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Do you want to know the top five coaching techniques I have used to get amazing client results in my business? Then check out this YouTube episode, or simply read on to learn more.

Today, I want to share with you the best coaching techniques my entire coaching team and I use to get our clients the results they deserve. Getting client results is always a big deal for new coaches, whether they are certified or non-certified, because they’re always afraid about whether or not they can actually facilitate powerful transformations. And over the last couple of years, we’ve learned some very specific coaching techniques that have helped us get amazing client results while maintaining very professional relationships with our clients.

Your coaching relationships are not black and white. To me, there’s always a balance between building a strong, intimate relationship with a client while maintaining respect and professionalism. So today, I want to share with you the top five coaching techniques that have helped me to maintain this balance. I know they will work for you too, enabling you to have professional relationships, foster mutual respect, and achieve amazing transformations for your clients.

Coaching Technique #1:  Overcome Your Desire To Be Directive

Many of our coaching clients, especially the ones who came to us from a corporate background, love solving problems. They love teaching, giving advice, and solving problems – telling people how to solve them and what to do next. As coaches, we like results – we want to give people our opinions and tell them what we think they should do. However, coaching does not mean telling.

As a coach, your role is to help your clients come up with the solutions on their own. So overcome your desire to be directive, and instead, ask your clients very intimate and interesting questions that will help them come up with the solutions and the ideas on their own. When you let go of being directive, you have to be comfortable with a certain level of ambiguity.

When your clients come up with the solutions and the ideas on their own because you have asked them questions that trigger them, it may take them longer to come up with the best solution for them. They may contemplate ideas and consider the options. So it may take them longer – but ultimately, when your clients really own the solutions and are really invested in that process, their results will be so much better.

Coaching Technique #2:  Always Drive Towards Lessons Learned

As a coach, you naturally work on problems and challenges with your clients. They come to you because they’re struggling in certain areas of their lives – maybe their career or business, their relationships, their children, or what have you. Facing challenges is part of what we do as coaches, and we face those challenges with our clients. Therefore, it’s really important, as coaches, that we help our clients become positive thinkers and solution seekers.

When your clients face a problem, often they fall into one of two traps.

  • First, they may blame other people and circumstances for those traps or problems and go into victim mode. They say, “Well, it’s not my fault.  This system crashed on me, this person said this or did this to me.” They’re looking at the outside world, other people, and things to blame for the situation. And in that state, they cannot change, transform, or move forward.
  • The other thing that can happen is that they blame themselves or beat themselves up. They say, “I am just not good enough. I just can’t change, I have bad habits, I’m a bad person. I failed in the past and so I will fail in the future.”

In either case, what we need to do is help our clients come out of the stage and move into a much more empowered stage where we can help them find solutions or lessons in any challenge they’re facing.

By helping our clients take control of the situation and understand that their actions can lead to a better outcome, we can learn from these problems. We can always find something we can do better next time, and if we know that we can use that to better ourselves, that’s how we make progress. As a coach, you should tell your clients that it’s their responsibility to own their problems and show them that problems are opportunities. Nobody who ever succeeded got there without failing. Success is a product of failure after failure after failure, and the successful are ones who are able to learn from those failures to become better and better and better over time.

Coaching Technique #3:  Zoom Out

Think of a situation where your client may come to you in a very stressful time. They’re very frustrated, scared, and afraid. Maybe something happened today that made them angry, sad, or upset and they’re coming to you looking for help or for a solution. Now, when a client is in a situation like that, often their mind is racing with fears, which are ideas that are not serving them right now. With these fears, thoughts, and doubts coming up for them, they’re thinking about all those things that might be happening and are likely exaggerating about the situation.

When something happens and we react to it, we often actually overreact to the situation because we’re not quite sure how to handle it. So, your job as a coach is to help your clients zoom out and take a bird’s eye view. If they can evaluate the situation much more objectively, we enable them to make a decision without any bias.

To give you an example, a couple of years ago, I worked with a client that was looking at leaving her job. She was trying to make a bigger decision about whether to leave her job now and move into her coaching business full-time or stay in her job and build her coaching business on the side. All she could think about was the voices of her friends and her family telling her, “you’re foolish, it’s a big risk, you’re giving up steady pay, you’re giving up health insurance and your 401(k) and you shouldn’t be doing this. You shouldn’t be taking that risk.” She was also thinking, “I will never get a job like that ever again. I am going to hurt myself and my family,” and she was consumed with fear and doubt that prevented her from really seeing the situation objectively.

