Evergreen Automated Webinars – How to automate your first webinar

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Today, I want to give you an eight-step checklist to create your own evergreen automated webinars so you never have to wonder where your next coaching client is going to come from EVER AGAIN.  So, if you’re interested in learning how to automate, check out the video below or simply read on.


Why Evergreen Automated Webinars?

Let me ask you a question:  What if you could automate your entire lead generation effort? Imagine…no more manual marketing. Don’t think it’s possible? Well, let me show you how it’s done with the Evergreen Automated Webinars Funnel. We’ve had clients implement this system and literally stop their manual marketing efforts and focus back on coaching, working with their teams, selling, and doing the things they really wanted to do. Because, with this method, they had consistent lead flow, discovery calls booking into their calendars every single day, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the lead generation piece was fully taken care of.

8 Simple Steps to Automation

Today, I want to teach you how to go about creating your first Evergreen Automated Webinar – from how to record it, what systems to use and how to go about implementing the entire set up. Let’s automate your business!

Step 1:  Record Your Webinar Presentation

The first thing you need to do is actually record your entire webinar. I like to make slides in Google Slides or Canva, for example, and then I sit down with either Zoom or Camtasia and record my entire webinar. I like to take my time – I usually have about 60 to 80 slides for a one-hour presentation, and I present one slide at a time. In the beginning, you have the option of actually showing up on camera so you can speak to your audience on video, or you can simply forget that and just go right into your slide presentation. It’s up to you, as both work well.

When you’re using Camtasia for recording, you have some great editing features that I really like, because sometimes you say things that you just don’t want to say. You use fillers like “Um,” and “You know what I’m saying,” and “Like,” and you may even go off on a tangent once in a while!  With Camtasia, you can edit yourself and then produce a very elegant, cut down, professional version of your webinar that is between 45 and 60 minutes long.

When you’re making a webinar make sure you use a hot hook, or a webinar title that really hooks your audience immediately when they come across your offer, your opt-in page, or your advertising on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, or wherever you’re advertising. If you want to know more about how to create a hot hook, watch my video on how to record your first webinar right here.

Step 2:  Create Your Opt-In Page Design

One thing that’s really important for you to understand is that with an automated webinar, we’re not using an opt-in page provider to host our page anymore. You will still design your webinar registration page in either ClickFunnels, Leadpages, ONTRApages, or Instapages – but in this example they are only there for us to design our page. There are so many different providers out there, it really doesn’t matter which you choose – just make sure it gives you the look and feel that you like, brand it, and make it the appealing, professional visual that you want for your webinar registration. Now that you have the opt-in page design, save the link to your opt-in page because you will use that later on in your implementation.

Step 3:  Set Up Your Follow Up Sequence

In my business, we’re using Ontraport for our email service, but you might be using Aweber, Constant Contact, or Active Campaign. Again, it doesn’t matter what you’re using, but you will need an email provider to send out the emails after the webinar is done. Everybody who watches your webinar will go through the same exact sequence, so your follow up sequence will not come out at a specific date and time like a typical scheduled broadcast email. Instead, it will drip after a certain amount of time passes. Imagine somebody’s watching your webinar right now – an hour later they finish. and then let’s say that two hours later they receive their first email. You want to set up this specific follow up sequence in Ontraport (or whatever email service provider you’re using) so that everybody who watches your webinar automation receives the same email follow up sequence.

Step 4:  Set Up Your Booking Calendar

When you set up your booking calendar, you can then send your audience from your webinar to your calendar to book their discovery call when they’re done watching the webinar. Now, when you build your webinar slides, keep in mind that your call to action (your offer) in the ad is NOT your program – it’s actually setting up a call with you. And then, on the call, you’re offering a high-end coaching program. You’ll want to talk with your leads and get to know them. You want to talk to them about where they’re stuck right now, what their needs are, where they want to go, and then together make a decision as to whether working together is actually the best decision for everybody. Set up your booking calendar with a very specific appointment type so that you know whenever somebody goes through your funnel and they book that appointment type that this appointment has come from your webinar automation.

