and happiness from your success? What if I gave you a tool that has the power to instantly make you feel focused, peaceful, and at ease all while growing your business faster than ever before, I’ve created the business growth scorecard that has helped countless business women. The place overwhelmed with confidence and not a scorecard is available online. It’s free takes less than 10 minutes and provides you with a customized growth plan, including your personal scores, go to business growth, to take the test right now, I look forward to helping you grow your business with ease and excellent [inaudible].

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