Coaching program price guide

For Coaches

Are you wondering what your coaching is worth? Are you tired of charging hourly but have no idea how to make the move towards charging premium prices?

If you answered YES – today’s Youtube Episode is for YOU!

Watch the episode now!

Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s video:

  • How to take the guesswork out of what to charge for your in-person or online coaching.
  • The tools you need to move away from an hourly rate mentality.
  • How to embrace the shift to premium coaching prices and charge what you’re worth.
  • How to create pricing that feels in line with what you’ve worked to create.

Truth Bomb:
Your coaching program price should reflect the lifetime value of the desired results it will bring to the client from their work with you – and I bet that’s likely more than what you are currently charging!  

It’s time to get your pricing and your value-aligned. It’s going to feel SO good once you get this essential piece of your coaching biz in place.

Share with a coaching buddy who’s been struggling with the same issue and keep one another accountable for the BIG shifts you’ll be making in your pricing this year!

Don’t forget to watch to the end of the video, because I am going to give you actual Pricing Examples of what our clients are charging so you don’t have to guess anymore – you can just start taking action!  Can’t wait to talk dollars and SENSE with you!

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