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To focus on getting real results for people, watch this video. I’ll give you some very tactical information that is critical to make the seven steps of real success.

Advertising Is Not the Only Way for You to Gain High Paying Clients

Over the last couple of years, I tried numerous client attraction strategies. Some of them worked well, some of them didn’t work so well. Some of them were very time consuming, and some were very effective and almost automated. Nowadays, I am known for providing a lot of advertising. I run advertising on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Google, now on Yahoo, on YouTube, and Instagram, everywhere so we can diversify our marketing approach and strategy. However, running advertising is not the only way for you to gain high paying clients, especially if you are a brand new coach, you might be wondering, I don’t have a big advertising budget, but I still want to work with clients. How do I get them? Today, I want to give you seven hands-on strategies that you can use without running advertising to bring high paying clients into your business.

7 Client Attraction Strategies 

1). Think About Your Positioning

Now, many people jump the gun and think about the actual tactical project, strategies, approaches. They think webinars, they think of video series, they think a new opt in, but those things are just the vehicles to get your message to the right client. The most important part of your entire marketing plan is your message. No webinar, no video, no freebie, no email, no post will ever work for you if your message and your positioning aren’t right and aren’t geared and targeted to attract your ideal client. That’s why I always talk about positioning first before we go into more tactical steps later on.

Let’s think about your positioning right now. A long time ago, I learned this from a very dear friend of mine. Collins if you’re watching, this is all you. I’m giving full credit to Collins Brake right now. But I love this way of thinking about positioning. You can be one of three things. You can be ME TOO, ME SPECIAL, or ME ONLY.

You want to be ME ONLY, but let me explain ME TOO and ME SPECIAL first. When you’re in the ME TOO stage, you’re competing on price and nothing else. You’re comparing yourself to your competitors, you struggle to sell your programs, you have low confidence, and the only person that wins in this scenario is the customer because they could potentially get your services for free or very low cost.

The people who are in the ME SPECIAL stage are a little bit more advanced than the ME TOO are, and that comes from seniority, some longevity, some tenure in the industry because they’ve been around the block for longer, and they have had their businesses up longer and therefore their brand has a bigger way, they have a bigger brand exposure, more people know about them. They have bigger lists, but there’s still no different than many other competitors. They’re still competing on price to some degree, and they’re still struggling.

Make the goal to be ME ONLY, and what that means is you have a competitive edge and unfair advantage over your competition. Which comes from three things, and I want you to ask yourself three questions right now. Number one, what are your competitors doing that’s working really well for them that you want to copy? Yes, I said it. Now, don’t violate copyright laws and regulations and don’t sweep them off, but look at their structures, the way they deliver their programs, maybe even their content. What can you learn that you already know and master that you can simply take over because it works really well?

2). What Do You Have to Avoid?

Again, look at competitors. Look at people out there who are running coaching programs and ask yourself what is not working well? Where do people go wrong, and what do you need to avoid in your offerings?

3). What Can You Do Better and What Can You Do Differently?

Maybe there’s something that you can do that nobody else does. Maybe you have this brand new idea, or maybe you’re just really, really good at something very specific. Those are some things that can really set you apart. And when you add them to the mix, that’s the perfect magic package that you can bring to the world that will make you ME ONLY.

Strategy number two is results. Again, many new coaches don’t like this answer because they say, “Well Carolin, I’ve had no results yet. I don’t have any clients.” Well, but you have had results yourself, right? You have done what you’re coaching yourself. You have experienced it, you’ve lived it, you’ve learned or studied it, or you’ve done it in your past career. You have already had success that you can share with the world. And the more testimonials you have, the more results you get for people, the easier your programs for sale. What we do in our business is we collect testimonials almost every day. We screenshot them, we ask clients to evaluate our programs, and we have video testimonials and video interviews that we frequently share with people on social media, in our advertising, and in our webinars. And we’re at this point where we have so many testimonials and success stories that our programs almost sell themselves. You can get there too.

If you have been focusing on the pricing and the competitiveness and comparing yourself to others, stop that right now, and instead focus on getting real results for people. The more you focus on results, the more you focus on service, the better your programs will go, and the more clients you will attract.

The third step I have for you is to choose one strategy and become the best at it. What I see happening with new coaches all the time is they try all these different strategies, but they don’t stick with anything for long enough for it to actually work. Maybe this happened to you before. Maybe you launched a YouTube channel or a podcast, or you did webinars, but you didn’t see results immediately, which made you feel like it’s not working for you and you gave up on it. And that is the biggest mistake. It’s not about trying all these different things and throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping something will stick. It’s about real mastery, dedication, and commitment because the people who stick with it will succeed in the end.

Think about it. Look at the date podcasts out there. Look at the big YouTube channels. Look at the people who are always running ads to webinars, for example. They didn’t just do one podcast, they didn’t just do one video. They did maybe hundreds of podcast episodes until they really gained traction with it. What I want you to think about is which strategy, podcast, YouTube channel, or webinars is preferable for you, which one would be the most fun for you to really execute, and then commit to it and stick to it.

