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The Powerhouse Coach Retreat in Hawaii

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“I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s quite extraordinary -- I was very impressed.”

Last week with the fabulous Carolin Soldo, originally from Germany, who has cracked the code on getting her clients to take their new coaching businesses from zero to a full time income via a 4-month program. (I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s quite extraordinary -- I was very impressed.) I was honored Carolin hired me for a VIP Strategy Package to help navigate the next level of her already multimillion-dollar coaching enterprise, which has ramped up quickly.

Ali Brown

“Over the last 4 months I've made $35,000”

It’s been an incredible journey and I’m so grateful that I had the courage to sign up and commit to the process. I have done a complete 180 in my business.

Since my webinar I’ve been booking about 8 sales calls on average each week.

Over the last 4 months I’ve made $35K!!! I’m overjoyed!

Alycia H.

“Signed my first client!”

Yea! Signed my first client, a referral from a friend who did my beta test program. So excited to have someone in my program. Worth the very early discovery call!

Susan Rose

“I signed up my 2nd client today!”

I have 2 clients and before this program I had ZERO! My FB Ads aren’t even really launched yet!! Still in testing mode!! I can’t even imagine how amazing this is going to get!!!

Thank you Carolin Weber Soldo, Belinda Ginter, Sue Richards… You guys are my dream team!!!!!

Marcia Monacom

"I smashed my first £50,000 month!"

Exactly 1 year ago I read Carolin's email and booked my Coaching Strategy Session with her team. Exactly 12 months later now I have smashed a £50,000 month with 15 YES's into my Group Program!

I used to think it's a Myth that you can change your life this dramatically in less than a year.

Now I am living proof that you can.

Kaylie Simmone, Brand and Visibility Coach

“Thanks Carolin for your patience, love and support. We have only just begun our work together!”

Who says a mama with a newborn on her lap can’t get things done!!

Woot Woot!!!

My ad is live and so far converting at $5-6 per lead! Praying that this lasts or gets lower!

I’ve never successfully ran webinar ads – last time they were at $20 per lead!

Gee, who knew further niching down my message and audience would transform my biz! Or rather surrendering to what God was calling me to do from the beginning of my business – serve Christian women in coaching and business!

Thanks Carolin for your patience, love and support. We have only just begun our work together!

I’m taking the Christian coaching and online business world by storm, one transformation at a time.

Angelica Rozewicz, Online Business Strategist & Coach

“I’m creating an amazing online intuitive Life Coaching Business!”

Carolin is a heart centered, attentive, and knowledgeable business coach. She supports me in organizing my ideas as I create my online presence. She has the best recommendations for online platforms and guides me through the technical details of the online world. She provides a structure that I can work within to use my creativity. I appreciate her skills. I am most grateful that I can share with her my ups and downs and be raw and authentic with her.

Carolin really knows how to get your business off the ground and running. I highly recommend any women who are unsure of how to navigate the technical details of the online world to work with her. The online world can be intimidating and she helps you create and put systems in place to run efficiently and effectively.

Candice Box, Intuitive Life Coach

“I was looking for reassurance and guidance on progress in my coaching business with branding and reaching my target market."

The benefits I received from working with Carolin were the necessary next steps to take in my business and the specific recommendations Carolin provided me with.

I would recommend Carolin, because she is very kind, professional, and clearly has a heart to help with branding.”

Cheneil Torbert, Health Coach and Nurse Practitioner

“I didn’t have any clear direction as to what I wanted to “do” with my life.”

I knew I wanted to help people but how to accomplish and make a living that was and has been a mystery for most of my adult life.

I’ve done a lot of charity work both real and just working for free. I’ve had a lot of business ideas that could have made me money but no real direction on how to actually make it happen.

Then I got sick. I got better. And started studying to be a Health Coach. And I though you know, maybe. . . It was around that time I found Carolin.

Something about Brand Your Passions made me believe that I could take every skill I’ve ever learned, all the experiences that I’ve ever had, and role them into something that would allow me to help others and help myself.

Maybe you have been successful and this is just helping to add to your success. For the rest of us, I just want to share with you as someone who knows what success looks like, someone who has been so very close but could never quite figure out the last puzzle piece.

Carolin knows what she is talking about. Don’t jump ahead of her. Don’t try to improve upon what she telling you. Don’t complicate it. Just do it.

Trust her to give you all that you need when you need it. don’t fly through the modules. read the thing workbook. watch the video. do the work. then check and make sure you didn’t miss anything. Then move to the next thing.

That is all I’m doing and I know that this time next year I’ll be tasting the success and living the life that I’ve always believed was for me if I could just understand what to do.

I know this may seem presumptuous as I don’t have my first client as yet. But my BYP experience has been like when you have a great recipe from someone you know can cook REALLY well (and is honest and shares the actual recipe) As you make the dish trusting the recipe and the person who wrote it, even before it is done you can taste how good it is going to be. That BYP. That’s what Carolin is giving us.

I can taste success, and I’ve never had it before. It is is so good.

Amy McKnight

“Each session has brought so much value, clarity and knowledge."

I initially started coaching with Carolin to create my irresistible offer. What actually came about was clarity on my target audience, my coaching packages and a completely different irresistible offer.

Each session has brought so much value, clarity and knowledge. Carolin’s ability to quickly interpret and take on board my vision which brought about other ideas yet more clarity on what I could offer my target audience.

With Carolin’s help I have a sense of calm. I am a frenzy of activity, fitting in building a business, working part-time, young children, through our time together I have been able to focus and take action in a way I couldn’t before in my distracted way.

I would absolutely recommend Carolin to other coaches. At the end of each call I tend to take over and summarize what I need to do, however, Carolin re-frames it in such a way that I am so clear and re-energized due to her clarity, faith and excitement in what we have achieved together. Just getting the creative juices flowing to pull it all together so we can get advertising.

What I like best about Carolin is her easy going communication. We can get stuck in and be serious but all of a sudden something makes one of us laugh and lightens up the focus. Also I like her amazing ability to gain clarity out of my sometimes (could be more) frenzy of excited explanations.

Kate L McCarthy

“Working with Carolin was great!”