So, we sat down and I said, “Sarah, let’s take a look at this situation and let’s evaluate the pros and the cons. Imagine you’re looking at yourself and imagine you’re coaching yourself right now, what would you say to yourself? What are all the pros of leaving your job now? What are all the possible cons, and are those really valid negatives…are they really true? Is it really true that you will never find a job like this ever again? Maybe not. Maybe you could find a better job with better pay, with better co-workers. That could be true too. What if you launched a business now and you actually were majorly successful in the next two or three months? That’s possible too. And what if you could prove your friends and your family wrong and show them, hey, I’ve got what it takes and I’m going to make this happen no matter what?”

So, we evaluated both sides – the pros and the cons – and we looked at all the different scenarios and what was actually realistic. And we placed our bets and were able to get Sarah to pick a date when she was going to quit her job, and she stuck to it! She left her job and she moved on.

But without the zooming out, without the 360 view, it’s very difficult for your clients to make a decision without bias or fear, because they’re so consumed with all of these thoughts. So help your clients zoom out, calm down, become more objective, and make the right decision.

Coaching Technique #4:  Let Your Clients Write Down and Share The Golden Nuggets After Each Lesson

When you encourage your clients to write down those golden nuggets, over time you’ll have a whole library of accomplishments. And what’s really nice is that when your clients go to this library, they can see their progress in front of them. So whenever they feel bad, or they feel down, or they feel like they’re not making progress, you can say, “go back to your nuggets and remind yourself of how far you have already come.” This will train you and your clients to see the positive outcomes and celebrate every little step of the way. This will train your mind to focus on what’s going well and attract more of what’s going well into your life, your business, and your coaching relationship.

Coaching Technique #5:  Partner In Your Clients’ Success

Now, I want to preface this coaching technique by saying that you’re not responsible for your clients’ results. They are the only ones who can make themselves successful. They are responsible for taking the action, for following through, and for doing the work. However, as their coach, you need to take an interest in their success and their results, and then partner with your clients in their success. That means that you must motivate them.

When you’re making plans with your clients on how to move forward, determining what their goals are and where they will arrive at the end of your coaching together, you can’t just set it and forget it. Your responsibility as a coach is to motivate them, check in with them, hold them accountable, and optimize their chances for success, or success potential. So don’t hold yourself accountable for their overall results, but partner with your clients in their success to get them to where they really want to go.

Which coaching techniques you are going to use in your own coaching business right away to get your clients the results they really deserve? Let me know what’s working for you and what’s not working for you and let’s have a conversation.

Your Next Steps

Now, let me ask you a question. Are you working with a coach right now? If not, maybe it’s time for you to hire a coach. One of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself over the years is working with coaches and mentors that have guided me because I believe that in order for us to become masterful coaches, we have to experience what it’s like to be coached. In order for us to coach, we have to be coachees at one point. We have to know what it’s like to work with a coach to know what we think is good and what we think is not so good, and to actually get ourselves ahead.

So, if you’re looking to build an amazing online coaching business, and you want to work with a coaching team that will be there for you, that really cares for you, that will give you the behind-the-scenes information, and that has proven results and a proven track record of success, maybe we should work together.

Today, I want to invite you to book in a conversation with me and my coaching team where we’ll dive into your situation. Maybe you’re working in a job right now, maybe you’re already in your business but you’re struggling with marketing, with getting clients, with finding your niche, or with building out your program. Whatever that might be, we have the answers for you. We literally have a bulletproof system that has worked for hundreds of coaches before you, and it’s going to work for you as well.

To book in your complimentary business strategy session all you need to do is go to the link HERE at and select the time slot that works for you.  Next, you’ll fill out a very short survey that gives us the information we need to prepare for you, and then we’ll be talking in just a couple of days from now.

I look forward to serving you and helping you bring your passions to the world.  Now, stay focused on your goals, and go out there and do the work you’re meant to do. And if you liked this post or the episode that goes along with it, don’t forget to like it, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our channel.

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