Coaching Business – How to get your first paid coaching client

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In this week’s Youtube episode, I’m giving you the EXACT business system I use to sign up over 50 high-paying clients into my coaching programs EACH and EVERY month!

Yes. You read that correctly. I’ve used the secrets I’m sharing in this video to scale my business to over $4 Million in annual revenue in just under two and a half years. And it’s all about how the power of attraction meets ACTION, baby.

It doesn’t matter kind of coach you are, if you’re brand new to the coaching world OR if you’re already working with clients.

I promise you, if you take ACTION on these strategies and structures that are PROVEN to work, they will ATTRACT a steady stream of HOT leads for your business that you can turn into paying clients. Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • The Essential 3 Part Strategy I use to Gain Coaching Clients Online.
  • The Core of Your Sales Funnel: What You REALLY need to focus on to Get Results.
  • My 4 Step “SASI” Formula to Structure Your Signature Talk so that it actually CONVERTS.
  • PLUS: Facebook Ads, Sales Conversations, Overcoming Objections and MORE.

How often do you hear someone actually telling you to COPY them? I am giving you all of my secrets and teaching you everything I’ve learned because I want YOU to share in the kind of success that these high-level strategies and tactics have afforded me.

I’m inviting you to take this system and make it your own because it’s worked for me AND for thousands of my clients. I want you to use what I’m teaching in this episode so that you can finally attract and welcome in a steady stream of paying clients.

Sharing is caring, so TWEET THIS VIDEO.

There is nothing I want more for you than for you to have a taste of the freedom-based coaching life that I live!

Make sure you watch this episode all the way through because I going to give you BONUS TIPS from some live Client Opt in Page examples so can see FIRST HAND how to build an opt in page that’s going to convert!

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