She showed me the steps I needed to take to get my new health coaching business launched and attract my ideal client. She kept me on track from week to week and always let me know what I needed to focus on next. She is very knowledgeable and after working with her I totally understand the importance of hiring a mentor. I could not have learned and accomplished what I did without her!

What I liked best about working with her was how she broke down the overwhelming task of putting an online business together into workable weekly tasks that allowed me to make real progress.

I would definitely recommend working with Carolin if you want to learn how to build and launch a successful business. She will share with you exactly what she did to build her own businesses that have earned her multiple six figure incomes.

Sandy Schriemer

“We learned how to work smarter, not harder...”

The BYP program was filled with a wealth of information, tools, tips and resources that were made readily available to us via the membership site, the BYP Facebook group, Zendesk and the Carolin Soldo Team. We had an opportunity to learn as students, but we also learned to be effective coaches, who our ideal clients are, what are marketing message is, how to create a sales copy page and why it’s so imperative when speaking to our target audience. We honed in on our niche, which we thought we had narrowed down to begin with, but, gained so much clarity about why it was important to drill down even more and get very specific about what we specialize in. We learned how to work smarter, not harder.

The team of coaches are truly experts in their respective industries and exceptional leaders with a wide knowledge-base. We would definitely recommend this program to any and everyone who is serious about becoming a coach and taking their coaching business to the next level. This program is by far THE most comprehensive we have ever discovered and participated in and we are so grateful we did. It was well worth the investment – beyond what we ever imagined and we give MANY thanks to the Carolin Soldo Team.

Catrina and Twana Wilson

“My perseverance has finally paid off...”

...as I signed up my first new client last week via my email list I developed through BYP and now I have another client too!

I have been keeping my list hot by sending out weekly emails and the first client I signed on a few days ago was for my 6 months course at my Holiday discounted price which was more than the program originally was when I first created it. She purchased it at $6007, it used to be $4997 and the regular price is $9997 so she saved 3K.

I recently sent a proposal out to my client from last year too. I developed a 4 month package for her and sat with the price for a while until I knew I landed the right price that would get her in gear and I on my absolute best. I set the price for this 4 month package at $14,097! She sent me over an audio letting me know she both wept and laughed through the proposal. She got back to me on Saturday night confirming that she would like to move forward!

If I hadn't stuck to the process setup in BYP I never would've got my first client and had I not gone to P2P this past Fall I likely would not have had the confidence to up my rates and create this 4 month program and charge such a high cost for it. I so appreciate the support that I've received from your whole team and I know this victory is a victory to be shared with everyone.

Jared Capello

“When I wake up in the morning, I see new potential clients have booked sessions with me when I have been sleeping! I didn’t think this was possible!”

Through the BYP program, I gained 100% clarity on whom I should serve, how I should serve them and why. I learned about all the systems that are needed to make my business run without clutter and without losing time, money and not losing myself on the way.

I learned how I could use social media to help my clients the best way, and to let ideal clients out there get to know me. In this small amount of time, I set up a Facebook group and a Facebook business page. These allow me to meet and get to know many potential clients AND they get to know me and why I want to serve them the best way.

I gained so much clarity - before I started Carolin’s program, I felt that I was just spinning around. I feel that I have mastered the marketing system. I have learned how to write copy that my clients want to read. I have learned how to get their attention and how I should write to THEM! I HATED Facebook ads earlier - now I have so much fun with testing and making these ads! Who would have thought!? With Carolin and her team’s guidance, I have made a program that I know will help the ones who need it and are in a place they don’t want to be.

Through the weekly Q&A calls, I was able to receive answers and guidance regarding my questions. TWICE A WEEK!!!! I would have joined the program just for those!!! On these Q&A calls, Carolin’s coaches were all there to help us, whether we had a mindset issue or a Facebook question. The team is amazing!

I have set up a calendar where clients can book sessions with me, and all the systems are working together!! When I wake up in the morning, I see new potential clients have booked sessions with me when I have been sleeping! I didn’t think this was possible!

In just 3 weeks, my list has grown from 0 to 313 people!!! And each day it grows by 10-20 people! How fun is that!?

I have learned EVERYTHING (and some things that I never thought I would learned) I needed to learn to build an online coaching business from A to Z, and I needed the personal coaching – this is not a COURSE, it’s your friends holding your hand!

I loved that your team was so dedicated. We could FEEL that you wanted us to succeed. You took us back on track when we needed it. You gave us so much value, and we could see that you were a GOOD team!

I would recommend this program, because you get SO MUCH MORE value than you expect when you start out. If I had known how much value there is in this program and if I had known how much I would have learned and how much I would have grown on a personal and professional level – I wouldn’t believe it was possible! This is NOT a course – you get help ALL the way.

Karine Einang

"My annual income from coaching grew 5.5 times..."

When I began working with Carolin, I was hoping to grow my coaching business and create an income that would allow me to do coaching full-time.

I did not have a system that would allow me to enroll new clients on a regular basis. I relocated to the US in 2014 and had 0 connections in the US corporate world. For an executive and leadership coach, these types of connections are usually the first step to starting their business. I had to find a different way so I built my funnel. My annual income from coaching grew 5.5 times in 2018 compared to 2017. In September alone, I signed up + 3 individual coaching clients (USD 15 000) – all three coming from the funnel.

I also achieved these results through the BYP and Powerhouse programs:

  • Huge growth in confidence
  • Clarity of who I am as a coach and how I serve my clients
  • Clarity and understanding of how to create my group coaching program
  • Plan how to scale my business
  • Getting to know amazing coaches in PHC community

Carolin Soldo’s team is amazing – competent, loving and powerful! The PHC tribe is a group of super coaches I have learned so much from them!!! We also had a lot of fun!!!

I recommend this program for those coaches who dare greatly, love what they do and are ready to grow themselves and their business!

Maria Neizvestnaya

"My goal has been consistent 50k months all year and now it’s happening!"

My dreams are coming TRUE!!! I am so happy and grateful PH friends and would love to celebrate with you.

December cash received $48,172!!!

My best month of the year (cash received!)