4). Speaking at Events

Speaking takes a lot of time, but if you commit to speaking, it can be an amazing client attraction strategy for you. Look at the events in your industry. Look at the organizations, the associations, the big events where your ideal client will hang out. Where do they go to learn, study and get ahead? That’s where you want to be. Get ahead and book yourself on these stages. Reach out to the event hosts and tell them how you can support their audience, how you can contribute to the events, and the kinds of speeches and talks you can give that will really add value to the event. And then book yourself on three, or four, or five different stages, and be at events several times throughout the year where you give talks.

And not only will that bring in clients to your business, but it will also give you massive brand awareness and exposure to the level where people will be saying,This person speaking all the time.” “I see this person everywhere.” “This person is a real expert.” “This person has something to say, they have something to give.” And for you it gives you massive confidence, it gives you the ability to really communicate your message, and it will make you shine in the spotlight.

5). Plan a Marketing Project Every Two to Three Months

What do I mean by that? Well, every two to three months, once a quarter, you might plan for a big marketing project such as a free challenge, a video series, a really high quality new freebie, such as a documented checklist, a quiz perhaps, and you put that out there, and you use that to build your email list. Now, these things could be running on ads all the time, but it’s much more effective if you make a big splash out of them and you announce them, and you advertise them beforehand, then you execute them or release them, and you build your list, and you stand out as someone who’s adding value consistently throughout the year. This will give you these little bumps in the road, these little spikes and more people joining your email lists, more leads coming into your business that you can then nurture over time with email, with more webinars, with more videos, into high paying clients.

Now, I promised you a very hands-on tips, right? I’m going to tell you about my all-time favorite marketing project. Well, I love doing this feat challenges. Nowadays, I don’t have much time for challenges anymore, but I used to do challenges all the time and I so enjoyed them. Here’s what I would do. I would look at my target market and at my clients and I would ask myself, “What are their biggest challenges right now?” Also, what’s hot in the industry? What’s up and coming? Remember Periscope? When periscope was big, I did a challenge on how to use periscope to gain clients. So think about your niche and what your clients really want right now, then build a four to five-day challenge around this topic, where you go live on either YouTube or Facebook, and you deliver training over a four to five day period.

What does that look like? For example, Monday through Friday, every day at 1:00 PM Eastern time, you decide to go live on your business page, your personal page, or somewhere else. And you actually do a live training that steps your followers and your clients and prospects through this challenge day by day, by day. And every day, they learn a new important step in this entire process, and at the end of this challenge, they will have all the puzzle pieces they need to know about and implement to have the desired result.

6). Building Affiliate Relationships

I know people in our industry who run their entire businesses on affiliate relationships. I know hands down they work. It takes a little bit of time for you to build these relationships, but once you have them, they are solid, they’re there for the long run, and they will bring you consistent leads for floats and clients into your coaching business. What I want you to do by now is think about what else your clients need to succeed. What other complementary services do your clients consume? For me, for example, because I’m a business coach, my clients also need web design, copywriting, technology tools, and other services.

I could partner with a copywriter, with a web designer, with a tech VA, with people who also have coaching clients, and they can send their clients to me, and I send my clients to them. And what happens at the end of the day, the client benefits because they have trusted partners, and they receive everything they need to succeed. With affiliate relationships, you have stable sources of leads and new clients coming into your business, and your clients feel that you’re giving them even more support and service by being able to refer them out to other people who are your affiliates.

7). Put a Call to Action on Your Website

You will have a lot of traffic to your website over time. People will find you on social media, on Google, from YouTube, from all these different places, and when they come to your website, you want to have a way to actually capture their information and bring them in as a lead and potentially as a client too. Make it easy for them to sign up for a freebie, a video series, a download, or simply give them a button where they can book a call with you or add themselves to your newsletter.

Many clients forget about the step. It’s very simple. It’s very easy to miss, but it can be very effective. And that’s going to allow you to actually capture all that free traffic you get into your website. And now I would love to hear from you. Which one of these seven steps do you want to try right away? Are there any other steps that you want to add to my list? Comment below, let me know which high paying client attraction strategies have worked best for you and let’s have a conversation. Speaking of a Call to Action, guess what? I have a Call to Action for you too.

I am here to invite you to actually speak with me and my team about your coaching business. Every single week you come back and you watch my videos, and you know we’re full of value, and you know our mission is to help you go from passion to profits in your business. If you struggle, if you’re a new coach and you want to launch your business right, and if you want to be full time in your coaching business in the next couple of months I can help you and I want to support you.

We have coaching sessions available almost every single week and my team is ready to speak with you and show you the next steps in your launch and in the growth of your business. They’re completely free complimentary, and in the end, if we decide that working together is right, we will offer you a seat in our programs. And if not, that’s totally fine too. All you need to do is go to Pick a time, reserve that seat, and then wait for our team to call you at your scheduled appointment time, and we look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Our brand new training that will show you how to get all the coaching clients you could ever want. I know it’s a big promise, but in this training, I’m going to give you three simple secrets and steps you can take right now that will help you get a funnel from your clients, draw more clients to you and land more clients for your coaching business almost immediately. The training is completely free and all you have to do is go to to sign up, I can’t wait to see you in the class.

And I would love to hear from you, as always. I wanna have a conversation with you. Let me know down below in the comments ho w often you will followup with your prospects, what values you will give them, and also how much you look forward to making your followup process a big success.

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