The 2 most dangerous ideas in business

For all Business Owners

Take a guess: What are the 2 most dangerous ideas in business?

Marketing? Cash? Clients? Sales? Investing? Hiring? Tech? 

None of these.  

They are MUCH MUCH simpler than that. But MUCH MORE dangerous. 

Find the 2 ideas here. 

It’s our entrepreneurial brain that gets in the way of happiness, growth, and joy. 

As business women, we don’t like to stand still. We are not born managers. We are not happy keeping things the same. In fact, staying the same make us feel anxious. 

That’s why shiny objects and new ideas lure us away from focus and ease. 

We overcomplicate things. We start 50 projects and can only really handle 3. 

Our nature is our gift: It allows us to take risks and think big.

But it often stands in the way of seeing what’s in front of us. 

We face too many projects, fires to put out, manual work, team members not doing their jobs, clients, marketing, sales calls, making decisions… and in the end we always just CATCH UP. 


All while our health is declining, our family’s waiting for us, and our self care is lacking. 

Why do we do it? Because we started a business and we want it to succeed. 

It’s just what we know. 

And it does work for a while! But not long term. 

Watch this VIDEO to learn which 2 IDEAS ARE DANGEROUS FOR YOU and what to DO INSTEAD.

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