Build a business, not a jail – how I leveraged my coaching business

For Coaches

Are you creating an escape plan from your corporate career? 

Or, are you really setting yourself up for trading your job for an entrepreneurial prison?

These are legitimate questions.

When I started my Coaching Business I was a fairly new mom with two young boys and I longed for the freedom to work from home. My biggest motivator was to build my own business so that I could spend more time with my family.

Right away I took on 1:1 clients…as many as I could handle until my calendar was booked solid. I found myself working hours day and night coaching, marketing my business, answering emails, writing copy, handling my social media, managing my schedule…the tasks seemed endless. I went from enjoying my newfound independence as a business owner to feeling captive in my Coaching Business.

I was in tears when I realized that my business was literally holding me hostage.

I had no freedom. I was stuck at my desk every day. 

My calendar was booked. I couldn’t take on more clients and I had no time for myself or my family.

I replaced my 9-5 with what felt like a business prison.

And, I found myself back at square one wondering how do I could get my time (and life) back…

plus make money.

Even though I was completely burned out, I was determined to make my Coaching Business work. There was no way I was going back to my corporate job.

After months of planning and tweaking my strategy, I finally created a profitable, proven system that consistently brings money into my business. The beauty of my system is that I’m earning more without sacrificing my time or working harder.

How did I go from burnout to business breakthrough?

I turned my expert coaching system into a leveraged program and I adopted a hybrid approach. Rather than overextending myself working with 1:1 clients, I created a coaching program consisting of self-study and live group coaching. Essentially it’s a done-with-you coaching program where I help my clients build their coaching business alongside them. This way I can effectively serve my clients without compromising their results or dominating my calendar with 1:1 sessions.

What does this look like for my business?

In just the first 5 months of this year, I multiplied my income 10x, worked almost 30% less, supported over 150 clients in my programs, and generated $1,192,282.88 on my laptop. I went from working on my own, then hiring a VA, to now working with 12 full-time and part-time team members. I’ve hosted our Powerhouse Coach Clients in a luxury retreat in Costa Rica, then I took my team to a Company Retreat in Italy, and now we are planning for our next Client Retreat in Scotland and our Annual Masterclass in Vegas.

This is my real-life after scaling my Coaching Business!

How can you create your own hybrid model? Here’s a snapshot of my plan, so you can have insight on how it’s done, in 6 simple steps:

  1. Develop your leveraged program with no more than 2 core offerings.
  2. Host a membership site where you post your training modules and program materials.
  3. Provide live group coaching + Q&A calls.
  4. Set up a helpdesk to manage client service.
  5. Create a Facebook group to establish a community in your program.
  6. Hire associate coaches to support your clients.

See…there’s a way out of Coaching Business burnout (and jail).

With the proper strategy + system you’ll enjoy your own lucrative freedom business in no time.

And, I’m here to support you in making this your reality!

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