Why traveling will help you make more money in your coaching business

For all Business Owners

While you probably love to travel for vacation, traveling for business is just as likely not your favorite thing to do. I get it, I really do, because I travel extensively for my business, and recently returned from vacation, so I can compare the two types of travel and understand your reluctance to leave family and friends behind to “do business”.

Yes, traveling for pleasure is, well… pleasurable. But, travelling for business is… rewarding.

What do I mean by that? How does traveling to some out-of-state coaching conference reward you? Among other things, when you travel for business, the benefits are measurable, because:

  • You are able to showcase your brand.
  • You get to network with business leaders worldwide, face-to-face.
  • You make invaluable connections, in person.
  • You get out of your comfort zone and out of your rut and routine.
  • You surround yourself with new people; people who bring new ideas that can help you change and build a more abundant life and business.

For more on the value I place on in-person networking for your business, click here: Reputation Management: Why old fashioned in-person networking still wins.

Embrace Business Travel as an Opportunity

Being a successful entrepreneur is often about the mindset you bring to the things you do for your business: the things you love to do, and the things you don’t. This is important because, if you shift your thinking about traveling for your business, you’ll begin to see it as an opportunity – instead of an inconvenience.

When you view business travel as a negative, you not only limit your potential growth as a business owner, you also limit the potential growth of your coaching business. After all, successful coaching is about building relationships between you and your clients and, if you resist building business relationships, you’re shortchanging yourself.

So, instead of resisting the need to travel for your business, you need to view it as a chance to enhance your reputation, build relationships, and learn how others have transitioned from struggling entrepreneurs to successful business owner.

“Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.” – Kobe Bryant

What do you think? Am I onto something here or am I way off base? Share your thoughts below.

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