Marketing tips for coaches 2018

Merry Christmas, coach! A little elf told me you’ve been extra good this year, so I’ve got a very special gift for you..well...a few actually! I can’t help myself! I LOVE giving gifts! Ok, so you know and I know that Marketing is everything...

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Coaching Business – How to get your first paid coaching client

In this week’s Youtube episode, I’m giving you the EXACT business system I use to sign up over 50 high-paying clients into my coaching programs EACH and EVERY month! Yes. You read that correctly. I’ve used the secrets I’m sharing in this v...

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Coaching Niches 2018: The 5 most profitable coaching niches

In this week’s episode on Youtube, I’m diving deep into one of the topics I get asked the absolute MOST about hands-down. NICHES. I’m giving you the lowdown on all things niche like: Why it’s essential to pick the right niche in today...

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