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Today, I want to teach you the evergreen coaching business model so you can enroll coaching clients in your business month after month without ever having to go through a stressful launch ever again.  Check out my latest YouTube episode below to learn more, or simply read on.

What Is A Launch?

Have you ever seen other online entrepreneurs do a launch of their programs? It’s where they open the doors for a week or two. There’s lots of hype and lots of marketing happening. The program closes and goes away for a little bit…and then they do it all over again. So maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, launching is great. Launching seems exciting, and it promises a big cash injection in your business quickly!”

And sure – you see them announcing big results, lots of clients coming in, and lots of sales happening in a short amount of time. But once you look behind the scenes or experience a launch yourself, you might wish for a less stressful approach. Maybe you felt tired, frustrated, and exhausted after launching. And maybe you are tired of putting so much pressure on yourself in such a small amount of time.

When you are launching your programs, you might be launching them for the first time or re-launching them. For example, there are lots of programs out there that are launching once or twice a year and during their launches, you will see these entrepreneurs doing lots of webinars. There are lots of emails coming out, live streaming, and affiliate marketing – which adds up to lots of effort that’s compacted into a very short amount of time. And don’t forget all the pre-planning that’s happening behind the scenes before the doors even open and the programs actually become available for purchase.

When the doors open, that means the program is available and open for enrollment. You might launch with VIP Early Bird pricing, but prices might increase over time. You might add bonuses that eventually go away.  You want to use scarcity, time running out, prices increasing, and bonuses coming and going as tactics to encourage buyers to act…thus, making your launch very successful. When done properly and effectively, a successful launch can help you hit your sales goals for the year in just a couple of weeks.

The Pros and Cons of Launching

There are several pros and cons of using a launch business model.

The pros are:

  1. Ideally, you’ll have a big cash injection in your business. When everything goes as planned, you should be selling a lot of clients into your programs in a very short amount of time. You have steady cash flow from a great deal of money coming into your business all at once.
  2. You also have seasonality, which is great for planning because there’s going to be a pre-planning phase, an execution phase during your launch, and finally, a phase where you deliver the program and you’re coaching your clients.  Then you’re doing it all over again.

However, in my opinion, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. There are three key disadvantages to launching your business.

  1. There is sufficient stress on you. There’s lots of work and long hours involved in a launch.  You have lots of risks when you’re launching your business and everything has to be happening in just one or two weeks twice a year.
  2. You’re putting all your eggs in one basket. If you’re launching only once a year or even twice a year, there’s a lot hinging on the success of your launch. What if you don’t make it? What if the launch fails? What if you’re not hitting your income goals?
  3. Of course, you can launch again, but you run the risk of burning your audience out. In the past, I launched my programs and did not hit my income goals. I did not enroll enough clients and was forced to launch again. You can’t be hitting your audience and your email list and your social media followers with new offers and new sales every single month. So you have audience burnout…and you’re burning out too!

To me there’s too much stress and too much overwhelm.  I prefer something that’s is evergreen, fluid, flexible, and brings more ease and grace in your business.  My solution was to implement the evergreen business model, and I want to show you how you can use that in your coaching business so you never have to launch your programs ever again.

The Evergreen Business Model

At the core of your evergreen business model is an evergreen program, which is a coaching program you can execute year-round without opening and closing the doors. Our Brand Your Passions program is the perfect example, so let me show you how it works.

The Brand Your Passions mastermind is an evergreen coaching program that we never open or close and is available year-round. As our sales funnel brings us the right leads, we easily enroll them into our program. They progress through it, and then they graduate. Brand Your Passions includes several different coaching methodologies which make it evergreen.

  • At the core, we have a curriculum. Your coaching program ideally needs to have a self-study component made up of videos and/or workbooks where your clients can work through your signature system on their own. They take the steps one by one, and you can drop clients into this process at any point in time.
  • You should have an online hub or a membership site where your clients can log in to have the information drip to them over a predetermined number of weeks. They work through the course and consume the information as it drips to them.
  • As a coach, of course, you also want to be with your clients and have coaching sessions. So I recommend you have one-to-one coaching calls plus group coaching.  In the evergreen business model, you’ll have many clients going through your program all at the same time. When you bring them into a group coaching call, you can answer their questions personally, and they will also benefit from each other through the questions that are being asked on that call.
  • Of course, in order to fill your coaching programs and to have consistent client flow, it’s so important for you to have an automated sales funnel.  Your online marketing funnel is in place to feed your coaching programs and have interested prospects approaching you to work with you every single month. If you’re not sure how to do that, watch my video on how to create an online marketing funnel for your coaching business, where I break down how to build your lead generation funnel step by step.
  • Once you have your evergreen program ready and your lead generation is in place, you can begin taking discovery calls. These will allow you to decide day after day which clients are perfect for you and who is going to be enrolling into your programs.

With all of this set up, you will have a very easy and consistent flow of clients coming to you and money coming into your business, as well as a low stress and low frustration approach to running a very successful coaching business.  When you have your online marketing funnel in place and you are enrolling more and more clients, you are ready to scale your business. You can easily go from 10 clients to 20 clients, then to 30 clients or more! It’s all in your hands – and that’s the real beauty of having an evergreen coaching business model.

Now you understand the beauty of an evergreen business model and why it might be for you. You might be thinking, “Forget about the launches. I want to have an easy flow. I want to have leads coming in. I want to enroll them into my programs, and I want consistent income month after month so I’m no longer stressing myself out.” And if that’s you, that’s great.

To help you on that path, you need a marketing funnel for leads and consistency, right? So I have something really special for you – our marketing funnel guide. In this guide, I break down step by step what it takes for you to build an automated marketing funnel so you have prospects coming to you every single month and saying, “Hey, what do you have to offer? How can I work with you? How can I start in your coaching programs?” That’s key for you to have a successful evergreen business model. Here’s where you can download your marketing funnel guide right now.

I hope this article inspired you and showed you what’s really possible for you with the evergreen business model.  And if you know an overwhelmed entrepreneur who could benefit from learning more about this too, share it with them.  Consistent clients? Check. Ongoing involvement? Check. Steady income? Check. Who wouldn’t want an evergreen business model?

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