The last 2 days of the year, I enrolled 18K CASH from 3 epic ideal clients who paid in full! One of which has already written her signature talk and seminar story. I LOVE action takers who get it done!!

My goal has been consistent 50k months all year and now it’s happening!

I am so grateful for everything I have learned about the funnel, sales, marketing, ads and team here in Powerhouse Coach!!

I love you all!

Thank you Carolin Soldo for leading the way for us and sharing so abundantly with your trainings, biz mastery, systems, sales, funnel magic and leadership!! I love YOU!!!

Thank you Belinda Ginter for believing in me and helping me with my breakdowns to breakthroughs and help with so many areas! Sales team – listen to the calls, let people go and so much more!! I love you!!

Thank you Tara Zirker for jumping off the high ropes in Whistler with me and showing me that FB ads are not scary!! I love you!!

Thank you Vivian Rose for sharing all of your systems and YouTube trainings! I love your sassy hotness and fun!!

2019 is going to rock!!

Believe in the funnel, my friends.


Amanda Moxley

"I just enrolled 2 more people TODAY…"

OMG!!! I just enrolled 2 more people TODAY into my group (with my holiday special price).

Honestly, I am dancing over here as last month was a bit of a struggle and I thought it might be slow in December. I am jazzed and REALLY think my biz is going to take off in Jan!

Donna Ashton

"All in all €24000. in December so far."

Next sale. <3 <3 <3
All in all €24000. in December so far.
And there are 2 more weeks.
What else is possible?

I am ready to expand myself and my business to €30.000 this month. At least <3

I am grateful beyond words for my great husband, for all of you, Team Soldo, and, of course, myself. <3

Brigitta Tauch

"I already have 4 Clients, $16k in sales in the last 6 weeks!"

I joined BYP to create a VIP Coaching Package that was unique and high-end. I did not have a clear Niche or Program plan. I have not even completed the BYP Program and I already have 4 Clients in my 12-week coaching package. That is $16k in sales in the last 6 weeks! Carolin lays out every system (Marketing, Sales Etc.) so clearly - it’s amazing. I had no idea where to begin and she walks you through every single step and best practices. I love all of the support I receive from the FB community! It is truly priceless! I would NOT be where I am today without BYP.

I will continue to work with Carolin and her entire team for a long time to come. I also love that there are so many coaches available at our fingertips to help overcome Mindset issues, Technology questions, Branding questions and so much more! World class Coaches that are there to help each one of us succeed! It is amazing! I have spent more than $80k on personal and professional development from Coaches all over the country and this by far was the most valuable out of any of them! Her Coaches are Top Notch and her Heart for helping women and men pursue their passions is unwavering and embedded in every fiber of the program.

I can now feel 100% confident bringing new clients on because I KNOW my program WILL change their lives. If you are ready to take your life and your business to the next level, START NOW don’t wait!!!

Amanda Daniels

"This little birdie is leaving the nest!"

Wednesday is my last call (for now) with you all! Although my heart feels super sad at the thought of graduating from PHC I am beyond grateful for everything I have learned, the friendships I have made, the fun travel, the highs and lows and everything you Carolin Soldo, Tara Zirker and Vivian Rose and all have taught me!! I am no longer scared of FB ads!

I feel empowered by Tech! This is MASSIVE! I now know how to sell and joyfully enroll on the phone! This is amazing!! And a skill I will have for the rest of my life! And now I have sales angels selling for me too! I have a winning webinar funnel that has attracted over 70+ clients over the past year who invested 5k-10k (who are getting epic results and doing the WORK!) I have a fantastic team of A players supporting me and my clients! I have a new Evolution Program for my clients who have graduated the SYW2S program and have enrolled them at 50% close ratio! I am getting ready for my next 3 day live event in October! This system works. I love you all so much and am forever and EVER eternally grateful for all you have done to support me and my biz. I LOVE YOU!!

Amanda Moxley

"8 Sales While Fighting Cancer!"

I’ve learned to have the confidence to believe in myself and go all in. To not back off even in the process of fighting cancer. 4 webinars so far and 8 sales! I love that I get to facilitate the transformation from executive to entrepreneur, and I love seeing the lights come on in my clients! Thank you for working to help me find the clarity I needed and supporting me throughout the program and during my cancer treatments.

Elyse Tager

“My Results: $40,000 and 9 people starting my program this week”

Thank you Carolin and TeamSoldo for your amazing support and guidance. You are an inspiration and I am truly honored to be on this journey with each and every one of you!

Christi Cass

“My heart is so full of gratitude to this amazing team of women it’s difficult to know where to begin.”

I thought I was signing up for a program to learn how to finally get my online coaching business going, and that was accomplished far beyond anything I could have imagined. But so much more than that, the personal growth, being stretched beyond what I believed I was capable of, learning, facing myself head on when I wanted to give up.

I never could have done it without the team Carolin’s vision has brought together. You have created a stellar program that is so much more than ‘Business Coaching’ it’s impossible to describe, it must be experienced. Huge thanks to Carolin for her generosity, skill and grace; to Belinda for always knowing just how to get me back on track; to Cindy, the tech wizard whose brain I would like to clone and selfishly keep, and of course to Tara, the FB wizard, I’m on my way to a successful coaching business!

It’s crazy, but even with all the tech setbacks and personal crap that gets in the way through the brief 4 months, you come out feeling so capable. And that is what I am most grateful to all of you for. This amazing support group, watching the successes and struggles of so many incredible and talented women. This has been a blast! Can’t believe it’s over! If I could give one word of advice it would be to keep moving!

Don’t let anything get you stuck for more than a week, you can always circle back and revise later. Get the support for the integrations and ads stuff while you have the resources so you’re not scrambling through your last week! Huge love and many blessings to all!

Antoinette Ryba

“This program works.”

Today is my last day in BYP. I am so so grateful for every ounce of this program. I have to keep this short and sweet because I am in Atlanta with family for just a few short days. Heading over to see my 92 year old grand parents in moments. I learned so so much, and now have the confidence and skills to grow the kind of business I have always dreamed of. I have a solid sales funnel, have enrolled 3 clients this month, and know there are many more to come. I made more this month than I have ever made in one month in my life!!!!!

