Your 2021 Business Plan for a 7 Figure Business


How to create a complete 12-month Business Execution Plan tailored to your income goal and schedule…

(without feeling overwhelmed or doubtful of your strategy!)

If you fail to plan… you plan to fail.

Ever heard this saying? Since the start of my business, I have had the habit of creating an annual business plan. It’s a living, breathing document that guides every move I make. I create it every January and follow it precisely through the year. Along the way, I adjust it based on my results.

What if you had a business plan that propelled you to earn at the level you desired this year with ease?

Do you know the exact programs to launch, timing, and marketing plan to follow to earn $200,000, $500,000, or even $1Mill in 2021?

Without this business planning process, I would feel lost and certainly won’t reach my goals. Your business success is not designed to happen by chance. So let’s take control and make planning effective and fun.

Here’s my full process, step by step, including our Business Planning template – free for you to download!

I don’t want to see you struggle and run your business like a hobby.

6 Steps to Create your Service Business Plan

Step 1: Make a copy of your Business Planning Template HERE (Google Doc)

This is the exact document I give to my Powerhouse Business Clients and VIP Day Clients to prepare for our work together. I have a document like this completed for every year I’ve been in business.

Step 2: Complete the Business Planning Template to the best of your abilities and do the research for the missing points. I have included important notes in RED inside the document.
Step 3: Share the plan with your team and/or the key players in your business

This ensures everyone is on the same page.

Step 4: Create a monthly execution and accountability plan

Include key dates for campaigns and task due dates to ensure your plan is executed on time.

Step 5: Measure results

On a monthly basis or more often, revisit your plan and make any necessary adjustments. This plan is a living document. Adjust tasks, due dates, and projects as necessary.

Step 6: Get support

99% of people don’t accomplish their goals because of inaction.

Be an action taker.

Don’t let this opportunity for quick results pass you by.

So, Now Here Is Your Next Step:

Apply for a private VIP Day to build your 2021 Business Plan with Carolin’s help.

Let’s create your Business Plan together, ensure nothing is missing, and it’s perfectly designed to meet your goals with ease.

To your success!


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