The 6 most profitable client attraction strategies

For Coaches

So many Coaches talk about “getting clients” like there’s some secret sorcery or magic that you have to know in order to bring a stream of paying clients into your business.

This is so far from the truth and I’ll tell you why.

Getting clients isn’t mysterious or even hard for that matter. When you set out to attract clients to your Coaching Business you need proven, common-sense methods and MASTER THEM. Because let’s face it…you don’t have time to test drive a thousand different strategies when you’re ready to work with clients and generate income. You need Client Attraction Strategies that really work. 

You know what it looks like when you’re playing guess-work…

You end up on one of your favorite guru’s livestream where they’re talking about how they get clients and as soon as the broadcast ends you’re attempting to implement their strategy without any background knowledge or a plan.

Or, you make up your own plan to get clients based on an article you read somewhere, but you don’t know the outcome you’re looking for because you’re not an expert on lead generation tactics.

And, guess what? It’s not your fault.

Your purpose is to serve your clients and help them make lasting transformations. Fumbling around trying to figure out how to get clients shouldn’t be your focus.

Let’s put an end to your struggle and get you on the path to the foolproof way of getting clients so you can get paid what you’re worth.

What I’m going to share with you is simple and straightforward.

It’s THE 6 MOST PROFITABLE CLIENT ATTRACTION STRATEGIES for Online Entrepreneurs and Service Providers (listed in no particular order of importance): 

  1. FACEBOOK GROUP + LIVE STREAMING – Go out and start a Facebook group that specifically targets your ideal client. Build your community around their top interests and actively engage them inside the group. The most influential way you can interact with them is by going live on video and hosting mini-workshops or Q&A sessions weekly. Timing is of the essence in this case. Add value weekly, ideally 2-3 times a week by hosting livestream sessions on How-To’s, Problems your market is facing, and inspirational topics. Soon, your community will be asking to work with you when they experience your expertise in action and you invite them to Sales Conversations during your livestreams. Livestreaming has been one of the best ways to draw in new qualified clients to our programs.
  2. REFERRALS AND OUTREACH – Ask your business contacts for referrals. This is an oldie-but-goodie way to get clients coming in. Also, reach out to your personal network and offer your services to those who need it. You’re missing out on raising your client numbers simply by not asking for business. We suggest creating a referral bonus or commission for those who refer paying clients to your business. We have a lucrative referral program in place that pays out a few hundred or even thousand dollars per referral.
  3. EMAIL LIST – Yes, you hear everyone talking about building an email list and there’s a reason why. Building an email list with qualified leads puts you directly in front of potential clients. Outside of social media, most people regularly check their emails. Why not tell them about how you can Coach them and be on the way to getting new clients booked. We have a way to send just 1 targeted email to our list whenever we desire more Sales Conversations for our team.
  4. SALES FUNNEL – After building your list, the next thing you need to do is create a sales funnel. It doesn’t need to be elaborate…just a simple funnel with 5-7 emails educating your leads, positioning you as an expert, and putting out a call-to-action to book a high-value Sales Conversation with you. I’ve generated 6-figures in just a month’s time simply by having a sales funnel in place.
  5. SPEAKING – Are you active in local business groups or speaking at national or international events? Or maybe you’ve seen a conference that you’d be a great fit to present on a panel or as a keynote speaker. Open yourself up to speaking opportunities. Speaking allows you to be seen and gives you the opportunity to share your message while also attracting clients. I have been speaking for years and am now hosting my own live event. See if you qualify to be a speaker HERE.
  6. ATTENDING NETWORKING AND LIVE EVENTS As an online Coach, much of your time is spent behind the computer. Step away from the screen and get out there to attend in-person events. There’s nothing like real-life interaction that forms strong connections and takes people from stranger to client in no time! Every time I attend events, I come home with new leads and relationships that result in new clients and money in my business in the following days and weeks.

You can take my foolproof ways to get clients and use them separately or together as one comprehensive strategy.


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