Ya’ll this program works. Soak up every moment you can in the program. Use the calls, and make the most of the amazing support you have. It is priceless.

From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough Carolin Weber Soldo, Belinda Ginter, Cindy Bidar, Tara Zirker, and of course I have to give a shout out to Amy Carillo for making sure I worked through my fear and committed to the program. Still shocked I had the courage to do that in that moment, but it was worth every. single. penny. I was shaking, cried, and didn’t sleep for 2 days after….

Thank you Thank you. Love you all.

Oh and the friends I have made. So many friends. My life is richer and fuller and exponentially expansive as the result of that one brave step.

Aimee Richmond Schrank

“I more than doubled what I was making at my former full-time job”

Before Brand Your Passions, I had a great service, but not many customers. I was meeting people face-to-face and getting paid for individual sessions. In other words, I did not have a good business model. In my fourth month of BYP, I more than doubled what I was making at my former full-time job, and I finished the program with 4 clients in my 8 week signature program. I have a clear idea of my ideal client, my program(s), my business model and my goals for the coming year.

Belinda had taught me how to think BIG. She has also recommended several great books that I have read and they all have been life-changing (The Big Leap, Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs, etc). She has helped me think about speaking on an international level. She has helped me understanding and accept the fear that I feel. Sue is a sales genius, in that the way she trained us made perfect sense to me and was easy for me to follow. Sue also recommended 3 of her favorite sales books to me and I have learned a lot from them.

I would wholeheartedly recommend your programs. You are so knowledgeable, genuine, generous of your time, and your program teaches absolutely everything a coach need to know to get a profitable business up and running. I just joined the Powerhouse Coach Elite program – simply because I have 100% confidence in Carolin and her team. They have all proven to be worth their weight in gold, and I feel so confident that I will reach my goals with them behind me!

Jennifer Bashant, Parent Empowerment Coach

“Working with Carolin and her support team was unforgettable experience.”

They are all very knowledgeable in their expert topic. Whichever subject/ topic I need for my business, I know who to go to for support. They care very much about my success and they challenged me to step up and push me forward each time. Carolin is truly an expert in this field! Not only that, Carolin is compassionate, kind, generous, smart, loving, detail oriented, result oriented, and a masterful coach!!! Every mindset session with BYP’s mindset coach, I step up higher than I was. I implemented and I achieved results.

During BYP, I enrolled 5 clients and I’ve earned back my investment and even more. I am overjoyed. Syntax was powerful. I have to say it is a unique yet powerful structure that help me enrolled clients with ease and confident. I have learned a lot of solid information about marketing, branding, clarity, system, list growth, new fan base, etc… that definitely will propel my business.

Meverly Nguyen, CHHC ARDENCY Health and Wellness Coaching

"Carolin’s Passionately Powerful course went beyond my expectations!"

What I enjoyed about it the most is the professionalism, creativity and time that was taken to develop the course structure. The quality and the content within each module were so much more than I had bargained for!

The main benefit that I received from Carolin was her individualized guidance. She really cares about her clients and their understanding of the material throughout the entire course.

The results I’ve achieved so far are focusing on my ideal client, setting up a marketing calendar, mastering marketing by developing a lead magnet and creating a sales funnel in order to capture my ideal client’s email through an opt-in system. With this marketing system in place it will provide consistent clients on a month to month basis.

Other results I received from taking the course is how to focus on my ideal client, adding quality material to my packages and pricing, how to build my email list by putting systems in place to do this.

What I enjoy most working with Carolin is her patience, intelligent, commitment, authenticity, professionalism and has the ability to coach you through it all.

1-10 scale I recommend Carolin as a 10 since I have gone through many free coaching courses to get the right fit for my business. I wanted to do it correctly the first time so I wanted a coach who I could really resonate with. Coaching and mentoring is an art and Carolin certainly has that special ability to assist others in both areas of business and marketing.

Carolin really helped me focus on my vision for my business. This course provided a vast amount of knowledge which allowed me to take my business to the next level.

Carolin is a very easy going person with truly no hype involved. She breaks down the information slowly for everyone in the group to understand marketing. The group conversations are so helpful and engaging and everyone gets to share their vision but you are able to benefit from the group sharing. Plus, she will hold you accountable for assignments, which was something that I appreciated.

Camille McClellan, Naturopathic Practitioner

“As a student of Carolin Soldo, I have moved from stagnation and indecision to momentum and action."

The Brand Your Passion program coupled with Carolin’s leadership, guidance, and endless support has catapulted my ability to create a new coaching business from scratch in just a few months. Carolin is authentic, smart, and delivers valuable, usable content every-single-day. I have worked with many coaches over the course of the past 10 years and I can honestly say, Carolin has raised the bar of what great coaching and results look like! Carolin is a powerhouse and I am grateful she is in my corner.

Kelley Rakow

“I increased my prices by over 200%*”

Working with Carolin gave me the plan and structure I needed to build a solid foundation for my business. Carolin helped me get clear on what I needed to do as well as how to prioritize it and it was up to me to make it happen. I redesigned my coaching program for VIP clients, increased my program price by over 300% from $1500 to $5000, learned how to craft marketing messages that speak directly to my potential clients.

I would recommend your services to entrepreneurs who are early in their business and who lean towards taking action, embracing technology, and keeping an open mind to learn.

Cindy Harvey, Career Coach

“Working with Carolin gave me the processes and structure that I needed to up-level my existing fitness by branding and establishing my health coaching services distinctively from fitness training.“

Carolin and the Brand Your Passion program provided me with the specific steps that I needed to get clear on what I had to do to move from my stagnant state to moving forward in my business, growing my Facebook group and Carolin helped me to prioritize and create the necessary action steps that I made happen. I have up-leveled my fitness training business and created a comprehensive VIP Health Coaching program. I have established a great health coaching program that has tripled my prices, learned how to market my existing and new services with confidence and ease that speaks directly to my target audience and have brought my passion for health coaching to light.