Step 5:   Set Up Your Webinar

There are two services that I really enjoy and highly recommend – EverWebinar and Stealth – because both services will help you implement your entire automation very easily. Stealth actually does the implementation for you, while EverWebinar allows you to do it very easily on your own with their platform inside of their system. When you’re ready to set up your automation, be sure you have completed the four previous steps – your webinar recorded, your opt-in page completed, the follow up sequence set up, and the appointment booking link in your calendar ready to use.

Step 6:  Test Your Webinar

Of course, before you begin to drive traffic and potentially pay for advertising to launch your funnel, you want to test the entire webinar setup. Actually go and sign up for your own webinar, watch the entire recording, and make sure everything shows up correctly. The sound should be clear, the video should look good, and the emails should come to you correctly – in the right sequence and at the right time. All the links should work properly, and you should actually be able to go from your webinar into your calendar and book yourself a discovery call with your coaching business.

Step 7:  Drive Traffic

Of course, you want to let people know about your new funnel, your new training, and the new webinar you’re offering.  So now that you have successfully tested your automation, you can begin driving traffic. Now you can run Facebook ads or Google ads, share your webinar on your social media platforms, and let your friends, family, and coworkers know. Go out there and tell the world about your new webinar automation!

I like to think about all the things I do in marketing as sprinkling confetti everywhere – and all these efforts eventually lead our people back into one main sales funnel. When I go into a Facebook group, my goal is to get people into my funnel. When I’m on LinkedIn, I want to get people in my funnel. When I go speak somewhere, I tell them about my webinar. When I go to a conference or a trade show somewhere, I tell people about my webinar. No matter where you advertise and market yourself, your goal is to feed your funnel with leads from different sources to really diversify your marketing efforts and book highly qualified discovery calls for your business.

Step 8:  Track Your Stats

As with any marketing effort, tracking and testing is critical. Chances are, the first time you build your webinar automation it will not work for you. Something will be off – you will not have as many call bookings, or the call bookings will be very expensive for you. People won’t sign up for the webinar, they won’t stay on the webinar, or they won’t book a call. These are certain milestones and benchmarks that you want to track along this path, so when the entire funnel is built, it’s now time for you to test, track, and optimize. Be very clear on the major milestones and the path that your leads are taking through the entire funnel, and make sure you’re aware of these numbers and that you know and understand what’s acceptable and not acceptable for you.

In our coaching business, we work with our clients closely to make sure they understand what those benchmarks or goals are for the different touchpoints in the funnel so we can optimize the funnel, make it more efficient, and maximize how many calls we’re booking and the quality of those calls as well. Of course, there are a lot of different nuances and little tips and tricks in this entire webinar funnel, and you have to make sure you master all of them to get the results you’re really after.

If you need help with the setup, we have coaches on standby to help you implement a highly successful, automated lead generation system for your coaching business so you can finally scale your business and take it to the next level. To book a session with our team, simply visit and we would love to support you.

And now I’d love to hear how your implementation is going. Have you done an automated webinar? Are you planning to do one soon? Which of these pieces have you already completed, and what’s still left for you to do? Let’s have a strategy discussion – reach out and let me know how this is working for you. I would love to help and support you with your setup.

As promised, I have two very special resources that will help you implement your automated webinar funnel. The first resource is called Funnel and Forget It. It’s our complete marketing automation guide for coaches, which will show you step by step how to go through the entire funnel setup on your own. The second resource is The Perfect Opt-In Page Formula, which is a guide that will show you how to design a high-converting opt-in page for your webinar automation. Simply click on those links to download them right now.

Now stay focused on your goals, and go out there and automate so that you don’t only build a business, but also the life you love. It’s about saving you time and money, helping you gain more clients, and helping you do the work you love every single day.

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