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Reputation Management: Why old fashioned in-person networking still wins

Reputation management and brand building are all about relationships: making connections, finding common ground, discovering areas of mutual interest, and offering support and encouragement. While online relationship building certainly has its place...

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Branding & marketing to your niche – 3 quick tips

Now that you’ve gained niche clarity and defined your target audience, marketing to your niche will be the key to building your brand and enhancing your online identity. As the saying goes, the key to success in real estate is, “Location, loca...

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Niche clarity – the key to branding your business

Who are you? What do you offer? To whom do you offer it? These are critical questions that must be answered if you hope to build a thriving coaching business and, answering them is often not as simple as it seems. As a passionate, heart-centere...

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7 tips for client attraction – what does your brand stand for?

Attracting new clients requires two basic steps: creating or enhancing your brand; identifying and appealing to your target audience. Being recognized as an expert who can offer solutions is critical to your success, just as critical as understanding...

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