I would absolutely recommend Carolin to new or existing coaches (like myself) who need help moving a stagnant business forward. Her awesome knowledge and programs just make sense. The processes were easy to follow in a flow that made it feel like I was building a well engineered house. That was just the way I needed to see things.

Carrie Villa

“I give this program an 11 out of 10”

This program has been AMAZING. Even though it has been tough, the community and support we get is awesome. The Q&A’s have saved my life and I have met great people. Nobody is competing against each other, everyone is very helpful and kind. I give this program an 11 out of 10. The experience is ridiculously amazing!

I would recommend this program because it takes you step by step. I went from having nothing, no business and no name, to having all of that and more. The experts are incredible.

I would recommend this program for people that are go- getters and are not afraid of challenges.

I liked the support, the people you meet and the friendly environment because no one judges you. Everybody here supports each other and even though everyone is all over the world, you can make new friends and help each other out. It’s an amazing journey.

Cristina Flores

“I did in 4 months what I thought would take 16 months”

This course far exceeded my expectations. I had never heard the words "marketing funnel"! Not only did I create a program and have 4 paying clients by the end of my time with BYP, but I was also able to quit my job.

I did in 4 months what I thought would take 16 months.

I'm so proud of the work I did and I'm so appreciative of the program Carolin put together.

Here's what I accomplished during BYP:

-I grew my list from 0 to 1,110
-I grew my client list from 0 to 4 (over $10K in revenue)
-Ran 9 webinars
-Created a Lead Magnet
-Ran countless FB ads
-Started to build my program
-Created countless funnels
-Created a logo, website, FB page, client contract

Since finishing BYP, I've started a weekly podcast, wrote an eBook for an additional lead magnet, and I'm continuing to work with clients and run free webinars. Soon I'll be automating!

The most valuable piece for me was the CLARITY. Before Carolin, I was spinning around in circles. There are so many important steps in creating an online business - it's hard to know what the priorities are. Without Carolin's help, I could have worked my tail off all year and not even made progress forward. It's so easy to fall into just 'busy-work' but not be productive at all. That doesn't help anybody! Not you, or the clients you want to serve.

BYP was hands down the best thing I ever did for my business. I knew the morning I signed up my life would change - and it was TRANSFORMED!

Besides all of the above, I think what speaks louder than words was my husband being OK with me quitting my day job – and so soon.

We live in an expensive city, with expensive childcare, a huge mortgage, we certainly didn’t have money to “play” with.

But even he could see the potential and have confidence in the funnel and the system to continue to bring a steady stream of clients.

Jenn Pillipow

"I’ve been in business for decades, but these ladies are still teaching me heaps"

I’m benefiting from learning about marketing and sales funnels and how to write a cohesive outline of my program. I am learning how to shift my mindset - changing old paradigms and believing that I can do this. I will have a high-end quality program, giving the best service I can to high-end clients. I thoroughly enjoy my 1:1 calls with Belinda and Lisa. If I’m feeling doubtful, they soon whip that silly thought out of my head. The online resources are awesome. There is so much support and help whenever you need it. I’ve been in business for decades, but these ladies are still teaching me heaps. I’m in total admiration of the Carolin Soldo team - they are some of the most inspiring, motivational, creative, articulate group of women I’ve come in contact with!

Linda Smith

“We have grown in sales from $1 million to $2 million.”

Even though my year felt a bit stop and go, I have gained SO MUCH and deeply value being a part of this community. My 3 businesses have grown (SPM, Amberdella & my band Morningstar). In the last year, Team Soldo and my fellow coaches have helped me to double my team from 4 to 8. We have grown in sales from $1 million to $2 million. I have leaned more and more into my values. I have learned to trust myself as the leader. I was a part of a year-long Global Women’s Business Accelerator, and was chosen to be a part of the Goldman Sachs business accelerator program for 2019, woot woot! I’m proud that I’ve done this while continuing to focus on my band and grow as a musician! We received a few awards, our following grows more every day, and we are now getting regional radio play!

I created and launched my 4-month group program, Brand Camp. The content is all built. I moved 3 people through the program to graduation. They are each freakin’ badass superstars who made HUGE leaps and bounds. I struggled to keep up with enrollments because I did not have time for sales calls and I wasn’t drawing in the exact right people. So I have taken time to get super laser focused on who I want to work with, and, I am preparing one of my team members to take sales for my coaching program so that I can run it with ease, while also running my agency. I have the tools I need to scale my coaching program.

I came into Powerhouse a year ago with an idea about what I wanted to coach on but feeling overwhelm about how to balance my exploding agency, in balance with coaching. It’s literally taken me the whole year to get systems working in my agency so that I could have the energy space to focus on what I want to build as a coach and thought leader, and it’s been worth it! Things are finally working! Now I am able to truly focus on the other things I want to do: group coaching, public speaking, and training/workshops.

I have wiggled and shifted and massively overworked my brain with how hard I’ve thought about what I want to do, what I want to coach on, what my program IS and it’s all been part of a fantastic journey. I have valued being a part of this community because the badassery in here inspires me. I thrive by surrounding myself with high level thinkers and doers. I need that in order to be successful. I am the 1%. You all are the 1%. Thank you Carolin for bringing us all together!

Knowing that I have been supported, while supporting others on their way to the top is exactly what I hoped for, and exactly what I’ve received.

Thank you to every single person in this community.

Amber Swenor

"…Carolin is my mentor and is an example of a coach who has proven that coaching can be scalable."

Hey Powerhouses! I wanted to share some positives with you all. Like I’ve shared before, at times my progress has felt totally stalled or bogged down. If that sounds like how you are feeling, just keep going!

I have kept going, at times taking baby steps, but it’s all working!

Today I learned that I’ve been awarded a $5,000 grant to host my first live event.

This local organization has only awarded grants to tech startups who have proven a scalable product/model. They have never awarded to a service-based biz like mine but I demonstrated to them my model and biz plan for scaling, along with sharing in my application that Carolin is my mentor and is an example of a coach who has proven that coaching can be scalable. I have to assume that those things were contributing factors to me earning this grant. So that you again to everyone in the community, to my mentor Carolin & everyone on Team Soldo! Love you all.

