Hottest ways to create brand awareness


Brand awareness is the number one step in your customer journey. And it’s essential for your business because, without awareness, nobody knows you exist—you won’t be getting clients, and your business cannot thrive without it.

Creating brand awareness is the first and most important step in your marketing campaign. And today, I’m going to share with you my six strategies to get it done.

Visually Appealing Brand

You want to give this your all and really invest in your brand—your website, your color palette, your fonts, your logo, your thumbnails, the way you format your social media images and other graphics, your email branding, and the list goes on. Your brand needs to be appealing. It needs to represent who you are, and it needs to be consistent across the board. If you’re not sure about your brand, do a little bit of an assessment. Look around your platforms and how you’re showing up to the people out there. Because you know what? People have a shrinking attention span, and if your brand doesn’t pop out, you may be missing out on clients.

Brand Partnerships

Partnering with someone who targets a similar market can help your brand explode because you can immediately tap into an existing audience without creating your own. Plus, your partner will benefit from you adding awesome content. Maybe you can do co-hosted webinars. Webinars are amazing, and you might be able to add tremendous value to someone else’s audience by presenting to them. Podcasts are another really great opportunity, and there are so many of them available. Do your research, you’ll be able to find many podcasts in your niche.

Social Media—the right way

I see so many people making big mistakes when it comes to using social media. They put in so much time and effort, but they’re really not getting a whole lot back. And that’s when they begin to wonder if social media is even a good use of their time. Let me share with you what you need to focus on when it comes to social media.

It’s really important to look at the platform(s) you are using. Ideally, you want to be posting in a space that can help you create brand awareness. This means you can capture people on your email list in a two-way lead magnet, you can ask them to buy something, to subscribe to something—you can build your customer journey. You want to move people from awareness to interest, desire, action, and then to advocacy, which is the customer journey. So, make sure you’re posting in areas that you can either promote or own.

Now let’s talk about the type of content you want to create. People love shareable content. Make sure your content is shareable, including quotes, including videos, including infographics, including downloads, valuable content—even live streams. You should be asking people to engage in your content—comment and share— so your content doesn’t just sit with just one person.

Build Your Own Platform

A hot way to build massive awareness is to create your own platform and publish content there.

This can take a little bit more time, but it really pays off over the long term. Think of having your own Podcast, your own YouTube show, or creating a blog, something where you publish content consistently. This is great for your reputation and your brand. Because number one, these assets are evergreen. My YouTube episodes can last forever. People can watch my videos for the years to come. It’s long term. It’s highly shareable. And it sets you up as a thought leader and really positions you as someone who has got something to say, someone who has an opinion, someone who wants to add value. So it’s incredibly valuable for your brand and your reputation. Over time, you can really build a solid foundation for creating ongoing awareness for your business.

Friend Referrals

This is the P2P— person to person— type marketing. No matter what industry, what niche, or what type of business you have, you need to make sure you have a referral program in place so that your existing clients can refer their friends, their family, and their audience to you. It’s effortless to create this. All you need is an incentive, right? So, when someone refers a new client to you, think of a great incentive. It could be monetary. You could provide them with a free service. If you give them something they really value, the referrals will keep coming.

Host Your Own Live or Virtual Event

When my business was still pretty new, I had the idea of hosting live events. I really wanted to get myself in front of more people, really connect with people, and take it to that next level. And I did. And I can’t begin to tell you how quickly my business grew! No matter what industry you are in, you can host live or virtual events and literally explode your brand awareness.

So if you’re brave enough, if you have the guts and the vision and the passion, host an event—you will most certainly stand out from your competition. You can literally skyrocket your awareness in just a few days during a one, two, or even a three day.

Our New Program: Client Attraction Mastery

When I cracked the code to client attraction online, my business literally doubled in a year, and then it doubled again. And that’s how we were able to grow. Oh, it was so fast. And the most important thing is that we’re able to do it with authenticity by giving a massive amount of love and value to our community—to people just like you.

So if you’re ready to crack the code of client attraction, I invite you to see if you’re a good fit then schedule a call with me!


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