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Are the click-through rates on your Lead Magnet kind of disappointing, even though you know your content is amazing? Are you just building your Opt-In Page and you WISH that you had a foolproof formula for landing page designs to follow?

Well, look no further! The Opt-in Page for your Lead Magnet is one of the CORE elements of your sales funnel, and in today’s YouTube Episode, I’m teaching you the step-by-step formula my clients and I have used to build an Opt-In Page that consistently gets high quality leads…which of course, translates to MORE clients (and sales!) in YOUR business!

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Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s episode:

  • How to build an Opt-In Page for your next webinar or lead magnet that’s sure to give you More Qualified Leads at a lower cost
  • The 8 Most Important Parts of a High Converting Opt-In Page
  • Design strategies for more clicks…I’ll tell you exactly what to put where, so you’ll never second guess where to stick that button again
  • How to make tweaks to your existing pages to Boost Conversions, Gain More Leads, and Reduce Advertising Expenses Immediately

Stay tuned until the end, because I am going to give you the exact template for a landing page that’s made us over $4 Million dollars in the last year!  See you on YouTube!

And by the way, if you have a business bestie that’s struggling with their conversions…be a GREAT friend, share this video with them!

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