Amber Swenor

"My ads are finally up and running!!"

OK, HAPPY DANCE!! My ads are finally up and running!! It’s been a long time coming! Let the testing begin! Going to celebrate with a nice bottle of wine tonight!! Thanks, Carolin Soldo, Belinda Ginter, and Tara Zirker. Look out 2019!!

Callie Croken

"I just signed my first high-ticket client into my program!!!"

I’ve been waiting for this day for SO long – I just signed my first high-ticket client into my program!!! I would never have been able to do it without the support and leadership from Carolin Soldo, Belinda Ginter, Tara Zirker and the other amazing supporting cast. Thank you so much for giving me the tools to make this day finally arrive! Nothing can stop me now…

Nicki Collins

"2018 is our first 6 figure year ever…"

Hey Powerhouses,

Great news – it’s official

2018 is our first 6 figure year ever ever ever.

We earned 5 times more (!!!) for our coaching services, than last year (and the year before and the year before)

Our crazy, scary goal for next year: More than 300.000€

Michael & Brigitta Tauch

"I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Carolin - she is an amazing coach and I love her authenticity."

I had been following Carolin for some time, but I never really paid attention to her unique style of coaching until I started BYP in November.

I was at a crossroads in my career coaching business which I started 6 months before BYP.

I had clients off and on, but I knew I could do better, and I also wanted consistency and a system that would generate a regular flow of clients.

I also felt the urge to niche down into my area of expertise on my corporate job, so I could focus on helping my clients get specific jobs working on projects that will enhance their visibility and move them up the corporate ladder faster.

BYP gave me the clarity and confidence to further narrow down my niche, and it has been the best decision ever!

My message is clearer, and I know exactly who I’m meant to serve and how to serve them.

I’ve also been able to go all in without holding back.

Initially, I was trying to help anyone and everyone who wanted to advance their career, but now that I am clear, my ideal clients resonate with what I have to offer, and they get my language.

I’ve also priced my program at a premium offer now charged in US dollars and I feel good about it.

I’ve had 5 clients since my BYP journey, and I just made my first $13k USD in January.

It’s been an amazing journey so far and I’m so glad I trusted my instincts and watched Carolin’s webinar for the 4th time. I booked a discovery call right afterwards and the rest is history.

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Carolin - she is an amazing coach and I love her authenticity.

Her team is also fantastic, I was cheered on to keep going, even on days I felt stuck and wasn’t sure what to start working on.

Thank you so much, Team Soldo.

Busola Oghumu

"Yesterday I booked my first client for my signature program!!!!"

I had 618 registrations and 55 people show up on the webinar. After my call to action, I had 12 people book a call, the replay brought in a few more and Carolin suggested sending additional emails as a reminder to book and as of right now I’m up to 25 calls!!

Of those 25 calls, I have about 10 left and a few follow-ups, but I’m so happy to announce that yesterday I booked my first client for my signature program!!!!

God is so faithful and I’m so grateful for all of the support in this group. I’m looking forward to a few more bookings coming in!

Raven Palacio

"Powerhouse exceeded my expectations, 52 total clients in 12 months!"

To be honest, I didn't know what I needed to learn, I just knew that you could tell me how to do it. I've been in business for years so I realize that sometimes you don't even know what you don't know.

52 totally clients in 12 months! Over 5,000 subscribers to my newsletter that is being read by over 30% of the list. I have launched my second level program, The Acceleration Mastermind. I held a small 2 day retreat with 10 in Austin, TX that was a smashing success and a workshop in FortMyers, FL with 12 ladies who all drove 3 hours or more and one flew from NYC.

Carolin and the team provided everything I needed and more to reach the success I have and beyond. The retreats were incredible and beyond my expectations. Thank you for pushing me to travel and to invest in myself. I am worth it and I believe now that an investment like Powerhouse was necessary and required for me to succeed.

Thank you!

Debbie Shadid

“I doubled my income and earned $10,700”

BYP is essentially a comprehensive handbook with expert coaching to create a successful, online Coaching business.

I signed my highest paying client as a result! When I enrolled in BYP I didn’t know how I was going to pay for the program, I just trusted that I was in the right hands and making the right decision. I had a goal to pay off the program before I graduated and did so 2/3 the way through by promoting my new signature program! I had my highest earning month in my lifetime while in BYP!

Morningstar Ramsey

"January Results: $96,000!"

January Results are in: $96,000. Super grateful. Thank you Team Soldo for all your support!

Kristen Allen

“I am doing the Celebration Dance for signing a new client at $2500!”

YIPPEE! time for a celebration drink! 🍸

Donna Ashton

“I have over 1,500 in my Facebook group, and new clients in my business!”

With Carolin’s help, I’ve grown as a leader, have more confidence and self-worth, I know who I want to serve and what I have to offer, and my belief in what is possible has skyrocketed.

I would recommend BYP to anyone who has the heart to help others.

Jill Allen

“I have three new clients, and I’m only a few weeks in.”

I have so much energy that I jump out of bed every day excited to work on BYP, because this work is in my zone of genius! Already my life has changed to one of passion and gratitude.

I was able to use this training to hone in on who my ideal client is and how I can best help her. Also, I have learned how to brand my business, and found a fun, colorful brand that fits my personality. I have put together a transformational coaching package that I’m so proud of. My website will be live in a couple of weeks, and I will be running my webinars and ads shortly after. I have managed to grow a Facebook Group to 330 members, and I have started doing live videos in the group..

I have made a few good friends with some of the other coaches in the program, and I get to talk to them at least weekly. Love them!

Thanks to this new-found confidence, I have three new clients, and I’m only a few weeks in.

If you choose to join any program that Carolin Soldo offers, you will never regret it, because you will get quantity and quality! She delivers so much more than she promises, and although her expertise, as well as the expertise of her team, is top notch, they come from a place of service and caring.

Making this investment just about gave me a panic attack on that first day — the day I argues with my husband about it for two hours. But I have no regrets now. I’m loving all the education and all the support. And even my husband can see how fulfilled I am in this work.

Because of BYP, I have become UNSTOPPABLE! Seriously, look out!

