Email list building tips 2018

For all Business Owners

You know what they all say…your email list is GOLD. Every single super successful online entrepreneur preaches the same thing. And you know why?

Because it’s TRUE.

Building a strong Email List puts you exactly where YOU want to be in your business.  In the driver’s seat.

What do I mean by that? Well, without a list, you have to depend on social media to reach your clients. And we all know they are constantly changing the algorithms and the rules! Having a list puts YOU in control of what you share and when, and how you communicate to your tribe without restrictions!

It’s absolutely essential that when you’re talking to your potential clients, YOU’RE the one at the wheel and that’s why today’s YouTube episode is…

Watch Now!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • My Foolproof List Building Strategy that’s 10 years in the making and that I teach my clients to go from zero to full-time income in less than 4 months!
  • The Tech and the Tools you need to send and automate your emails
  • The Traffic Sources you need to know so that you can drive people to your list
  • How to create an irresistible Lead Magnet to attract your ideal client…and so much more!

I went from zero clients to enrolling between 30 and 50 new Coaching Clients into my signature programs every month. And that’s only possible with a BEST IN CLASS Email LIST Building Strategy…and be sure to stay tuned until the end, because I am also going to reveal the 3 most effective types of Lead Magnets and Freebies you should create to build your list AND how to actually turn your leads into clients.

Don’t miss this one! It’s absolutely jam-packed with value and everything you need to know to get people on your list! And if you know someone who’s struggling to build their list…share this with them. I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day…click right here to share the list-building LOVE.

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