Let’s create EASE in your Business

For all Business Owners

How do you feel about EASE? Do you crave it? Do you desire it?

 …but don’t think you can actually have it? 

Why not? 

Most Business Women build their business with FORCE, HARD WORK, LONG HOURS, and lots of SACRIFICES. 

That works well to get your start-up going. BUT … once you’ve been in business for 3-4 years or more, you quickly see it’s not sustainable. 

Especially as women… We deserve ease, joy, happiness, femininity. We deserve certainty, security, and confidence. It’s our nature. 

About 1 year ago, I came to the point where I said “If I can’t have the joy and ease I want from my business, then WHAT’S THE POINT?” 

Seriously. What’s the point of your business if you can’t make it work for YOU?

That’s what this VIDEO is all about. I want to show you how you can actually structure your business to earn MORE by doing LESS. And by more I mean either increasing revenue and/or increasing your profits by simplifying your business and creating focus. It’s not about making big changes. I only give you small, strategic tweaks with BIG potential impact. 

From over 10 years of experience in business, I discovered that our female spirit is perfectly designed to build a business with EASE and ELEGANCE – once we learn where to focus in our business.

If you want to work with me and 5 other high vibrational, Powerhouse Business Women and double your Business with ease and elegance, join me in Scale Academy

Our next live cohort is starting February 3, 2020. It’s a 6 week group where I will teach you one lever each week on a private Zoom call, give you homework to assess your business, and together we’ll find the Bullseye Fixes and Action Items that will bring simple revenue and profit growth. 

I’ll personally analyze your business.  We work together to find the hidden gems and greatest potential for revenue growth. 

We’ll create security, confidence, ease, simplicity, growth, and joy. 

We’ll remove fear, uncertainty, lack, overwhelm, stress, hustle, and exhaustion. 

What could be better?

Scale Academy is by application only. You need to have minimum annual revenues of $150,000 or more and work in a service based field such as consulting, coaching, agencies, real estate, financial, legal, trainers, speakers, creatives, and more. 

Book a Business Assessment with me to apply now. 

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