Lori Carey

“Dominique Chlup…I just finished going through your comments on my sales page and you are AMAZING!”

Thank you very much for your pretty words that made my sales page come to life! I’m so thankful for having been a part of this fabulous group of go-getters and look forward to what is yet to come.

Thank you!!!

Michelle Kimble, Holistic Health Coach


Coaching is a wonderful industry to be in, and after almost a decade of impacting lives one would think that I had my target market pinned down!

But alas, it was the one piece of the puzzle that I have been struggling with for years.

Within minutes Carolin was able to cut through the mist and reveal that I in fact did know exactly who I love working with, I just didn’t know how to verbalize it!

To top it off she asked the questions that would get me thinking and pin-point my true value add. All I can say is Superb!”

Anel Bester, Elite Performance Coach

“I earned $13,000 in the 2nd week of my launch*”

6 months ago I was totally freaked out about what niche to choose, what offerings to provide and how to brand myself. I knew I needed help in a big way, but finding the right business coach in a sea of salesy marketing gurus is no easy task. I had 5 different discovery sessions that left me feeling worried and disappointed. Until I met Carolin.

I knew right away that she was the perfect business coach for me. She’s real, down to earth, knows her shit and is truly invested in her clients. Every session was littered with million dollar ideas! She not only understand the technical framework of running an online empire, she’s got a serious intuition that always knows the next move.

Working with Carolin was the best choice I ever made for my business! During her 4 month program, I got totally clear about my brand, my niche and even my high-end program! I created a sales funnel, which was something I’d dreamed of for years, my first opt-in, my first webinar and my first Facebook Group.

I’ve been in the world of personal development for 30 years and have seen a lot of smoke and mirrors. Carolin Soldo is legit! If you’re looking for a business coach, a marketing mentor or a branding expert, stop looking! I’m telling you, the only thing you’ll regret is not having signed up with her sooner.

Thank you, Carolin, for helping me to create a business that is totally in alignment with the truth of who I am. Thank you for supporting me, even when I doubted myself. And thank you for helping me to make over $13k in the 2nd week of my launch! Much Love & Many Blessings!

Jessica Susan Carter, Spiritual Life Coach

“I didn’t have any hesitations about working with Carolin.“

My goals were to leave my desk job and pursue my dream of being self-employed only. I was able to resign my 14+ years held job last December to do that.

Your coaching has always been helpful and to the point. I was always able to use the practical suggestions you offered.

I feel more confident and know that I can take on the role as a leader and in turn help others achieve their goals.

I would recommend Carolin to anyone who wants to build a business fast and needs the right action steps spelled out.”

Luisa Dominguez, Certified personal trainer and owner of Agile Life Fitness, LLC

“I’m ready to hit my $30,000 month!*”

Within 24 hours of being back from Costa Rica, I had 3 sales calls and closed one! She paid in full and signed the contract, yay! A second lady might sign up, too. She needed a few days to figure out her finances. Feeling unstoppable! It’s for my 3 month program, and I have several more calls this week on the calendar!

Feeling inspired, feeling confident, and ready to hit my 30k months!

Nancy Gallegos, Business Success Coach

“Earned $30,000 in just 1 month”

I have 8 couples signed on (for Group Couples Coaching Program). It's been a crazy ride, still learning and tweaking along the way. Could not have even imagined this without the brilliance and support of #TeamSoldo and each of you guys here.

Kavetha Sundaramoorthy, Relationship Mindset Coach

“I doubled my income in my first month of sales...”

Since BYP I doubled my income in my first month of sales, and then just tripled it this month (month 2)!!!!!! I just wanted to say thank you to the BYP team for the clarity and confidence I needed to implement the systems you taught me! I am having so much fun with my coaching business and LOVE working with my ideal clients. My heart feels so full after each of our coaching sessions and from day ONE I can see the impact my program has on their lives. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

Jenesis Rose

"Thanks for all your love and teachings!!!!”

It's been an amazing journey. I'll carry all of you in my heart forever! I've learned so much in the last four months. I joined BYP knowing my niche and audience but had no idea how to reach out to people all over the world and build an online program. After 16 weeks, I'm offering a 4-month program. I'm posting on Facebook and about to start my YouTube channel soon. Webinars are so much fun, although they are the most challenging for an introvert like me. But I'm doing it! I love how all of the tools work together so smoothly and that with some creativity, they can look so professional.

It's been a tough but productive 4 months. I'll always be super grateful! THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Viktoria Szabo

“...it’s a game changer!”

With this program, I have created a brand-new premium-coaching program, and narrowed down my niche. I have a fan page, an engaged Facebook group, and ran my first webinar.

My most exciting result is the fact that I now have a sales funnel - I am ready to take clients from a sales conversation on the phone through to my online shop, cart and checkout – this feels so great! I’m all set.

I have gone through a massive “growth spurt” in my personal development and also in my business vision. I can barely recognize my old self after BYP.

The biggest result for me is the mindset shift.

Shortly after I enrolled in BYP, I was able to sign up a previous client (that I worked with in-person) to begin working with me online and this would not have been possible if I had not signed up for BYP.

Team Soldo is the best! Carolin Soldo is a one-stop-shop that taught me every single thing I needed, in the most organized, step-by-step format that literally fast-tracked me in the shortest amount of time. BYP completely took the guesswork out for me. What I would have spent the next 4 years floundering to do was achieved in a short 4 months! I have spent over 6 years of my business lifetime following other coaches, but when I came across BYP, I literally unsubscribed from all the noise and stopped chasing the “shiny objects” that left me overwhelmed. I now have the solid foundation and system in place to grow and scale.

The team is professional, committed and relational – a very rare combination. They show up each and every time to keep one from falling off the wagon. I strongly felt that safety net underneath me.

I would recommend the program to other business owners and coaches - it’s a game-changer!

Grace Samson-Song

“I have received clarity with choosing my niche and clarity of how I can confidently help clients transform.”

I have received clarity with choosing my niche and clarity of how I can confidently help clients transform. My biggest issues were not knowing where and how to bring things together. This program helped me with this. I now feel I am moving forward in confidence as the steps are made clear on how to move forward. I am currently in the process of revamping my website, applying all that I have learnt, and it looks so much better - captivating and filled with my character - I look forward to publishing it!

