[Guest Podcast Episode] My success hack…

[Guest Podcast Episode] My success hack…

Have you ever had a light-bulb moment?

You know — the aha moment Oprah’s always talking about?

It’s the instant when something clicks and you realize that what you’ve been seeking you’ve had the tools for it all along?

This is exactly what happened for me early in my coaching business. After losing 80 pounds I figured out the same results I had can be achieved by people around me — with some help and guidance. I discovered that my expertise lies in my experience.

Today, I am coaching women in bringing their skills to the world and launch thriving online coaching businesses with international span so they make a big impact and create free and abundant lives.

But, if I hadn’t reached this epiphany in the beginning of my coaching journey I may not be where I am now, enjoying a 7-figure business.

I talk about this and more as a guest on the Success Hackers podcast.

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The host, Scott Hansen, said I “ROCKED the interview” and that I [gave] “so many amazing nuggets on how to automate marketing and scale a business.”

I give a behind-the-scenes peek into how I run my coaching business and I shared what I think are the biggest roadblocks that affect new coaches.

One of my favorite moments during the podcast was taking the hot seat for a segment called the Randomness Round. Without thinking, I had to quickly tell Scott, the host, about the best advice I ever received, my top daily habit, and my hidden talent (Hint: Let’s just say I make the BEST version of this dish in the world!).

when you get a minute of free time, tune in to this episode of the Success Hackers podcast. It’ll really encourage you to act on your coaching business goals.

You’re in my community because my story and message resonates with you. I believe that what you see in me is a reflection of what you have the power to manifest too.

All you need are the tools, persistence, and motivation to get there.

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*Individual results may vary.

It's important to add a disclaimer to say these results aren't typical, nor are they guaranteed. You actually have to apply the strategies if you want to grow your business! However, my goal is to help you cut down the learning curve in order to position yourself right, build premium programs, and attract the right customers to ultimately grow your business.