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Your hot leads are cooling down. Watch this video for a sales followup process to heat them up again!

Turn Warm Leads into Hot Leads

You’re talking to a lot of people about your coaching programs, but all you hear is, “No, not now. Maybe next month.” Are you ready to build yourself a pipeline of prospects you can reach out to and turn into paying clients for your coaching business consistently? I have a sales followup process you can use to turn warm leads into hot leads. Let me take the guesswork out of your sales followup process. I’m sharing what to say, when to say it, and even how to follow up with your leads.

I am sure you’re working really hard on booking discovery calls and sales calls for your business. But sometimes, clients just aren’t ready to say yes, they need more time, they’re afraid, they’re insecure, or they need to look at finances to make it work, and that’s okay. When you build a pipeline of hot leads for your coaching business by following up with prospects consistently you can take a lot of pressure off of your marketing efforts, because then you don’t have to sell these prospects on the spot on the phone.

Instead, you can reach out to prospects every single week, and you always have new clients coming into your business when it’s the right time for them. Not only is this going to take the pressure off of you, but it also creates an amazing custom experience because clients can join you when it’s the perfect time for them.

When I personally went from trying to sell my customers on the stop to giving them a little bit more time, as needed, and getting into the routine of following up with prospects over time, staying in their lives, supporting them on an ongoing basis. Not only was I able to bring more leads into my business and more customers, but I was also able to build better relationships with my community, with my followers, and increase my brand loyalty as well.

Sales Followup Process in 3 Important Steps

Here are 3 very specific tangible steps you can implement right now to build your very own sales followup process regardless of how new you are in coaching, and regardless of what your niche is.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is build a followup cadence. Your followup cadence drives when you followup with your prospects, and how you followup. So, I want you to think about how often, and how frequently you would like to followup with your leads, and I have some very specific recommendations for you, but you can simply take over if you’d like to. Some of the most common reasons for prospects to not buy a coaching program right away is that it’s not the right time for them, they need to do something else first, or they have to get their finances in line, or they’re very insecure, and they have some doubts and fears that prevent them from saying yes right there on the stop. So understanding these reasons, you want to give your customer some time to get their finances in place to work on whatever it is they to be completing, finishing up to get ready for your program, and to also work through some of those doubts and fears that might be happening for them right now. Our followup sequence happens in four week increments. So every four weeks, for the most part, we conduct a followup with our prospects. So, your first followup happens at four weeks, then at eight weeks, then at 12 weeks, and the last one at 16 weeks. Now, let’s dive into the details.

Let’s talk about your four week check in. At the four week mark, I suggest you send your prospects an amazing freebie, and then you followup with a personal phone call a day or two later. And on that phone call you might say, “Hey, I wanted to check in with you to see how you’re doing. I send you this amazing freebie yesterday. I really thought about you, and I really hope this is going to serve you, and I also wanted to see how you’re doing,” and then listen to them. If they tell you about any struggles, or any issues that you can help them with, as a coach, don’t be shy to invite them back into a call and say, “Hey, why don’t we jump back on a call tomorrow or sometime this week, and let’s talk about it.” Because remember, as a coach, it’s your responsibility to go out there and help people, and you cannot help people if you don’t tell them what’s available for them. So, don’t be shy.

Step 2

Your eight week check in. During your eight week check in, I recommend you send them a video or a bonjoro. Bonjoro’s are little cute videos you can make on your phone or your computer, and you can actually email them to your prospects. I think this is a really special surprise, and your prospects are really doing to love this. Then, followup with another phone call a day or two later, and check in with them. Tell them about new events you have coming up. Tell them about new trainings and webinars, and freebies you have available to further support them on their journey. And then, listen again. See how they’re doing. See if there’s anything else you can do for them. And if there is, invite them into a followup call where you can support them more.

Then what?: 

Do a 12 week check in. For your 12 week check in, I suggest something a little bit more traditional, like  send them a letter or a brochure in the mail. Some clients even send CDs, or USB sticks with more information on them. And this is going to be something that really sets up apart, because nowadays most coaches market online, but people are still living in the real world. They receive mail every single day. So, why not send them a letter, or a very nice brochure? You can design your own brochures on Canva, or have someone design it for you on Upwork for example.

In the brochure or the letter make sure you give them a call to action. And, of course, a call to action should be for the following:

  • To connect with you
  •  Book a call
  •  Sign up for a session with you or your team so that they can take the next steps. And you can, again, further support this client.

And lastly, your 16 week check in. After about four months, and when you’ve already checked in with your prospect several times, I suggest maybe checking in one more time, and this could be a text message. If you have their mobile phone number, send them a text. If you don’t, send them an email. And then, if you want to, if you feel compelled to give them one more call and see how they’re doing. Again, don’t feel pushy, don’t feel awkward, don’t be nervous. Think of calling a friend, think of calling someone that you are really excited about and really wanna speak with to find out how they’re doing and how you can help them.

There is always a way for your prospects to reach back out to you as well. You might let that prospect fall into your general email list, and then, of course, your newsletters will go out, your blog posts will go out. They might see future videos of you. And you never know, they might come back to you in the future.

BIG TIP:  Create a tracking mechanism. And a tracking mechanism is just a fancy term for an Excel sheet, or a Google sheet, or maybe even a Word document. In this document track first name, last name and email, any notes about the client, the last check-in date, and the next check-in date. And then, once a week pull up the document, see who you need to followup with that week, and then simply make your followups, take care of them, and your gonna be well on your way to what’s building an amazing pipeline of customers and clients who will enjoy following up with you every single month.

The Last Step

The last step in building your sales followup process is to reset your mind. Sales is a very energetic thing. It’s all about how you feel about selling, whether you feel pushy, whether you feel loving, caring and supportive, whether you feel nervous, or whether you feel high vibe and excited. So, when you’re making your followups get yourself into an amazing state of mind, really feel that excitement, feel that love, feel the curiosity about that person on the other line when you’re writing the emails, when you’re doing the videos, when you’re sending the texts, feel that love and that passion for what you do, and expect the other person to receive your outreach in the same way. And I can almost guarantee that with this type of mindset you will have an amazing time making your sales followups.

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And I would love to hear from you, as always. I wanna have a conversation with you. Let me know down below in the comments ho w often you will followup with your prospects, what values you will give them, and also how much you look forward to making your followup process a big success.

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