A big result I feel I have achieved is confidence. I am a very shy, introverted person. The thought of doing client research scared me a little, but I just went for it, and the response I received back was amazing. It made me wonder what I was so scared of in the first place. Reaching out into the unknown was a big achievement for me. I feel if I wasn’t on this program, I most certainly would not have done that. I would have possibly talked my way out of it but having the support, guidance and countless testimonies helped propel me forward.

I like the BYP Facebook group - I find it inspiring, especially seeing the other students reaching their goals. It is encouraging knowing that I will reach mine.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about making their coaching business work because I know and can see that it works!

Kelita Sewell

“I am getting closer and closer to my dreams every day..."

November has been my BEST month ever!! I personally had 11 breakthrough calls and enrolled 9 incredible total A player ideal clients into Speak Your Way to Success Acceleration program! My team enrolled 3 clients and our team closing ration increased to over 30%. Total contracted revenue = $56,600 for November 2018.

I am getting closer and closer to my dreams every day and every month! I am beyond grateful for learning this business model, the sales process and I love my clients and my Moxley Method Speaker System I take them through. They are getting results and rocking it!!

Amanda Moxley

"I am just weeks away from my first EVER 6-figure year!!!!"

I started my journey with Carolin Soldo and the Team a year ago (in BYP). I had no idea what it would turn into, I came looking for the funnel.

What I left with was an entire new business with real high-end clients, a working funnel and more than doubling my income this year!

I am just weeks away from my first EVER 6-figure year!!!! (and after 8 yrs of struggling to barely make $35-40K – that is quite something!)

Not only has my bank account increased but also my reality of what is actually possible – and I know I am not done growing!!

I am READY now for the $25-$50K months and I plan to get there pretty darn quickly.

Thank you Team Soldo for changing my year, my business and my life!

Donna Ashton

"That’s a total of more than 18.000€ in one working week!"

Time for celebration again!

Made 2 sales today *jippieh*

That’s a total of more than 18.000€ in one working week. Honestly, I cannot really believe it.

6 clients in one week!!!

Brigitta Tauch

"Most of all, I have learned how to be a successful coach in a crowded market – it’s the Powerhouse effect."

I’ve worked all day on a master plan for business growth with changes in my program and pricing. I added 4 new clients in the last week with a closing rate of 50%! I didn’t break the $100k mark in 2018 but I was close.

I’m feeling pretty excited about what I did accomplish from April (first client from the funnel) through December. As a brand new coach, my first year was more than I expected. The first quarter was a total learning curve and really stretched me…how many weeks does it take to write a webinar, maybe it was because I had so many rewrites. I probably hold the record on that one but it’s a webinar that produces call after call, so thank you, Copy Team.

I learned so many simple things, like how to do a video, edit a video, write FB ad copy, do ads that convert. I’ve held a small retreat that was a huge success and so much more – feels like I can do anything now. Most of all, I have learned how to be a successful coach in a crowded market. It’s the Powerhouse effect.

With total gratitude, I say thank you to Carolin Soldo, Belinda Ginter, Jessica Spino, Tara Zirker and all my Powerhouse Besties. You all mean the world to me. I can only imagine what this year will bring.

Debbie Shadid

"…the beauty of it all was that I was napping when the Discovery Call booked."

…my win of the day: My ads launched around 4pm ET on Friday; by 1:30pm ET TODAY (Saturday), my first Discovery Call was booked for 7:00 pm ET TODAY! …this was a HUGE win for me. It’s one data point that my messaging worked. And the beauty of it all was that I was napping when the Discovery Call booked.

Shelly Outwater

"These are the amazing results I had been looking for…"

…I just wanted to update…everyone on my webinar results.

It went well yesterday. I had 152 people sign up. 33 attended and according to the Zoom logs, 29 stayed until the end. It was supposed to be for an hour but we went on for 2 hours total, with 30 minutes of Q&A, and there were lots of really good questions.

When I turned on my phone after the webinar, I had 15 calls booked with 10 completed intake forms.

By the end of the day and after I sent out the replay link, I had 5 more calls booked. I had to cancel 4 calls because they didn’t seem like a good fit from their responses on their form.

3 of the calls have taken place already and the reception was amazing.

So glad to be part of the BYP family.

These are the amazing results I had been looking for which led me to Carolin’s webinar. I’m glad I took action and booked the call with her team.

I’ve never been this clear about my messaging and program since I started my coaching business 8 months ago.

Busola Oghumu

"BYP…is an opportunity to grow and evolve."

I thought when I was signing up for BYP I was simply going to receive kick@$$ strategy and instruction for my business systems. Little did I know, that I was going to get a tribe who spoke my language – mindset, abundance, LOA and an opportunity to continue to grow and evolve.

In my second Success coaching session with MorningStar – I got something else – recognition that I am softening, I am allowing myself to be vulnerable. It is such a relief from the self-imposed burden of having to be perfect, pulled together, and on-top-of-things, all the time.

I am realizing that my perfectionism has many layers.

Thank you!

Sharon MacGregor

"Powerhouse exceeded my expectations, 52 total clients in 12 months!"

To be honest, I didn't know what I needed to learn, I just knew that you could tell me how to do it. I've been in business for years so I realize that sometimes you don't even know what you don't know.

52 totally clients in 12 months! Over 5,000 subscribers to my newsletter that is being read by over 30% of the list. I have launched my second level program, The Acceleration Mastermind. I held a small 2 day retreat with 10 in Austin, TX that was a smashing success and a workshop in FortMyers, FL with 12 ladies who all drove 3 hours or more and one flew from NYC.

Carolin and the team provided everything I needed and more to reach the success I have and beyond. The retreats were incredible and beyond my expectations. Thank you for pushing me to travel and to invest in myself. I am worth it and I believe now that an investment like Powerhouse was necessary and required for me to succeed.

Thank you!

Debbie Shadid


Carolin Soldo Testimonial

Carolin Soldo Testimonial

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