How to find your ideal client on social media

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Relationships are the key to success, and social media networks are the ideal channel for building them.

Before we can do that, we need to do a bit of research to find out WHERE your ideal client hangs out on Social Media so that you know where to spend your time and where to focus.

Remember, social media is where people go to be social. They are looking for CONNECTION AND LOVE. As marketers, we cannot forget the importance of creating real relationships with people if we desire to build long-lasting client bonds.

Building Relationships and Networking with your Ideal Client is the key to success. 

So let’s go on a journey into Social Media and discover where you can find your Ideal Client.

Based on what you know about your ideal client, pick one or two social media platforms where you think you can find your ideal client and connect with them the best.
Consider the Big Players (Marketshare)
  • Facebook (55%) 
  • Youtube (17%)
  • Google Plus (4%) 
  • Twitter (3%)
  • Pinterest (1.4%) 
  • Instagram (1.3%)

Marketshare is a BIGGIE in terms of where to focus, but so is your niche. If you know your ICA prefers Pinterest, then that’s where you can focus.

Pick 1-2 platforms for your main focus.

On Facebook, we recommend you spend some time and Research Facebook GROUPS. G

Groups are a unique feature of the FB Platform and represent a safe space for you to engage and connect with potential clients. But don’t make the mistake that so many new coaches make and enter groups just to promote yourself. That’s a big turn-off and will quickly lead you to be banned from groups.

Instead, introduce yourself! Imagine you are at a cocktail party. You enter the room and make friends. Share a bit about yourself. Create an engaging conversation, listen to people, and then share more about yourself.

Building relationships takes time, but it’s well worth the effort.

You can search for groups with the Graph Search or on the right-hand side of your screen where it says “Suggested Groups”.

Weed through the groups and find the ones that have at least a few hundred members with your ideal client.

Check the groups to see what the interaction is like. Are members posting? Is the group admin encouraging interaction?

You want to find a group that’s active and members are adding value. 

Read the group description and rules. Find out when you can post what sort of content and how to interact with the group members.

On Twitter, don’t just send your tweets and hope someone will read them. Create engaging tweets that create re-tweeting, comments, and likes. Then don’t forget to reply to your comments and thank your followers for re-tweeting.

No matter what social media platform you are on, RELATIONSHIPS are king. And they cannot be automated.

Never forget that even though you are working in a virtual world, you are still dealing with human beings looking for Love and Connection.

Successful marketers look for and build networks and connections. Everyone else looks for work.

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